Why Hire A Professional?

This article was written for Window Ninjas Window And Pressure Cleaning.

Winter has come and gone and spring is here again. Pressure Cleaning Glen Allen is here to help keep your home looking like new. That means the yucky yellow powder, pollen is here. Pollen covers everything outside and is unpleasant to the eye. Spring being here also means that more storms will appear and accumulate dirt and grime onto the outside of our homes. Throughout this article we would like to inform you of the benefits of pressure cleaning your home. If you’d like to speed things along you may give us a call at 804-256-3221 or visit our website at windowninjas.com.

When To Pressure Clean Your Outside Appliances?

Pressure Cleaning Glen Allen recommends having your home or business pressure cleaned once a year. We provide many different pressure cleaning services. For instance, we can pressure clean your concrete or treated wood which we recommend having done every two years. We also offer a roof pressure cleaning which is recommended to be done once every year. There are so many benefits to having the appliances pressure cleaned. If you happen to have any outdoor furniture, we can also pressure clean these appliances. Our goal is to leave everything looking brand new without damaging anything.

For our classic building Pressure Cleaning Glen Allen services, we use a sodium hydrochlorite and high alkaline detergent mixture. This mixture is injected into our pressure washer machines which is then put onto the buildings and other appliances. We then follow with a rinse to remove the mixture and any debris left behind. This solution is safe for any vegetation. You won’t have to worry that your grass, flowers or your garden will be contaminated with chemicals.

Our treated wood service uses a two step washing process. We begin with a peroxide based substance which pulls all dirt, debris and mold from the porous surfaces to the surface of the wood. We then add a potassium based soap into the mix which creates our cleaning agent. This is also environmentally friendly. Our rinse consists of a high volume, low pressure flat surface to remove anything left behind. After the thorough cleaning, we apply oxalic acid to brighten your wood. This also restores the wood to a natural pH and neutralizes the peroxide.

What Are The Benefits Of Pressure Cleaning?

Pressure cleaning your home provides a thorough, deep clean. It removes any built up mold, mildew or grime. Pressure Cleaning Glen Allen services can also remove any loose paint accumulating. Loose paint is always a pet peeve of mine. It makes me want to pick it off which is a big no no. Having your home pressure cleaned removes anything building up in the nooks and crannies that we cannot see. The tiny cracks we can’t see accumulate lots of mold, mildew, moss and algae. These substances build up and overtime can cause damage.

When your home is exposed to the natural element’s, bacteria is able to grow at a rapid rate. Bacteria can cause a number of issues. Your family can become sick due to certain strains of bacteria. When grime builds up it will eat away at the surface coatings on the home. This causes the paint to become damaged. When this happens it will leave the materials underneath exposed, causing damage to the underneath.

Pressure Cleaning Glen Allen services prevent so much damage to your home. When you have your home pressure cleaned by a professional prevents you from having to replace siding and roofing. It can also increase the value of your home if you’re considering selling. When potential buyers see that your home is upkept, they are more likely to come tour. Making sure there’s no loose paint or moss on the outside shows potential buyers that the home is well taken care of. The small details are paid attention to.

DIY Versus A Professional?

Pressure Cleaning Glen Allen service are trained professionals. We have the proper tools and knowledge required. Pressure cleaning can be very dangerous if you are not properly equipped. You risk the potential of gruesome injuries that may put you in the hospital. Serious injuries and hospital time means time out of work and expensive hospital bills. It can also cause more damage to your home or business. This means more repairs will have to be done.

Pressure cleaning can be very harsh on the environment. It uses lots of water and harsh chemicals. That’s why Pressure Cleaning Glen Allen services prioritize conserving water and using environmentally friendly solutions. We want to leave little to no impact on the environment. When you pressure clean yourself, it can harm the vegetation around you. With spring here, you may have a garden you want to take precious care of. You also want your grass to look impeccable because who doesn’t love beautiful green grass?

How To Book A Service With Us.

Booking a Pressure Cleaning Glen Allen service begins with a phone call to our sales representative team. They will walk you through the process in a kind friendly manner. If you have social anxiety such as myself, have no fear. Our team is friendly and helpful. You can also visit our website to book a service with us. After you speak to our team, they will book your appointment. Once your appointment is booked at your convenience, you will receive a confirmation email two days before the service. If you happen to not receive this email you will receive a phone call the day before with a voicemail in case you happen to be away from the phone.

Now it’s the day of your Pressure Cleaning Glen Allen service. Our team will introduce themselves and walk you through the process. They will do a walk through before and after to ensure your home is as clean as can be. I think it’s safe to say hiring a professional such as ourselves is much more beneficial. Save yourself time and money and give us a call at 804-256- 3221 or visit our website at windowninjas.com.