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Changes in the weather and the seasons can cause dirt, dust, and grime to be caked onto your property. With Pressure Cleaning Greenville, that grime can be gone in a jiffy!

How does pressure cleaning impact the environment?

Some pressure cleaning companies use dangerous chemicals that harm the environment, but not Window Ninjas. With Pressure Cleaning Greenville, we only use environmentally friendly solutions. No harmful chemicals will enter your garden or shrubbery. You and your loved ones will not inhale anything hazardous. Our technicians are held to the highest standard and know to always properly remove the solution. If you have your residence pressure washed regularly, you are less likely to experience damage to your property. This is beneficial as it means your residence will last longer, and there will be less waste produced. Trees are very important when it comes to sustaining life. A lot of wood must be used to fix a damaged property. Maintaining your residence in the short term will help improve and preserve the environment in the long term. Pressure Cleaning Greenville will save your house, save you money, and save the environment.

What Is the pressure cleaning process like?

There are many types of pressure cleaning services available at Window Ninjas. The most common pressure cleaning service available is a classic building or house washing. This service uses a low pressure chemical washing to strip a building of mold and mildew. Sodium hypochlorite and a high alkaline detergent mixture is used to kill any harmful bacteria while leaving your house sparkling. The job ends with a thorough rinsing of all surfaces to restore the exterior of your building to a like-new appearance. A building or house washing service is recommended one to two times a year, typically following pollen season as it is the time of year that coats your house in the most common unwanted grime.

Another popular pressure cleaning service is roof washing. This is done with a low pressure chemical washing of the roof using concentrated sodium hypochlorite solution. A roof can collect a variety of debris, bacteria, and trash. This can damage the shingles of your roof over time, leading you to eventually replace the whole roof. The amount of pressure used in this service is about as much as a car wash. This makes the pressure cleaning service safe but also extremely effective. With Pressure Cleaning Greenville, we will remove all of that gunk and grime, restoring your roof to its pristine condition.

Our last two pressure cleaning services are concrete washing and pressure treated wood washing. The process of concrete washing uses high pressure and a sodium hypochlorite solution to penetrate deep into sidewalks and pavements. This cleans up many stains, and loosens any debris trapped in the porous concrete. The service ends with a thorough rinsing to strip away mud, mildew, and dirt. The washing of pressure treated wood is a multi-step process. Step one is cleaning the surfaces with a peroxide based product. The peroxide pulls any dirt mold and mildew spores up to the surface of the wood, making removal a much smoother process. Next, potassium-based soap is added and creates a deep cleaning agent. This mixture cleans wood thoroughly but is not harmful to plants or shrubbery in any way. Lastly, we follow up the cleaning process by applying oxalic acid in order to brighten the wood. This bonds with the wood on a molecular level and restores the wood to a natural pH. When your deck has been recently pressure cleaned, it is a great time to protect your wood with a sealant or wood preservative.

Why should pressure cleaning be done professionally?

Pressure cleaning is a very important service, but it is also very dangerous. Pressure washers can produce pressures up to 30,000 pounds of force PSI. This is very dangerous, 30,000 lbs PSI is very strong. It is stronger than the force of an average punch. In fact, this amount of force is strong enough to break steel. Now imagine you are pressure washing your property and a bee lands on your arm. You move your hand to flick the bee off, and accidentally aim the pressure cleaner directly over your foot. Would your foot survive? It is unlikely. You will end up with an incredibly injured foot at the very least. This injury will send you to the emergency room, costing you at least a few grand.

Pressure Cleaning Greenville is always recommended to be done professionally. Not only do you risk injuring yourself if you do it yourself, but you can also cause damage to your property. A pressure cleaner omits a very strong force of pressure that, if not used properly, can harm your home. It can tear shingles off of your roof. It can remove the siding from your house. It can also strip the wood on your decks or patios. All of these damages are a very pricey fix. Not only can you cause damage to your home or property, but you can also cause damage to the environment. If the proper chemicals are not used, you can kill off vegetation, shrubbery, and even grass. Window Ninjas always uses environmentally friendly chemicals, and we always use techniques to conserve as much water as possible. This ensures no damage to the environment while also ending the job with a shiny and clean home .

When it comes to pressure cleaning and power washing, you should always trust a professional. Attempting to pressure clean by yourself can cause damage to your property and your body. This is why when Pressure Cleaning Greenville you should always go to your friends at Window Ninjas. We have been leading the game for over 30 years and truly are the best in the business. Our hard-working technicians are incredibly detail-oriented and will always leave your property shining brighter than the sun! So what are you waiting for? Give us a call today at 252-565-4754, or check us out online at, you won’t regret it!