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How much is it going to cost for me to have my house pressure washed? This is one of the top three questions asked by homeowners looking to have pressure cleaning services completed at their homes. If you are considering a pressure cleaning service for your home or business property, we know you have questions. You may even have concerns about the service and the costs. At Window Ninjas, we want you to be informed, and we also want you to relax and allow us to address your concerns. We enjoy providing top-notch customer service and Superior information so that our clients can better understand the answers to the questions concerning their pressure washing needs.

We love answering questions about pressure cleaning services so much that we wrote this article for you. Within this article, we will provide you with all the information needed to make the best decision on whom to call and how much you can expect to spend on pressure cleaning services. As you read through this article, we know that you will find the most pertinent information to help you decide when you are searching for a company to help you with your pressure cleaning needs. And suppose you have further questions or need a professional voice to speak to. In that case, we can be reached at 833-NINJAS-1. You can also find more information on our website by visiting

WHO Are Window Ninjas?

Before diving into the cost of professional pressure cleaning services, let’s explain who we are and why you can depend on us to answer all of the questions concerning your pressure washing needs.

Window Ninjas is a professional Service Company who provides residential and Commercial window cleaning and pressure cleaning services. We are a fast-growing company operating in four states and 12 locations. Our team of professionals takes pride and everything they do and are dedicated to delivering quality results with exceptional customer service.

The list of services that we perform for both residential and commercial clients are as follows:

  • Window Cleaning – Interior and exterior
  • Pressure Cleaning Services – High And Low-Pressure Washing Applications
  • Gutter Cleaning – Including Underground Leader Jetting
  • Dryer Vent Cleaning – Including Minor Duct Repair
  • Chimney Sweeping – Gas and Wood Burning

Gabe Salinas is the owner and founder of this beautiful company called Window Ninjas! He has been in the window and pressure cleaning industry for 30 years. With his fast knowledge and extensive experience, he has built a continually growing company that provides clients with extraordinary customer service experiences.

Since Gabe was 17 years old, he has been in the industry and has been making a mark as an expert in cleaning and maintenance. Even though he started as a young window cleaning apprentice, he has grown up into a knowledgeable expert in everything related to window cleaning and pressure cleaning services.

Why Call Window Ninjas?

Suppose you are a busy property owner focused on Top Notch quality and extraordinary results. In that case, you are a typical client for Window Ninjas. Residential and Commercial Property Owners know they need high-quality results in a timely fashion. This is what benefits the majority of our clients. We know that clients want quality service and extraordinary results. They want it done by a professional who understands the ins and outs of caring for their property correctly.

We are members of the international window cleaning Association, and we are also members of the power washers of North America organization. Because we follow all of their helpful guidelines and recommendations regarding cleaning and maintenance, our team can deliver quality services at a fair and reasonable price. This is why our pressure cleaning services are the best in the industry.

What Will Pressure Cleaning Services Cost When I Schedule With Window Ninjas?

Costs can vary depending on what type of pressure cleaning services you require. However, utilizing pressure cleaning services provided by the experts at Window Ninjas will be cost-effective and save you time.

It is much more expensive to rent a power washing machine and spend your entire weekend rinsing down the exterior of your home or other various surfaces around your property. We are always the better option when you compare the cost of doing it yourself with hiring the experts at Window Ninjas.

The average cost for pressure cleaning services in your area can vary. but on a national level, the following prices are averages of what you can expect to spend for your pressure cleaning needs;

  • House Washing – $275
  • Driveway Pressure Washing – $250
  • Deck Restoration And Cleaning – $350 
  • Pool Deck Cleaning – $175

Of course, these prices are just averages based on numbers we have calculated while providing our services to thousands of clients. Remember, we operate in four states and 12 locations, so we ran a report on the above services and how much the average cost was.

What Will My Service Cost If I Hire Window Ninjas For Pressure Cleaning Services?

Our approach to cleaning and maintenance is fun and extraordinary! And when you need this type of service for your home or business property, we can help! At Window Ninjas, we make things easy for our clients.

Our team can price your project out in one of two ways. The best way to get a price for your specific pressure cleaning services project is to call us. We can help you over the phone by asking specific questions about your property. Or we are always happy to send one of our Representatives out to provide you with a physical quote.

Whatever your choice is regarding pricing, know that our team is here for you. As we stated numerous times in this article, we are dedicated to customer service and delivering quality results to our customers. Using this approach is why we have grown to 12 different locations within five years.

If you require further information, please get in touch with our experts today. We can walk you through the processes of any of the pressure cleaning services you need. And we will be happy to help you with pricing and scheduling the service. We have much information online; our team will always lend an ear and speak with you one-on-one. We can be reached at 833-NINJAS-1, or you can contact us by visiting our website at