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Like a herd of cattle, mold and mildew are free roaming bacteria that will wander the frontier searching for food continuously until no end. Window Ninjas pressure washing Columbia services are the Cowboys to the herd of mold and mildew but roams the city searching for a driveway to consume and graze on. Our professional pressure washing technicians are trained to be able to tackle any type of mold or mildew that can potentially overtake the concrete or wood around your house end. For more information on pressure washing services please visit our website at or by giving us a call at 803-849-8809.

A good way to think about the challenge of mold and mildew it to imagine your concrete like a pasture of grass.  Cows are grazing animals that Feast on grass. in order to fill their dire and never ending hunger of Life they travel around from pasture to pasture searching for fresh grass which they can consume. They find a good patch of grass and make home there until they consume all that I need to move on to the next one. They move around continually on the hunt for a fresh blade that can satisfy their hunger. one day some smart humans began to understand the Dynamics of how cows worked in their feeding habits. We were able to gain control of these habits and start raising cows in moving herds from pasture to pasture. The folks who control these house cows were called Cowboys. The Cowboys recognize the nature of the cows and what they need to do in order to control them.

Well, our Pressure washing technicians have done the same. Rather than cows though they have understood how to control the nature of mold and what needs to be done in order to control its growth. Window Ninjas pressure washing Columbia techniques have been tailored to fight mold and mildew achieving excellent results the same way the Cowboys achieved excellent results in herding their grazing cattle. 

In the same way that these pastures of grass can function for the herds of cattle, your driveway can function in the same way for herds of mold and mildew. Concrete provides an excellent breeding ground for the fuel that runs mold and mildew AKA water. by Nature concrete is a very porous material that allows moisture to enter into it. It is incredible at retaining this moisture as it is easily trapped within the pores and gaps contained in the concrete. The mold can begin incubating and all these nooks and crannies that are provided by the concrete. Once the mold has found its way into these nuts and crannies its growth is accelerated by all the moisture trapped in there. Once the mold takes foot it becomes very easy for the mold to spread from one tiny dot on your driveway and 2 / take the entire driveway itself. We can see this happen when the driveway goes from looking relatively clean all the sudden 2 a few months later it’s covered in green mildew and mold that was not there earlier. if you find this yourself in this situation where this mold has built up on your driveway It is definitely worth reaching out to us to help with your pressure washing Columbia needs. 

The rodeo is an exhibition Airy event created by original Cowboys who sought to show off their extraordinary skills that they gained around the ranches. they would become large exhibits of ranch life and display many of the talents that they had needed in order to raise their cattle. From roping the cows to dodging the Bulls or whatever it may be they always do a crowd who came and watched these incredibly talented people show off their skills. After a while some of these Cowboys team professionals did what they did as they got better and better up performing for the crowd. Once this happened they were professional teams of cowboys who could easily handle any of the challenges thrown at them. In the same way, pressure washing technicians are trained to tackle any of the pressure washing Columbia challenges thrown at them. Like the Cowboys they have partaken in a few rodeos of Their Own fighting and struggling a rope that molds around his neck and keeps it in control. 

Our experienced pressure washing technicians truly are concrete Cowboys that are a breed of Their Own ready to tackle any difficult mold or mildew challenge grown up then. rather than being equipped with a horse and some Rope though they are equipped with a van and a pressure washer. don’t let mold roam free and consume your driveways creating an unsightly concrete landscape. If this does happen then you need to give our concrete Cowboys a call to rope in this problem. When ninjas pressure wash Columbia has the team ready to Taco your mold and mildew problems.

Keeping mold and mildew on your concrete under control is almost as exciting as making the journey to your pounds Square where the rodeo is set up. Rather than watching a macho Cowboy chase down a young calf on his Bronco and Chuck a rope around his neck tackling It to the Ground you can instead play concrete Cowboys precisely tackle any mold and mildew issues you have. armed with a powerful pressure washer and carefully thought out of chemicals in order to Taco anything thrown at them. you can watch them carve away at your mold problems line by line. After a bit they will have damn control over this free roaming mode seeking to take over all the driveways in the neighborhood. Not yours! 

This mold doesn’t stand a chance, it will never last 8 Seconds once put up against our powerful pressure washing tactics.  To schedule a pressure washing Columbia service please visit our website at or call us at 803-849-8809.