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Pressure Washing Myrtle Beach | Preventative Measures

This content was written for Window Ninjas  Window & Pressure Cleaning.

Is the exterior of your home looking dingy, dirty or just unappealing? Have you had a pressure washing Myrtle Beach service recently? How was my last year? Well we recommend having it done once a year every year, But we can do it more often based on your needs.  We also have  a variety of other services available including window washing gutter cleaning dryer vent cleaning and chimney sweeping.  So if you are ready to hire a company as a One-Stop shop for all of your exterior home needs please give us a call at 843-212-0794 or visit our website at,  schedule an appointment today.

No, I said that we recommend having  a pressure washing Myrtle Beach service once a year. And why is that? Freshly it prevents damage from the outside of your home. What harm can Grime and some moss do to your house? Well it turns out a lot. Dirt Moss crime and other substances that do not on the outside of your home or building can either way it surfaces causing corrosion. Not only do these things damage paint, concrete sealant, and other surface coatings they can actually damage the material underneath like your vinyl siding or they would have your deck.

Once the outer material starts to break down everything underneath them as left vulnerable to damage as well that means that the interior of your walls can be exposed to moisture Vermin and other Intruders that can cause serious problems with the structure of your building and cause you discomfort.

Another great reason to have your home pressure washed for the pressure washing Myrtle Beach service once a year is it saves you money.  Pressure washing saves you a lot of money on repair costs and other prevention methods,  and if you hire us as a professional you will no longer have to rent or buy the equipment yourself.

It also saves you time. We understand that your time is precious so this is a significant benefit to you! We may have convinced you that cleaning or building sixth years is important but why should you use pressure washing in particular? The amount of time and effort it takes with a pressure washer instead of trying to clean everything manually is actually very impressive.

Imagine the amount of time it would take you using a long head and sponge mop and a bucket of water scrubbing away at the exterior of your home. Now think about how long it would take us to pressure wash it, which is usually only about a couple of hours tops. which seems like the best way to do it? 

Thinking about selling?  Need to boost your curb appeal? Pressure washing Myrtle Beach service is just a service for you!  Now we know pressure washing isn’t all about appearances by any means but it definitely Bears mentioning that going to have a dramatic effect on the look of your home or business. It’s actually quite shocking how much of a visual difference it makes before and after using a pressure washer.  don’t believe me? Visit  our Instagram and look at some of the before and after photos that we have posted there of pressure washing Myrtle Beach services. This is also a great place to keep up with our company as well, and to see photos of jobs that we have done before. You can also look on my Facebook or some other great place to keep up with our company any deals and  specials that we may have going on, and we also post photos here as well. 

Thinking about renovating? How about a new coat of paint? Or even new siding all new editions? Well before you start  it’s always a good idea to get it washed first. As you know you can’t just let paint down on any dirty surface besides basic cleaning pressurized washing is also capable of removing loose or peel paint as well leaving it with a smooth Prime surface to work with.

Now let’s speak a little bit more about the process of getting your building or home washed. I’ve already covered that needs to be done at least once a year but we can come by more often if needed depending on the needs of your home. We use a sodium hypochlorite in a high alkaline detergent mixer injected into our machines and onto the Building Services. all services are then rinsed thoroughly to remove all dirt debris mold and mildew from the exterior of the building and this restores the building to a like-new appearance almost immediately.

You can’t get your home pressure washer without also having your concrete done to! We recommend having your concrete down every two years. And in this process we also use a sodium hypochlorite solution injected through our machines and all of the concrete surfaces. The solution penetrates deep into the concrete and afterwards the services rinse thoroughly with a high pressure rinse to remove old mildew dirt and debris. Some stains may still remain however.

One great thing about Window Ninjas  is that we donate $1 from every service to We Believe In supporting organizations to help get back to the environment and they are on an amazing Mission. They’re currently on a mission to deliver access to clean water to everyone around the world. You can join us in supporting them on this Mission by becoming loyal customers today. We currently have about 10 locations of multiple trucks that do multiple jobs in a day and they do a ton of invoices to the dollars out up quite quickly.

Now with all this information we hope that you decide the Window Ninjas  is the company for you and all of your pressure washing Myrtle Beach needs. We cannot wait to talk to you and start this journey with you with our new customer. Just give us a call at 843-212-0794 or visit our website at, and schedule an appointment today!