Why Should You Trust Our Company With Your Yearly Pressure Washing Service?

This content was written for Window Ninjas Window and Pressure Cleaning.

If you are considering getting some spring cleaning done professionally, we know that you might have some questions or concerns. but it comes to your pressure washing service, we are here to help. We want you to be knowledgeable on the subject. We also want you to be able to relax and let us address your questions. By the end of this article, you will have a much more in-depth understanding of your questions and the types of pressure washing services we offer. to schedule an appointment with us, you can put in a service request online at windowninjas.com or you can give us a call at 833-NINJAS-1.

What can you expect when having your home pressure washed?

When it comes to your pressure washing service, there are four types of washes that we offer. Our first two washes typically go hand in hand as they really complete the look of the job. We offer building or house washing, and roof washing. The building / house washing Service utilizes low pressure and high volume in order to remove all of the nastiness from your house. Our technicians use a sodium hypochlorite and high alkaline mixture injected through their machines in order to soak down your home. This mixture does an incredible job of tackling any unwanted dirt, dust, or pollen that may be caked on to the exterior of your home. Similar to house washing, roof washing also utilizes low pressure and high volume. However, a roof washing only uses Concentrated sodium hypochlorite solution injected through the machines. Since a roof is very fragile, we use a strong chemical in order to tackle those gross spots without damaging me Integrity of your roof. Both of these washes end with a low pressure rinse of the surfaces that were cleaned. The amount of pressure used for services such as these is about as much as taking your car through the car wash. your home and roof will be clean and structurally sound with our pressure washing service.

Another service that we offer is the washing of wooden surfaces. This process uses three main steps that will get your wood looking like it was just built. First, Rockside is applied to your wind surface. This pulls dirt and debris up from the interior of the wood to the surface. Next, potassium soap is added. The combination of these products creates a very effective cleaning agent. After our chemicals have cleaned up all of that pollen and mud, our team uses a high volume low pressure rinse to wash away any residual chemicals or debris. After your deck is thoroughly cleaned, our technicians will apply oxalic acid. This brightens your wood and restores it to a natural ph. get this service done and we can guarantee your deck will be glowing.

The last service we offer is a concrete washing. Unlike our other services this one uses high pressure. sodium hypochlorite is injected through our machines and onto your concrete surface. This solution does an incredible job of getting into any cracks and crevices. Afterwards, your surface is thoroughly rinsed with high pressure to blast away any of that mildew, algae and mud.

What separates window ninjas from our competition?

Here at window ninjas we have several things that separate us from our competition. Our first defining future is that we are fully insured and bonded. This includes her first compensation. We want the best for our customers and our employees, as well as our business. This is why we take qualifications very seriously when we build this business. Our next feature is that our employees always arrive in a company logo vehicle, and in a full uniform. We do this in order to separate ourselves from unprofessional companies looking to scam their customers. This eliminates any confusion during appointments, as it will be obvious who we are and what we are there for. One of the benefits of our company that we are most proud of is our charity donations. $1 of every invoice goes to water.org. This is a company that is all about providing clean and Safe Water to people who have a hard time accessing it. Our company has helped over 1,600 people get clean drinking water. and by booking with us, you will be a part of helping make that change in the world. what could be better than that?

Why should you never pressure wash your home without training?

We understand how easy it is to say screw it and do the job on your own. but when it comes to your pressure washing service, it is never recommended. there are too many things that could go wrong and injure yourself or damage your home. a pressure washing machine can omit up to 30,000 pounds of floors per square inch. This is roughly three times as strong as it needs to be in order to bend steel. imagine pressure cleaning your home without any training. you are doing okay for the First wall of the home and then all of a sudden a big it’s in your shirt and you need to get it out because you are allergic. you are squatting around not paying attention to the fact that you have a very strong machine in one of your hands. Suddenly, you accidentally aim the pressure washing machine over your leg and end up with a huge laceration on it. Now you have to go to the emergency room for stitches and you not only have a big hospital bill, but you also have to miss a week of work. all of this just to try and clean your house yourself. This is why we advocate for safety at all times. We don’t want our customers to have stories like this, which is why we offer our services.

When you need assistance in deciding what services are best for you, we are here to help. our team would be stoked to answer any of your questions and give you all of the information you need to make the best decision for you. We would be honored to take you on a call and get you on our books so that your home will be ready for all of your summer activities. to schedule, you can give us a call today at 833-NINJAS-1 or you can visit us online at windowninjas.com.