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This content was written by Window Ninjas Window & Pressure Cleaning.

Window Ninjas has over twenty five years of experience in the service industry and we have an extremely dedicated team of service professionals who work really hard to make sure that all of our customers are satisfied with their experience. Window Ninjas is also fully insured and bonded, which means that you and your family never have to worry when you choose Window Ninjas to provide you with your pressure washing Wilmington service! If you want to hire a company that cares about you and your family’s home and a company that has a main goal of providing the best service in the area, Window Ninjas is the right company for you! You can reach us at 910-538-4223 or by going to our website at and completing a service request form! When you hire us for your pressure washing Wilmington service needs, we will not only increase your home’s curb appeal, but we will also always follow up after the service is complete to make sure that you are happy with the services that we have provided you with. 

Window Ninjas genuinely cares about providing the best customer service and service quality all around. We aim to make everyone happy and we also aim to make your home look as good as new! In addition to this, we even do things that can help with your home’s overall function. What I mean by this is that Window Ninjas offers so much more than just pressure washing Wilmington services. For example, we also offer dryer vent cleaning services, gutter cleaning services, window washing, and more! One of the best parts about choosing Window Ninjas; especially for those of you who need more than one service provided to you on the same day is our prices. We try to be fair when it comes to pricing, but please also note that our prices do reflect the amazing quality work that we provide you with. When you get more than one service provided to you in the same day, please make sure that you ask us about getting a multiple services discount. This is not something that is always or that will always be available, but it definitely worth it to ask us about it if you are getting multiple services provided to you. 

One discount that our company always has available and that we happily offer is a military discount to those who have served and to those who are currently serving our country. All you have to do is let us know that you are a service member and request the military discount and we will be more than happy to apply that to your invoice for you! This may just be a small discount, but it is our way of showing our appreciation for all of those who chose to spend their years fighting for our freedom. Personally, I come from a military family which means that I understand and respect the sacrifices that have been made for our country’s freedom. This is just one of the many reasons that I enjoy working for Window Ninjas and I know that you will be glad that you chose us for your pressure washing Wilmington service, and all of your other home service needs that we are able to help you out with. 

Another really great reason to choose Window Ninjas is the fact that we have partnered with a non profit organization. What this organization does is they work very hard in order to make sure that families in need are given the access to clean and sanitary water. Unfortunately there are still hundreds of millions of people who are still in need of or who do not have regular access to such. This is not only an issue for their health, but it also affects the way that many people are able to live. What I mean when I say this is that many children do not get the chance to spend time on getting an education due to having to spend their time finding and/or gathering whatever water they can find to take back to their families; even if the water is not clean or safe to consume. Not having clean water can also affect people’s health in other ways such as for sanitation reasons. Typically if someone does not have regular access to water, they also will not have regular access to proper plumbing either. 

The way that our partnership with their organization works is that for every service that we provide to our customers, including your pressure washing Wilmington service, we donate one dollar to I know that you are probably thinking that one dollar does not sound like a whole lot, but I want you to please keep in mind that we are a pretty large company. We service eleven different locations throughout four different states and we tend to service multiple people in each location every single day. This is just another one of the many things that I love about Window Ninjas. has already helped millions of people and I highly recommend that you take the time to learn a little more about them! 

Call Window Ninjas today to schedule the best pressure washing Wilmington service in the area. Window Ninjas is extremely dedicated to making sure that you and your family are satisfied with the results and we always expect you to feel like you were met with a friendly welcome. We have an amazing team in place of both service technicians and of customer service representatives. Please feel free to ask us whatever questions that you may have about our services. You can reach us between the hours of 8 am and 6 pm, Monday through Friday with the exception of federal holidays by calling our office at 910-538-4223 or by going online and visiting our website at and submitting a service request form!