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By: Window Ninjas Window & Pressure Cleaning

Although it is the middle of winter, pollen season is right around the corner, and you will want to have the exterior of your property looking great as you invite guests over to enjoy your backyard pool! You may be stumbling upon this article because the exterior surfaces of your house need a good cleaning. Or you may be deciding if pressure washing is the right choice. Either way, you have made it here and are interested in pressure washing Wilmington services. We have put together a helpful cost guideline so that you can understand the types of pressure washing and what you can expect to pay.

Here at Window Ninjas, we love to clean and maintain exterior surfaces. We are passionate about pressure washing and delivering fantastic customer service experiences. When Property Owners decide they want or need a particular type of pressure washing Wilmington service, various questions arise. The most frustrating thing for property owners is not finding the answers to their questions or having them answered so they can comprehend them. Seeing how difficult it can be to get clear and concise answers to pressure washing questions is something that Gabe Salinas completely understands. Gabe is our owner and founder, and he has over three decades’ worth of experience in the industry. And he understands what it’s like to be a frustrated consumer.

Anyway, let’s get to the nitty gritty and provide the information you need when planning your subsequent pressure washing Wilmington service project. Our pressure washing Wilmington guidelines will deliver the information you need to calculate the price and how each type of service is performed.

High Pressure Washing Vs. Low-Pressure Washing – What are the differences?

Most pressure-washing Service Providers are very passionate about what they do. They love to dive into the weeds and talk about all things related to high and low-pressure washing options! We recently returned from the Power Washers of North America Organization (PWNA) annual convention in Las Vegas. And our heads were spinning! Pressure washing professionals love to talk about their equipment, their processes, and how they do every single type of service that they provide.

But as a consumer, you are left in the dark because you are not surrounded by pressure washing employees or equipment all day long like we are! And this is why Gabe likes to have all his employees explain the differences in pressure washing before we provide any pricing.

There is a big difference between high-pressure washing and low-pressure washing options. Both pressure washing services will utilize a power washing machine. And both types of service will get the exterior surfaces that need to be cleaned appropriately washed. The significant difference between high-pressure and low-pressure washing is dictated by the kind of material that needs to be cleaned. Surfaces made of concrete or brick can use high-pressure water to clean them. At the same time, the exterior of your siding or painted surfaces requires a low-pressure washing option.

Understanding the difference between high-pressure and low-pressure washing is pretty simple. Delicate surfaces require a low-pressure washing option. More rigid and stringent products can handle high-pressure washing methods.

Surfaces That Require Low Pressure or A Soft Wash:

  • Vinyl Siding
  • Painted Surfaces
  • Siding made from Cedar, Hardy Board, and Composite Soffits
  • Decks: Pressure Treated Wood, Composite (Trex), Exotic Woods (Ipe, Cumaru)

Surfaces That Require High-Pressure Washing:

  • Concrete – Driveways or Sidewalks
  • Brick – Siding, Steps, Walkways, Patios

If you have any of the products outlined above, it is essential that you have them cleaned based on the manufacturer’s guidelines. Failure to do so can void the warranty, and you are left holding the bag if they become damaged and need replacing!

NOW LET’S GET DOWN TO PRICING! How Much For A Low-Pressure House Wash?

The most popular pressure washing Wilmington service is a low-pressure house wash. This type of soft-wash service is literally like bathing your house! Imagine taking your car to the car wash. It’s the same thing for your home’s exterior siding. Except we come to it! Our teams inject mildew-killing chemicals onto the siding to kill mold and mildew growth. And we also use a high-alkaline detergent to break down dirt and carbon emissions. These products work well in neutralizing mold and mildew and help restore your surfaces to a brand-new look. A high volume low- pressure rinse finishes off the service. All of this for around $0.14 per square foot! Instantaneously your house looks like a million bucks!

Of course, there are some additional factors to consider when pricing out your house washing service accurately. Variable factors that need to be considered when pricing a house washing service are:

  • What type of siding covers the exterior of your home?
  • Is your siding painted or stained?
  • How Tall Is Your Structure?
  • Accessibility or Safety Considerations.

If you need clarification about the factors involved with pricing your pressure washing Wilmington service, we can always send a Pro out to your home and discuss your property needs and deliver you a free quote!

How Much For A Driveway or Deck Washing Service?

As spring rolls in, residential and commercial property owners want two things.
Get outside and enjoy their outdoor living spaces!
Invite friends and family over to enjoy their outdoor living spaces!

Pressure washing for your driveway or deck is imperative for you to enjoy your outdoor oasis or have a welcoming and inviting-looking entryway! You want your guests and visitors to feel like they are walking into an oasis of clean! And first impressions are crucial. This is why driveway and sidewalk pressure washing Wilmington services are so popular in the spring and summer months.

Plus, if you have an outdoor oasis in your backyard, you will want to ensure your guests and visitors are comfortable and enjoying themselves by lounging around on clean surfaces. This is where pressure washing Wilmington services become very beneficial.

Driveways and sidewalks are generally made up of three different types of materials.

  • Concrete
  • Brick
  • Stone Pavers

These types of surfaces require cleaning to keep mold and mildew growth away and ensure that they look clean and welcoming! The process of cleaning these surfaces is performed by using a High-Pressure Washing Option.

High-pressure washing involves using a pressure washer, high-pressurized water (3000 PSI), and chemicals like sodium hypochlorite or a degreaser. Using these chemicals in conjunction with high-pressurized water will achieve the following:

  • Mold and Mildew Will Be Alleviated
  • Oil and Grease Will Be Removed
  • Leaf Stains Will Be Removed

A professional can achieve accurate and effective Wilmington pressure washing driveway services. A Pro understands dilution ratios and correct PSI standards. Because concrete manufacturing is different from what it once was (circa 1990), our industry notices issues with newer concrete installs. Testing and inspecting concrete before cleaning saves the contractor and the homeowner from unpleasant surprises!


Depending on the amount of surface area you need to clean will dictate how much price per square foot you will pay. The cost for us to clean concrete surfaces ranges between $.10 per square foot and $0.25 per square foot. The more square footage that needs cleaning, the lower the cost per square foot. And the type of materials requiring washing (Pavers, for example), the more or less you can expect to spend. A good rule of thumb when cleaning driveways is to have a free quote completed to know the actual costs!


If you can not tell by now, I am super passionate about pricing and exterior cleaning. Maybe it’s because I have thirty years of experience and know so much about exterior cleaning that I can go on and on and on! So let me be quick and help you with pricing your deck and outdoor oasis!

Outdoor living rooms are all the rage today! And for a good reason. We live in a warm environment, and as property owners, we can spend ten months a year enjoying our outdoor living areas. Because of this benefit, your deck or outdoor living room can become dirty quickly! Anything that gets used a bunch needs more cleaning than something that hardly ever gets used (that guest bathroom upstairs)!

Depending on the type of decking materials and the square footage of your outdoor oasis, you can expect to spend $.10 – $20 per square foot for a low-pressure deck washing service. And again, I have to put the disclaimer out there. Certain factors are involved when pricing these services:

  • Type of materials used for the deck
  • Painted or Stained surfaces
  • How much outdoor furniture and decor needs to be removed and replaced
  • Access to the area

Again, a good rule of thumb when planning your outdoor pressure cleaning Wilmington project is to call our team for a free quote. Our quote process looks like this:

  • Inspection of your property and cleaning project.
  • Accurate line item pricing.
  • Delivery of a physical and digital copy of the quote.
  • A verbal explanation of prices and a how-to video of the services requested.

Closing Thoughts

We hope we provided you with the information needed to understand the types of pressure cleaning required for your project and how much you can expect to pay a professional to complete this type of work. Pressure washing is a great way to restore your property’s curb appeal. And keep it well-protected from mold, mildew, and other surface contaminants.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact our team members and discuss your cleaning project with them. We will guide you through the process and hopefully answer all your questions and concerns.

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