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The decision to have a professional window cleaning Wilmington service completed at your home or commercial business is a big deal! It does nothing but leave you with streaks and smears all over your glass. Or windows that are still dirty and grimy! You have spent countless hours and unknown amounts of energy trying to tackle this one chore.

We understand that window cleaning can be tedious and frustrating for the average property owner. Our owner and founder are incredibly passionate about cleaning windows. And that’s a massive benefit for you and the problem to which you need an answer! We provide our clients with the best window cleaning Wilmington services.

If you are searching for a Wilmington window cleaning service for your home or business property, you lucked out by finding our team here at Window Ninjas. Every day we go out into the world and provide our services to all clientele. And we do it with great care and integrity. But enough about us! Let’s help you solve your problem by searching for a window cleaning service!

Why A Window Cleaning Wilmington Service Now?

Is a Wilmington window cleaning service something you have been dreaming about? or is it something that you are Fed Up with and cannot stand any longer? Most residential and Commercial properties find our services out of frustration. And others found our services because their neighbor had our company come out to their home and provide a spectacular cleaning of their windows. There are many benefits to having a professional come into your home or business and clean your windows. Not only will your windows shine. But they will add other benefits that go along with the service that is often overlooked.

Most Property Owners, despite putting a bottle of Windex in their hands because they know that the results will not be exactly as they wish. But for whatever reason, you have taken the plunge and decided that you want to have a window cleaning Wilmington service completed at your home. We commend you for that! For whatever reason, you have agreed to purchase a window cleaning service. We can make this experience delightful and beneficial for you.

Interior And Exterior Or Exterior Only?

What type of window cleaning Wilmington service do you wish to have performed at your home or business property? We always ask our clients this question. We are amazed that customers never realize we can come inside your home and clean the interior windows. Most property owners think that a maid service is the one that is supposed to take on this chore. But this is very far from the truth. If you ever see a maid clean a window or a mirror, you know that they tend it like cleaning your counter top!

We can provide you with exterior Wilmington window cleaning services, or we can give just an external service. It’s your pick. And it’s your choice! Whatever choice you make needs to be made with great care and consideration. We always recommend that property owners have their windows’ interior and exterior cleaned bi-annually. But suppose you are looking to save some costs, or your windows stay cleaner than other properties that we can tend. In that case, you may be better suited to having an exterior window cleaning completed every six months. And then have our team come in and provide an interior and exterior service six months later.

The bottom line is, get on a regular frequency for a window cleaning Wilmington service to enjoy the actual benefits of what we can provide you.

How Much Is A Window Cleaning Service Going To Cost?

Once you have decided that you want to complete an interior and exterior or exterior-only window cleaning Wilmington service, we will have to get down to cost. Costs and understanding how we charge for our service are significant and one of the most popular questions that we are asked. We always set it on a per-window basis. And it always depends on the type of window you have in your property. All window cleaning companies are the same. They will charge on a per-window basis. And the differentiation comes into play When the company explains what you will receive for their specific window cleaning Wilmington service.

With us, we always clean the window panes, the window sills, and the ledges. We can clean your window screens. We can also clean out window tracks on some of the modern windows that are designed today. Depending on if your window is composed of individual pains or considerable singular Pains of glass will dictate how much you will pay per window. The best thing is to have our team members come out and provide a physical quote. This way, we can assess how many windows you have, the types of Windows you own, and how easy or difficult it is to access your window panes.

Call Window Ninjas For Window Cleaning Wilmington Services!

When searching for a window cleaning Wilmington service, you can depend on our experts here at window ninjas to deliver the services you want at the price point you need. We have over 30 years of experience in the industry. And we are the highest-rated and the most-reviewed window cleaning service provider in our area. For more information, you can call our experts at 910-538-4223. And you can also find out more about our team and services online at