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The decision to have the exterior of your property cleaned by a professional pressure cleaning Wilmington service provider is a big deal! You are investing time, energy, and hard-earned money to ensure that the exterior of your home or business property is clean and well-maintained. But with all the choices regarding Wilmington pressure cleaning services and providers, what is your best option? Why must a verified professional be called upon to complete this service?

We always love to answer questions about potential clients’ problems. Because we have over three decades of experience in the pressure cleaning Wilmington industry, we know that we have the answers to solve your problems! While our specialty is providing exterior cleaning and maintenance services, we may need to be a better professional for you and your property. Regardless, we still want to help answer your questions so that you can make an educated decision that will suit your budget, expectations, and property needs.

Why Call A Professional As Opposed To An Amateur?

When you hire a contractor to take on your exterior cleaning and maintenance tasks, your budget is the limit instead of the skill level. A licensed professional will produce high-quality results and have the experience to help you with your exterior cleaning service needs. Professionals take pride in their work and have knowledge and comprehension of the specific task you are asking of them. Experience is essential when considering whom to hire for your subsequent pressure cleaning Wilmington service project.

When looking for a professional, ensure that they are licensed and bonded. And have the proper Insurance needed to work safely and effectively at your home or business. You will also want to ensure that they are highly rated and well-reviewed on various websites. Google, Yelp, and Facebook are three great places to look for recommendations and verify that the contractor you are looking at will be able to handle your specific project.

Things To Look For And Verify When Hiring A Professional Pressure Cleaning Company.

Pressure cleaning is in very high demand in Wilmington, North Carolina. We live in a warm and moist environment with humidity above 74% daily. That means mold and mildew grow and thrive, and attacks are the most significant investment throughout the year.

Because we have to contend with excessive mold and mildew growth on our exterior surfaces, having a professional pressure cleaning Wilmington service provider on speed dial is essential! But if you are new to the area and need to know who to call upon, we can help. Use our helpful checklist below to ensure that you hire the right company to help you with your subsequent Wilmington pressure cleaning project.

Steps For Hiring A Pro Pressure Cleaning Wilmington Service Provider

Ask Your Neighbor Whom They Use
Call The Company – Do They Answer Their Phone Live
Ask For a QUOTE (not an estimate)
Verify Insurance
Check Their Google / Yelp / Facebook rankings for Customer Service, Quality, Professionalism, Knowledge

Ask Your Neighbor or Friends

When looking for a professional pressure cleaning Wilmington service provider, the first place to start is to ask your neighbor or some of your best friends. They will be able to help inform you of whom to call and whom they used to complete this task. You will find that many of your friends may have used different companies, and they will have different experiences.

Call The Suggested Service Provider

When you find a pressure cleaning Wilmington service provider, you should pick up the phone and give him a call. Do they answer their phone life, or are you going straight to voicemail and waiting for days for a callback?

Never Overlook the importance of a business answering their phones live! We have found that companies that answer their phone will always be there for you. It is imperative in case something goes wrong. Most professionals will hire a person to operate their phones, which is extremely important from a customer service standpoint and accessibility.

Quote Vs. Estimate

Getting three prices for your pressure cleaning Wilmington service project is always best. And make sure that you are getting an actual quote, not an estimate. Quotes are binding. Legally, they can not change. And they are delivered upon complete inspection of a specific property. At the same time, an estimate is a variable price subject to change. Most people need help understanding the differences between a quote and an estimate. Still, it is vital to understand the difference between an actual quote and an estimate.

Finally, Check Insurance, Verify Their Online Rankings, and Set Up an Appointment

The last step in the proper way to hire a professional pressure cleaning Wilmington service provider is to check the company’s Insurance. You will want to verify this information with the actual insurance company. Workers’ compensation in general liability insurance is not like car insurance. You cannot just be a card-carrying member!

And also, verify the online rankings and ratings of the company you are looking At hiring. Suppose the company is reputable and does an excellent job reforming pressure cleaning Wilmington services. In that case, they will have hundreds of reviews, most of which should be five stars. Finding a contractor with one or two reviews that could be more fabulous is okay. That lets you know that the company takes pride in its work and attains objectionable Google reviews.

Final Thoughts:

When you are looking for a professional pressure cleaning Wilmington service provider for your home or business property, you can depend on our team here at Window Ninjas to be there for you. With over three decades of experience in the pressure cleaning industry, our team can handle any residential or commercial project you can throw at us! We are dedicated to customer service and delivering high-quality results. And we provide a customer service experience that is second to none. Please allow us the opportunity to help you with your next exterior cleaning service. And you can reach our team to find out more information or schedule an appointment by calling us at 910-538-4223. You can also find out more information about pressure cleaning Wilmington Services by visiting our website at