Do you want to freshen up your property’s exteriors with good power washing? If so, we know you have questions. You may be wondering about the costs associated with Simpsonville SC power washing services. Should I rent a power washer? Can I complete this on my own? Or should I hire professionals? All good questions. And we have the answers.

Professional Power Washing Services vs Renting

Opting to rent a power washer may initially seem like a cost-effective choice. Still, considering the associated expenses may amount to the same as hiring professionals. Renting a hot water power washer can average about $150 per day, while a cold water pressure washer is typically $100 per day.

It’s important to note that additional costs come into play depending on the pressure level, whether extra tools are needed, and other rental fees. The specific type of power washer will also impact the price, with options including electric, residential gas, commercial gas, and gas-powered washers. However, the expenses don’t stop at the base rental fee. Additional accessories, such as a surface cleaner for driveways or an extension wand for home siding, will incur extra charges. Expect an additional $10 to $20 per day for an extension wand and around $25 to $35 for a surface cleaner.

Therefore, if you rent a power washer with these accessories, the average daily cost would be approximately $205. Other fees, like pick-up and drop-off charges, taxes, and deposits, may apply. To get the most accurate pricing information, it is advisable to contact multiple stores near you and compare prices.

Hiring the Professionals To Power Wash

When you choose Window Ninjas for your power washing service, you’ll get more value for your money, even if the price is slightly higher. Renting a power washer can cost at least $200 per day, and you have to transport it back to your house, unload it, and figure out how to use it. Most people are unfamiliar with operating power washers or pressure washers, as it’s common knowledge if you’ve received training or have spent significant time doing it yourself. That’s where our professional team comes in to assist you.

At Window Ninjas, we have a minimum service charge of $150 for any power washing service. Our pricing is based on the specific areas we’re pressure washing. For example, if we’re pressure washing your house, the average cost is approximately 13 cents per square foot. So, if you have a 2000-square-foot house, multiply that by 0.13, which gives you an estimated $260 for our professionals to power wash your home.

Now, consider your concrete driveway, which measures another 1000 square feet. By multiplying the square footage of your driveway by 0.21, you’re looking at the cost of about $210 to have it and perhaps your sidewalks power-washed. When you combine these costs, you’ll be spending around $470 to power wash your home, driveway, and sidewalks. However, this investment will significantly enhance your curb appeal by revitalizing these main surfaces.

On average, power washing costs range from $250 to $500, as it involves using hot water instead of cold, making it slightly more expensive than traditional pressure washing.

By opting for Window Ninjas’ professional power washing service, you’ll receive superior results and the expertise needed to ensure a thorough and efficient cleaning experience.

Benefits to The Professionals

Hiring professionals for your power washing service offers benefits beyond simply delegating the hard work. Our technicians undergo extensive training, enabling them to understand when to use low or high pressure for your specific needs. They are skilled in handling the pressure washer machines to prevent any damage during the service. Additionally, we provide all the necessary tools to complete the job efficiently.

Unlike other providers, we don’t burden you with extra charges such as taxes or fees for equipment setup and cleanup. We also don’t require any deposits. Our technicians are fully insured and bonded, including workers’ compensation coverage. In the unlikely event of any issues or accidents during your power washing service in Simpsonville, SC, our team takes full responsibility. It will work to resolve any problems that may arise. This includes addressing issues related to your property or any concerns involving our technicians while on the job.

Furthermore, we stand by the quality of our work. We offer a 30-day guarantee after your service appointment. Contact our team if you notice any remaining mildew growth or other problem areas in your house within this period. We will gladly send a team of technicians back to your property to ensure your complete satisfaction with the results. Your happiness is our priority.

Final Thoughts

When you’re ready to schedule your power washing services in Simpsonville, look no further than Window Ninjas. Call us today at 864-558-7758 or submit a service request through our website at Our experienced team is here to provide you with the best power washing service available.