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Most people believe that Wilmington chimney sweeping season is right around fall time. And it’s pretty evident as to why most think this way. The need to cozy up to a warm and welcoming fire becomes an unstoppable force when the weather turns cool. That is why responsible adults call a chimney sweeping company during the early winter season. However, were you aware that the best time to clean your fireplace and sweep your chimney is towards the end of the burning season?  

Being in Wilmington, North Carolina, allows us to experience a short winter season. It turns cool in October and gets frigid in late December. And even then, the cold is not as cold as most folks up north experience!  

But how does all this relate to Wilmington Chimney Sweeping services and the need to call a professional to clean and inspect your fireplace system? As you read this article, we will provide helpful information about cleaning your fireplace and why it should be cared for with an annual cleaning service. Plus, it is essential to know when the best time to have a chimney service performed.

Clean Your Chimney In Late Winter For Maximum Benefits! 

Time constraints are one of the reasons why we suggest cleaning your fireplace at the end of winter. If you use it to keep warm, we only have a short window of time to enjoy our fireplaces. Between December and February, the fire season is most active in Wilmington, North Carolina. Eight to Ten weeks is typically when the average homeowner can enjoy their fireplace. Even then, it may only get used once or twice a week. Because we have such a short window to burn wood, it’s best to maximize that time by cleaning your fireplace at the end of the burning season. This way, you can enjoy your fireplace when the weather turns cold!  

Many customers will only use their fireplace once it has been cleaned and inspected. We know you want to avoid long wait times because chimney cleaners get booked quickly during the first cold weather snap! And because most homeowners think of the safety of their family, they will wait until a chimney cleaning Wilmington service provider can come out to their home. 

Think about how many nights you will go without enjoying your fireplace due to waiting for a service provider to come out and clean it. Why would you want to decrease an activity that you enjoy?

How Much Can You Expect To Spend For A Chimney Cleaning Service?

Once you have decided to take our advice and have your Wilmington chimney sweeping service completed at the end of winter, you will more than likely wonder how much you should spend on this service. All Wilmington chimney Service providers charge the same way. We know it can be frustrating when searching for the cost of an item and needing help achieving your goal. All fireplace cleaning companies charge the same amount and use the same techniques for cleaning your home’s fireplace and chimney system.

You can expect to spend between $200 and $400 for a typical chimney sweeping Wilmington service. Depending on variable factors, each property will require more or less assistance. These factors include:

  • Accessibility
  • Pitch Of The Roof
  • Severity Of The Cleaning
  • Damage Found During The Cleaning Process

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Chimney Inspections Are As Important As The Cleaning Itself! 

With every chimney sweeping Wilmington service, we provide a written inspection report. Some property owners may decide if an inspection is more important than cleaning, mainly if the fireplace has not been used for a while. There are many benefits to hiring a professional chimney sweeping Wilmington service provider to perform only an inspection. Most of the time, these are cases where a homeowner is preparing to sell their property and wants to ensure no surprises during a home inspection. A professional chimney sweeping service provider will be able to ensure that all aspects of the fireplace and chimney system are working cohesively and appropriately. And they can provide a written report outlining every detail of your fireplace system.

When looking for a professional chimney sweeping Wilmington service provider, always ensure that the company you are looking to hire provides a written inspection report included with the service upon payment.

How Often Do You Use Your Chimney And Fireplace?

Are you the type of person that likes to use your fireplace with regular frequency? or are you the type that uses your fireplace sparingly and relatively infrequently? If so, you can extend the time between standard chimney cleanings. You could extend the time between cleanings because less soot build-up will occur within your smoke chamber and flu. And it is still best to put this type of service on your calendar towards the end of the winter season. Of course, if you notice issues, calling a professional is an excellent practice. If you see problems such as the following, call a professional immediately: 

  • Noises In Your Fireplace, 
  • Smells Coming From Your Fireplace
  • Visual Damage To Your Chimney Cap

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Final Thoughts:

We cannot stress enough how important it is to have a regular chimney sweeping Wilmington service completed for your home. A professional Chimney Sweep will know how to clean and maintain your fireplace to ensure that you and your family are safe when you want to enjoy the Warm Glow of a fire. If you have any questions about chimney sweeping services or if we can help you in any way, please contact our team and allow us the opportunity to help you. We are members of the chimney sweeping Institute of America. And we are committed to helping you keep your fireplace clean and answer any questions. We can provide you with recommendations and references if needed. and would be happy to provide them for you whenever you ask. We understand that Wilmington chimney sweeping Services can be very complicated to understand. 

Our goal here at Window Ninjas is to ensure you have all the information you need to make the best decision for your family and property. Call our team today and ask any questions that you may have. We will be happy to answer them for you so that you can make the best decision for your family and your property. Our phone number is 910-538-4223. And you can find more information about our services and professional chimney sweeping Wilmington services online at