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Wilmington Gutter Cleaning | Garbage Free Gutters 

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Are you bad about taking the trash out? Do you leave it sitting out until it reeks so badly that you can’t bear it anymore? It happens to the best of us and sometimes we just can’t be bothered to make a trip to the dumpster after a long day at work. If this is the case with your inside garbage, we can only imagine how much garbage is piling up in your gutters. It’s time to take the trash out with Window Ninjas. You’ll have garbage free gutters when you call us for a Wilmington gutter cleaning service. Give us a call at 910-538-4223 or go online to and we can clean the garbage out of your gutters. 

Don’t let all of the debris from the trees around your home pile up in your gutters. First of all, it is unsightly, but second of all, your gutters can become clogged and water will not flow through them properly. You surely do not want this. The problems that can arise from clogged gutters are not fun ones to deal with. You will need Window Ninjas to perform a Wilmington gutter cleaning service for you so that you don’t have to worry about clogged gutters. When Window Ninjas does this for you, your gutters will be in perfect condition and water will flow through them smoothly and easily. Window Ninjas will clean your gutters and inspect them to make sure there are no other problems to worry about.

When water isn’t flowing through your gutters properly that means your downspouts are clogged with debris. If your downspouts are clogged then it has likely been far too long since you had your gutters cleaned. We recommend that home and business owners have their gutters cleaned at least twice per year. This ensures that they will never become clogged. You won’t have to worry about water overflowing out of your gutters when they are cleaned regularly. The issue with overflowing gutters is that they can lead to various types of water damage and other issues. Call Window Ninjas for your Wilmington service by picking up your phone and dialing 910-538-4223. We will get the gutters on your residential or commercial property all fixed up.

As we mentioned previously, you could be facing various types of water damage to your home or business if you don’t have your gutters cleaned at least twice a year. Let’s take a moment to discuss the different types of water damage that could occur on your property. First, if you have water leaking out of the top of your gutters, that water will settle on your roof. Eventually, the water will leak into your roof and end up on the interior of your home or business. This is how people get water damage and stains on their ceilings and walls. You’ve likely heard of this sort of thing happening during storms. Similarly to when it storms, the excess water has nowhere to go when it cannot effectively travel through your gutters. You could run into rot issues when water makes its way into your home or business like this.

Second, if you have gutters that are not moving water away from your home, the water may settle at the foundation of your home. When this happens, the water will enter into the foundation or basement of your home. This leads to potentially having a flooded basement. It is extremely important to keep water out of your home entirely, as it can lead to major damage and/or rot on the inside and outside surfaces of your home. Window Ninjas can perform a top of the line Wilmington gutter cleaning service on your property to ensure that you have garbage free gutters.

Third, and last of all, you may have unwanted vermin living in your gutters if you don’t make sure to keep them clean. These unwanted guests include carpenter ants, mosquitoes, birds, mice, squirrels, snakes, and much more. Scary, right? No one likes to see these vermin near their property, and especially not on it. However, if you aren’t keeping your gutters cleaned, then you’re making the perfect living space for these unwanted guests. We will clean your gutters and make sure you don’t have any pesky vermin living in them when we provide you with a Wilmington gutter cleaning service. We know how scary it is to have to approach these vermin so let us take care of it. Window Ninjas isn’t afraid of anything. 

We guarantee satisfaction when you choose Window Ninjas of Wilmington to clean your gutters. We even offer a multitude of other services for you and your property, such as window cleaning and pressure washing. You can visit to explore our other services and learn more about Window Ninjas as a whole. You will not find a better exterior cleaning provider anywhere else in Wilmington. Our staff and our cleaning methods are the top of the line. We also use the highest grade equipment. When you hire Window Ninjas, you will receive a luxury service at fair and honest price. 

We know you will have an amazing experience when you hire Window Ninjas. We believe you will be highly satisfied when you experience our wonderful customer service and receive a top of the line exterior cleaning service from us. In fact, we are confident that it will be the best experience you’ve had with any service provider thus far. Every employee of ours is kind and helpful and every service is thorough and has been perfected. Years of experience has led us to be the best Wilmington gutter cleaning provider. An excellent service experience is right at your fingertips, so don’t hesitate to reach out to us. You can go to to read more about us and schedule with us online or you can call 910-538-4223 to schedule with us in just minutes. Our service is speedy and straightforward so that you can get back to your daily routine in no time.