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Nothing is worse than driving down the highway and being unable to see out of your windshield due to dirt and pollen. This is why we always recommend Window Cleaning Cary for businesses. Because clean windows are just as important for businesses and homes as they are for vehicles. Taking care of your property is no different from taking care of your car or truck, This is why Window Ninjas are here to help. You can reach us to schedule an appointment at 919-867-6276, or you can find us online at

What is the best time to have your windows cleaned?

It is recommended that businesses get regular Window Cleaning Cary services done. Many businesses have their windows done twice a year at least. Many businesses get them done monthly or twice a month. The general consensus is that windows should be cleaned at least twice a year. The two best times to clean your windows are after the pollen season, which is June or July, and after fall, which is December or January. This is so that the pollen is cleaned off of your windows, and the leaves and debris from trees are cleaned off as well. With Window Ninjas, we can set your business up on a regular or reoccurring schedule. We can do anything from bi-yearly to weekly depending on your business’s needs. We recommend starting at twice a year and altering that as your business sees fit.

The scheduling process for Window Cleaning Cary can be done in one of two ways. Your first option is to give our in-house call center a ring. You can reach the call center at 919-867-6276. One of our employees will answer the phone and gather information from you regarding the services that you would like done, the time frame that is best for having them done, and contact information. They will then schedule an appointment with you and send you an appointment confirmation via email. Your second option is to visit our website You can fill out an online service request for whatever services you would like. Once a call center employee reviews your service request, they will give you a phone call to ask for some more information and then schedule you. No matter how you schedule your appointment, you will receive a few different messages and calls. Immediately following being scheduled, you will receive an appointment confirmation via email. Two days prior to your service, you will receive a reminder email. One day prior to your service, you will receive a reminder call. The day of your service the technicians will show up and get the job done, leaving your windows in perfect condition. And the next business day after your service, you will receive one last call from a call center employee, asking how the service went and if it is okay to run the card on file (if you did not pay with check or cash on the day of service). We like to stay on top of things at Window Ninjas, because customer service is our top priority.

Why is window cleaning so important?

Clean windows are an essential part of running a successful business. Though the phrase “don’t judge a book by its cover” is somewhat true, it is not how most customers first react to a business. If your business looks dirty and unkept, many customers will change their mind about entering your business property. Showing you care about the aesthetic of your business will show how much you care about your customers’ experience with your business. And the most important part of running a successful business is customer service. When you do not clean your windows for an extended period of time, grime, mold, and bacteria can coat the windows so badly that a professional cleaning will no longer clean them. This will cause you to spend thousands of dollars on new windows. If you have to replace the windows on your business, not only will it cost you a lot of money to purchase said windows, but it will also cost you time as you would have to close your business to replace them. The best way to keep your business booming is to have a regularly scheduled Window Cleaning Cary appointment, so that you can focus on the customers rather than the maintenance of your property.

How is window cleaning done?

When it comes to Window Cleaning Cary there are two ways that windows can be cleaned. The first process is a standard window cleaning. This is for most windows that are easily accessible. your windows will be soaped down and scrubbed by hand with lambswool in order to be sure that no spots are missed. They are then squeegeed dry. Next, our technicians use microfiber cloths to remove any excessive water and clean the sills. Lastly, they use a huck towel to detail the window and buff it out, removing any remaining water droplets, and leaving it perfectly dry and shiny. The cleaning agent leaves an invisible shield on your windows to keep pollen, dirt, and fingerprints from sticking in the future.

We have a second option for cleaning that is used on high up and hard to reach windows. Our technicians use a deionized water fed pole. Your windows are soaked down and scrubbed with a brush. This cleans frames, sills, and mullions. This process is finished with a rinse of deionized water to remove leftover suds and dirt. Windows that are cleaned with the waterfall are left to air dry as they are too high up to reach safely.

Now is the time to be proactive about the care of your store, restaurant, or office. Business maintenance takes a toll on a business owner, that is why when Window Cleaning Cary, we always offer the option of a set, recurring service. A few simple phone calls can have your business set up to have regular cleaning services done, without any extra effort on your part. We know that business owners are very busy, hard-working people. That is why we are here to take the stress off of your plate, and leave you with nothing but clean windows and satisfaction. Contact us today at 919-867-6276, or find us online at to book a service.