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Window Cleaning Charleston | Our Ninjas Bring The Clean

This content was written for Window Ninjas Window & Pressure Cleaning. 

Here at Window Ninjas, we make sure to hire the best of the best for our team so that we can deliver the best window cleaning Charleston has ever seen! Results speak volumes and is the reason you are choosing us for your window cleaning needs, which is why we hire the best technicians possible to get the job done. We also know how important customer service is for any business, which is why we make sure to have an excellent team of office staff for our customer service calls and sales calls. Here at Window Ninjas, we know that our niche is wowing our customers with excellent customer service, and we hold each of our team to this expectation. Not only that, we make it clear during our interview and hiring process that this is what we expect of our team. When you hire Window Ninjas for you window cleaning Charleston needs, you will be pleased knowing you are getting the best in the industry, and the best individuals around. If you are ready for amazing results, call Window Ninjas at 843-790-8447 or submit a service request form online at today.

On top of delivering the best window cleaning Charleston results ever seen, there are numerous other services that our team can help you with. Our additional services include gutter cleaning, pressure washing, dryer vent cleaning, and chimney sweeping. When you choose to schedule two or more services at the same time, you can receive 10% off your total. Who wouldn’t want to save when scheduling services to make your property look better than ever? We can tell you that once you have one service completed, you will absolutely want to schedule more services to make your home look collectively better or make your business shine. It’s amazing what a cleaning service can do for your property. 

The best part of scheduling a window cleaning service is that there will be so much natural light that comes into your dwelling. Natural light will make your home or office appear more spacious, more inviting, and larger. Natural light will even help to improve your mood, productivity levels, and make your days better. Schedule your window cleaning Charleston service today to find out exactly what we mean! 

When it comes to finding the best window cleaning Charleston offers, you don’t need to look any further than Window Ninjas! Our fantastic company is the most sought after in the area, and it is for a reason! We go above and beyond for our customers, and make sure to take care of our employees as well. We are a fully insured and bonded company, including workers compensation. This protects you as a customer, our employees if they are injured, and our company in the unfortunate and unlikely event an accident occurs. It is better to be safe than sorry, and you absolutely want to choose a company that is prepared for worst case scenarios. Choosing to hire a company that is not fully insured and bonded can be very dangerous and costly if something does happen. But, that is why you are going to call Window Ninjas for all of your service needs, right? Good! Our team is waiting by the phone to speak with you and make your property look better than ever. 

Our customers also love to learn that we arrive at each and every job sight in a fully logoed company vehicle, with our mascot Nigel on the side for all to see. You won’t be questioning who it is when our team pulls into your driveway or parking lot to get the work completed. Our team will also be dressed in Window Ninjas attire so you can identify us while we are on your property. We can clean all of your interior and exterior windows, or you can pick and choose. 

Our team of technicians is completely trained and educated in each of the services that we provide. Part of being the best in the industry is knowing how to perform the service and handle the equipment correctly to deliver the expected results. When you hire Window Ninjas, you will not be getting a mediocre service, you will be getting exceptional results, and so much more! 

Our company even believes in giving back to the environment, which is why for every invoice we complete we donate $1 to an organization called This organization works diligently to provide clean and safe water around the world. There are so many areas of our world that do not have access to a good water source. By choosing to hire Window Ninjas for all of your window cleaning, pressure washing, gutter cleaning, dryer vent cleaning, and chimney sweeping needs, you are helping better the lives of people all over the world while making your home shine! 

If you are in Charleston and looking for an amazing window cleaning service, you have found yourself in the right place! Our team here at Window Ninjas will bring the best window cleaning you have ever seen. Take your windows from being dirty and covered in water spots, to being clearer than you ever thought possible. Go from looking out your window and thinking how much help your property needs, to enjoying the picture perfect view. Seriously, looking out your windows will now be like looking at a living painting in high definition. It will be a view you enjoy for a long time coming! 

When you have Window Ninjas come out to your residential or commercial property for the best window cleaning Charleston has to offer, you will be getting the results of your dreams.When you schedule a professional window cleaning with us, you will enjoy the benefits for a long time to come. Our window cleaning solution in conjunction with our cleaning methods will keep your windows cleaner for longer, repelling fingerprints, pollen, dust, and pollution buildup. Schedule a service you will truly be happy with by calling Window Ninjas at 843-790-8447 or by going online to