Window Cleaning Greenville SC | No More Nose Prints!

This content was written for Window Ninjas Window & Pressure Cleaning.

Have your kids or pets left hand prints and nose prints all over your windows and glass doors? When do ninjas window cleaning Greenville SC service can help you out!  Will use an environmentally safe neutral pH Wash and condition process with anti-static properties that leaves an invisible shield on your windows repelling dirt dust pollen and other debris.  This cleaning product keeps your windows looking Crystal Clear longer than any other solution,  And can handle the messiest of windows!  So give us a call at 864-558-7758 or visit our website at  and schedule an appointment with one of our technicians today!

We recommend having a window cleaning Greenville SC service done quarterly on Residential Properties and once a month for beach and businesses. We can clean your windows more often depending on your needs if necessary. The window sills are included  in our standard window cleaning but tracks and screens are another service. 

A standard window cleaning service we scrub each window by hand and squeegee dry leaving behind a crystal clear shine. We then use a microfiber towel for all the cells and excess water and I hook the towel for detailing the windows afterwards. Along with our exterior window service we also do your interior window mirrors and shower doors.

 We also have a deionized water fed pole window cleaning service for your high-class.  In this window cleaning Greenville SC service all exterior windows or scrub and soap down using a water fed pole and brush cleaning more than just the glass. And also claims the frame cells and millions. This process has been completed with a deionized water rinse ensuring no dirt and dust or other particles are on the glass allowing for a spot for a dry. This is possible because the ionized water acts like a magnet for all dust and dirt particles.

 So what is deionized water? Well it’s water that has been filtered through our multi thousand-dollar filter system which removes all sediments from the water and cleans it to 0 to 15 parts per million. The ionized water is so clean that we are actually unable to drink it as it may cause you to become very sick and take out all the good and bad bacteria in your body.

Having your windows done professionally with a window cleaning Greenville SC service saves you a lot of time and money as you no longer have to buy or rent the equipment or learn the techniques that come with it. It also extends the life of your windows as proper maintenance makes them last longer and look better throughout their life. It also enhances the interior environment as it allows more natural light to come in, lowers your energy costs and improves the air quality of your home. Your clean windows will also last longer because of our anti-static barrier that is Left Behind.

 We guarantee our results with every window cleaning Greenville SC Service as we know that Windex leaves behind streaks that our solution will not. You will no longer have to do all that hard work for less than perfect results. You’re also leaving all the tiring work to us because carrying around a ladder or squeegee can be quite tiring, however we are used to it and we have a rhythm that we get into once we get going. 

Our owner started cleaning windows over 25 years ago and has tons of knowledge and experience over these 25 years.  This knowledge and experience flows through the veins of our company. All of our technicians are well-trained and experienced in all services as well. They have worked with us for a while so they have the on-the-job experience that they need. This combination of knowledge and experience can’t be matched by any other company. We have all the tips and tricks to tackle any challenges that you may have for us On your window cleaning Greenville SC job!

 We offer a variety of other services,  not just window cleaning Services. They include gutter cleaning, Pat pressure washing, dryer vent cleaning and chimney sweeping as well. Pressure washing and window cleaning as a killer combo to get your home absolutely shining! We want to be the one trusted company you go to for all of your services so please choose window Ninjas for all of your needs!

You can follow her Instagram or Facebook which are both  great places to keep up with our company. We post pictures of jobs that we have done in the past there. We were all supposed to be very satisfied before and after pictures so that you can see the results you can expect when working with us. You can stay up-to-date on any deals or specials  we may have going on and stay up to date on all of our services. It was a light follower comment and we would really appreciate it!

We’ve always been very passionate about serving people as we are men and women serving other men and women. We are in the service business for a reason and we absolutely love it and hopefully we can help you toggle all their challenges. 

 We would also like to let you know that we donate $1 of every service to and we believe in supporting organizations to help get back to the environment. They are on an amazing mission to deliver access to clean water to everyone around the world. We love being a part of their mission and hope that you would like to join us in supporting them by becoming one of our loyal customers today. We currently have about 10 locations with multiple trucks that do multiple jobs in a day so we have a lot of invoices and the dollars add up quite quickly!

We can’t wait to have you as one of our loyal customers! All you have to do is give us a call at 864-558-7758 or visit our website at,  and schedule an appointment for a window cleaning Greenville SC service today!