Window Cleaning Hampstead | Clean windows are the best kind of windows!

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Most people don’t like cleaning windows, but they always enjoy the view when completed!  Allow the team from Window Ninjas to provide you with amazing results when you need help with having your windows cleaned.  We are the experts in window cleaning Hampstead and can ease the pain of cleaning windows. Call today at 910-538-4223 and find out why our exceptional team is the most highly rated and most reviewed window cleaning company in the area!

Ideally, window cleaning is a chore that should be completed twice a year. However most homeowners dread this chore and therefore neglect their windows! Don’t keep your shades tightened or your blinds drawn because your windows are too dirty and too embarrassing to allow your guests to see. Simply give the best team in the area a call and have them help you with the chore of window cleaning Hampstead. Window Ninjas is the best when it comes to window cleaning services. You will be amazed and wowed with the results when they have provided you an exceptional window cleaning service. Window Ninjas can be reached at 910-538-4223, were you can request their services by visiting them online at  

There is almost nothing comparable to a window cleaning service that can transform a living space like clean windows. You really don’t know what you’re missing until all of that dirt and grime has been removed from your windows. Most of the time, customers call to request an exterior only service. However, once that is performed, and they see how dirty the interiors are, they plead with us not to leave until the interiors have been cleaned. It’s amazing the amount of debris that will accumulate on glass throughout the year. Especially on the inside! Most homeowners and people in general just don’t realize how much the sun will pull out of your furniture and fabrics in your home and all of this ends up on the interior of your glass. The exterior gets its filth from just the general dust and dirt and grime that typically floats around the air anyways. So it’s easy to see how the exteriors can get so dirty. If you haven’t had your windows cleaned in a while your best bet is probably going to be to have an interior and exterior service provided. When it’s time for this service, call the best window cleaning Hampstead service available at Window Ninjas. We can be reached at 910-538-4223. You can also request our services by visiting our website at

Cleaning windows is not a chore that should be done with a rag or a paper towel and a bottle of Windex. Professional window cleaning is a service that is provided by a professional window cleaner who knows how to utilize a squeegee and a washer mitten. 

The appropriate chemicals are also required when it comes to cleaning windows. Especially with today’s modern types of windows that utilize specialty glass. This specialty glass needs to be cleaned in a certain way and with specific chemicals so that it does not damage the glass or the framing around the glass. Window Ninjas has spent extensive hours inside glass factories, as well as in window manufacturers showrooms. We have been trained and understand the processes of creating glass today, as well as what it takes to build an actual window. This allows our team to be the most knowledgeable window cleaning company in the area. 

Windows are not cheap, and they make a huge impact on your property. Do not just allow some untrained person to start wiping your windows down or moving dirt around! Contact the professional window cleaning Hampstead company at Window Ninjas instead.  Our professional staff will walk you through our window cleaning process and we ensure exceptional results. When you are looking to see clearly through your windows and live in Hampstead, Wilmington, Southport or Leland, call Window Ninjas. Our number is 910-538-4223 and we can also be found online by visiting our website at    

Hiring a company that is fully insured and bonded is an important factor when it comes to your window cleaning Hampstead needs. Never allow somebody inside your home that has not been bonded or is uninsured. This can be a disaster for you, your family, and your dwelling. Keep things safe and get your windows sparkling by calling a fully insured and bonded company, such as Window Ninjas. We are the most highly reviewed and most trusted window cleaning company in the Hampstead area, as well as the greater Wilmington location. Our team has been extensively trained and skilled in the art of cleaning windows. We promise the results that you receive from our window cleaning service will make a huge impact on the curb appeal for your property as well as the joy you receive when you’re looking through clear glass.  Call our team today at 910-538-4223 today, or request our services online by visiting  

Window cleaning Hampstead should be performed twice a year, and most homeowners have the service done in the spring and in the late fall. We recommend that at least once out of these two times you have the interior cleaned, and if you are extremely proud of the windows in your home, we would suggest that you have them cleaned interior and exterior twice a year. Our results speak for themselves and our customers’ words speak volumes as well. We are the most highly rated company in Wilmington and Hampstead and we are proud of it! 

Window Ninjas is a professional window and pressure cleaning company.  We offer interior and exterior window cleaning Hampstead services and are fully insured and bonded.  We take pride in our work and your property and create amazing results. Allow us to shine your glass and let the light shine in!  We promise you will be amazed by our results and our exceptional employees. We service Wilmington, Hampstead, Leland and Southport NC.