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In our opinion it is not hard deciding which route to take when getting window cleaning tasks done.  Hiring the pros at Window cleaning Hampstead is easy and less time consuming for you than trying to do it yourself.  There are some other great reasons to have our pros do it too, but we will discuss those later in our article.  Just think how great it would be to not have to lift a finger or climb a ladder to get all of your windows cleaned and shiny again.  Just not having to climb a ladder is a chore in itself and we haven’t even talked about moving it around or trying to get it set up properly.  Ladder maneuvering can be hard work for a tiny person or even someone that doesn’t know much about the right way to carry a ladder without hurting oneself or doing damage to your property.  Our pros are the best at moving and climbing ladders because they have tons of experience and training on how to do it safely.  Our pros are more efficient at window cleaning than the average person.  Yes, we do clean the windows by hand just like you would probably do.  But our tried and true techniques make window cleaning faster and our window cleaning looks better too.  We use a pH balanced window cleaning solution that does not leave streaks or fingerprints and none of those films that over the counter window cleaners leave behind.  That way your windows are perfectly clean and dust free.  To get started with your professional service give us a call at 910-538-4223 or request a free quote at

Reasons To Hire Our Pros

Window cleaning Hampstead is fully insured and bonded.  We also have commercial insurance.  If you get injured by falling off of your ladder trying to clean your windows or while on the roof, your health insurance will probably cover you after you meet your deductible.  But do you want to take the chance of having that happen to you?  Our pros are expert ladder climbers and they follow all safety protocols to the “T”.  Even though we have insurance to cover an accident we certainly do not want any of our team to get hurt on the job. 

We come highly rated and are extremely sought after.  Window cleaning is done most of the year.  Living here near the coast and in the south means that we do not have to deal with harsh winters.  Most of our temperatures are above freezing and feel pleasant for ten months out of a year.  Getting window cleaning done is a hot commodity for most homeowners and businesses.  Keeping the salt off of our glass is important as it is very corrosive in nature and can cause your windows to look cloudy.  Our pros recommend that you have window cleaning done twice a year so that you can see clearly and keep the elements off of them regularly.

Benefits of Window Cleaning

The number one advantage of keeping your windows cleaned is to prolong the life of the windows.  Letting dirt and dust accumulate on them is a sure fire way to cause them to deteriorate faster.  Windows costs alot and can range from hundreds of dollars to many thousands of dollars to replace depending on what they are made of and how they are shaped.  Wooden windows and those with arches are the most expensive type of window.  And the bigger the window is the more it is going to cost.  You can bet that getting your windows cleaned by window cleaning Hampstead is going to be a great idea when you realize how much it costs to replace a window that has gone bad.

Window cleaning allows more natural light to filter into your home so that you don’t have to use lamps.  Having our professional window cleaning Hampstead service done is the perfect way to keep your energy bills down.  This is another way that we can help you to save money.  Besides that, having a clear view will let you look outside all year long no matter what the weather is doing.  It could be cold or it could be rainy and you will still have access to an amazing clean view from your windows.

Preventing damage from mildew along the sills of your window is also a cause for concern as it can impede the structure of the entire window.  Once the sill is damaged it must be replaced somehow or the window will be fogged and begin to look very ugly over time.  The energy efficiency of the window will also be impacted.  In otherwords, the low E value will become less.

Making A Decision

The choice is yours as to whether or not you want to tackle the chore of window cleaning on your own or hire the pros at window cleaning Hampstead.  If it were our choice we would definitely choose our pros to do the job.  Now is a great time to get it done as we are entering a much warmer weather pattern of the year.  Spring is about to be here any time now.  What a great way to get a sparkling view on your home than by having our team perform window cleaning for you?  We are sure that you will be one hundred percent satisfied with our work.

Give us a call now before we get booked up for spring cleaning and beyond.  Our pros at window cleaning Hampstead can be phoned up at 910-538-4223 or feel free to stop by at our bright and shiny website at for a free no obligation quote.  Our customer service representatives look forward to hearing from you and being able to answer all of your questions and listen to your concerns.  Here’s to having shiny days and working together with the Window Ninjas!