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Looking to get the greatest window cleaning in the Hampstead area, then look no further. Our window cleaning Hampstead service is just the thing for you! Our business has been in the industry for three decades and we are locally owned and operated. Your windows will be done by our expertly trained and skilled window cleaners. They will make your windows shine and pop as if they were brand new again. We have awesome reviews and are very sought after. Our business is fully insured and bonded and we have commercial insurance. We can save you time and keep you from having to climb ladders too. Give us a call right now to get started with your shiny window experience at 910-538-4223 or stop by on our bright and shiny website at for a free quote.

Window cleaning Hampstead recommends that you have window cleaning done at least twice a year. There are some super benefits to having your window cleaned. Some of them may surprise you. We like to help keep our customers informed about why window cleaning is important and how we can always be of help to you. If you are new to the area or just have never heard about us before, then you are definitely in for a treat. Our mission is to supply great customer service alongside high quality work. Shiny windows and happy customers make for great business.

Window Ninjas Cleans Windows

Our Ninjas will arrive at your home or business in our fully letter company trucks wearing our Window Ninjas uniform. They will introduce themselves and go over the work to be performed with you and answer any remaining questions that you may have. Then their work will begin. We have a systems approach to window cleaning. It looks like this. If you are having interior and exterior window cleaning done, then one of our pros will clean the inside of a window while the other pro will clean the outside of the same window until all of the windows are done. This is a fast way to complete window cleaning.

Window cleaning Hampstead uses a pH balanced window cleaning solution that is gentle on windows and does not leave a filmy residue like so many over the counter products do. It is only available to professional window cleaners. Also our pros use tools such as squeegees, microfiber scrubbers, and microfiber towels to clean windows with. These are tools of the trade. Our experts are highly trained and skilled at using these tools. It makes for faster window cleaning and for a cleaner window.

If you have never had professional window cleaning done, then you will probably never go back to your old way of window cleaning. Ours will definitely outshine and produce a more clear view than anything that you have seen before.

Benefits Of Window Cleaning

Window cleaning has some great benefits. Perhaps the biggest one to be had is damage prevention. Keeping dirt off of your windows regularly is great for maintaining the lifespan of your windows. The average lifespan of windows is between 15 and 20 years. In order to keep your windows looking good for this long before they start to break down is to keep them cleaned. Dirt has a corrosive effect on the window frame and can cause etching and scratches on the glass.

Window cleaning is also great for improving the curb appeal of your home. Letting dirt sit on your windows causes the panes to look dull and hagard. Window cleaning will definitely put a shine back on them.

Need to improve the amount of natural light that is getting into your home? Then get your windows cleaned by window cleaning Hampstead. Removing the dirt and dust from both sides of your windows will draw in more natural light. This has a mood boosting effect and also improves the Low-E coating and Low-E insulation factors associated with your windows.

Window cleaning eliminates unhealthy mold and allergens from your home. Mold will appear as black spots on your window sills and on windows. It thrives in warm weather and wet places. Animal dander, dust, pollen, and other allergens can be removed from the inside of your windows with professional window cleaning.

Window cleaning is also great for ridding your windows of insects and pests. Spiders make webs and cause your windows to look dull and not taken care of. Flies also create spatter on your windows and window cleaning can help remove the much created by flies.


Hiring a professional to clean your windows frees you up to do other things that you love. Window cleaning Hampstead gives you peace of mind that proper window cleaning techniques, tools, and cleaning supplies will be used. Window cleaning has many great benefits, one of them being that our windows last longer. They also will look beautiful by having them cleaned regularly and improving the curb appeal of them. Our pros can save you from having an injury related to climbing ladders while doing your windows.

Window cleaning Hampstead hopes that you have decided to try our professional window cleaning service to help you. Your satisfaction is guaranteed and we will make your windows shiny and clean. Our mission is to provide you with excellent customer service and the highest in quality workmanship. If you need further information about our company, then head over to our Window Ninjas website at for more information. We have before and after pictures of the work that our team does and a complete description of the cleaning services we have. You can also request a free quote online or give us a call at 910-538-4223 directly to speak to one of our awesome customer service reps. We look forward to hearing from you and answering all of your questions and listening to your concerns and remember to keep shining.