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If you are considering hiring a professional window cleaner, we know you have questions. You may even have concerns about the cost of a window cleaning Leland service. You can restate those worries because we wrote this article with you in mind. Our goal is to help you relax and allow us to address your concerns. And by the end of this article, we know you will better understand the answers to the questions concerning a professional Window Cleaning Service for your home. If you are looking for peace of mind in conjunction with a clear view of the outside world, allow us the opportunity to help. Our team can discuss your needs and the benefits of window cleaning with a call to them at 910-538-4223. And if you need more window cleaning information, you can always visit our website at

Hiring a professional window cleaning Leland service provider is the best way to keep your windows clean and well-maintained. Most residential homeowners in the greater Leland area are new to the area because they are recent retirees. Retired life after 65 it’s still full of Adventure, and you still have much life left to live. And it’s one of the many reasons you should hire a professional company to clean your windows, avoid frustration, and enjoy your retired life.

One of the biggest questions we are asked regularly is how much it costs to clean house windows. Retirees understand they would rather be out on the golf course than stuck on a ladder trying to clean bird droppings and pollen off their second-story windows!

As we stated before, we wrote this article for you. We will provide you with the cost of hiring a professional window cleaning Leland service provider. And by the end of this article, our goal is to ensure that you have all the information you need to make the best decision about the cost of window cleaning services and who is the right service provider for your property.

The Cost Of Window Cleaning Leland Services For Residential Homes

We can provide you with two types of residential window cleaning Leland services. Both of them come with specific costs.

  • Window Cleaning Interior and Exterior
  • Window Cleaning Exterior Only

We will start by explaining how it is more cost-effective to have an interior and exterior cleaning service completed than just having the exterior washed. However, you will spend less money having both the interior and exterior of your windows cleaned than just cleaning the exterior. We are always happy to take care of whatever needs you may have, and if that means just cleaning the outside of your windows, so be it.

The cost to clean windows is based per window and is based on the type of window that is in your specific residence. A typical residential home in Leland, North Carolina, can expect to spend between $12 and $15 per window to clean windows. All window cleaning companies charge the same.

With the large building boom that has gone on in the Leland, North Carolina area, professional window cleaning Leland Services has become very popular. Fortunately, most of the builders in the area use the same type of window. It’s a benefit for the new clients that have moved into the area. Because the windows the builders have chosen are energy efficient and easy to operate, typically, these windows are vinyl clad, and our double hung windows. They also fold in and out, so the residential owner can find it a little easier to clean their own windows.

Typically these windows do not have any window panes. There’s a solid glass pane on the window’s top half and then a solid piece on the bottom half. An interior and exterior window cleaning for this type of window will cost $12 per window. And if the window has any panes, you can expect to spend a couple of dollars more.

Exterior Window Cleaning Prices

Suppose you want to save a little bit of money. In that case, you can hire a professional window cleaning Leland service for just the exterior of your windows. The cost to clean the outside of the typical window in Leland, North Carolina, will cost anywhere between $8 and $10 per window. Again, as we stated earlier, it is based on the type of window you have and if it is divided into any little window panes or has any other little nuances about it. Calculate how many windows you have in your home and multiply it by the above. You should be able to accurately price out how much it will cost to have your windows cleaned.

Benefits Of Hiring A Pro Window Cleaning Leland Service For Your Home

Cleaning windows can be a challenging task for the average property owner, regardless of the window you have in your residence. Window companies claim how easy it is to fold windows in and out and clean them. However, we have found that folding windows can be difficult and take longer to clean. Plus, most of these fold-in Windows have a screen placed inside a track. The placement of this screen within the track is complicated to remove and causes issues when trying to clean the glass. And the screen will need to come out and be cleaned as well.

The benefit of having a Leland window cleaning service provided by a professional far outweighs the cost. Climbing on ladders and making a trip to the emergency room is going to cost you a lot more than what it would cost a professional Leland Window Cleaning Service provider. Plus, as a retired transplant to the Leland area, your time is better suited to spending your days on the golf course and with your friends.

Final Thoughts

We hope to have answered some of your most pressing questions about professional window cleaning services. We also hope you will call upon us to help guide you through your window cleaning Leland decisions. Our staff is here for you and can be reached at 910-538-4223. And we are always happy to help by providing you with more information online at


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