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We are looking to make marble shine! If your windows are looking dirty then it is time for you to schedule a window cleaning Myrtle Beach. Our team of trained service technicians would love to stop by and make your windows shine again! We are the best team around to get the job done!For more information please visit our website at or give us a call at 843-212-0794.


When’s the last time you’ve had your windows clean? If it’s been awhile and it’s probably time for you to go ahead and get a window cleaning Myrtle Beach service done on your home or business. Is very easy for dirty Windows to become super dirty and get a do look at him. We often forget how good clear windows look because we’ve done it. Well don’t forget how good clean windows look! Give yourself a reminder!

Window Ninjas is a fully licensed Bonded Professional Home Service Company who also carries working compensation for all of our employees. Employees also start to show up and then just bring the van and then the ninja brand of uniform to ensure that their quality work stands up with our brain damage. We also donate $1 of every invoice to I do believe in the supporting companies who support the environment as part of our duty here on Earth. These are just a few of the things separated from her competition to show that we were willing to go above and beyond. where the best ones in the area for a window cleaning Myrtle Beach service to be completed on your home or business.

Do you have kids’ question marks? If you do, it’s more than likely that your windows have become super dirty from those children getting their greasing grubby hands all over everything. You know the first creation of  I’m taking a look through one of your windows only to see a perfect handprint in the middle. You wake up oh, the sun is glistening through the front windows just peeking past the blinds. Outside there is a beautiful view overlooking the water and palm trees. You get up to go take a look at this breathtaking view, open up those blind to see outside of those windows and all the sudden has two sons sun shines through them. What do you see? well the first thing you see isn’t the breathtaking view of beautiful water and palm trees….. Rather what you see is a perfect child handprint in the middle of your window. Don’t let these children’s handprints ruin your breathtaking views! Get your windows cleaned with a window cleaning Myrtle Beach service today! We will ensure that there are no hand prints blocking your views and taken away from the breathtaking beach scenery that you have.

The Myrtle Beach team of service technicians is always sure to make sure the windows are washed by hand to ensure the highest quality possible. They use their proprietary window cleaning solution which is allowed to spray on the window and allowed to sit for a minute. While this window cleaning solution to spray down the window and allow it to sit for a minute it goes to work attacking any loot, dirt debris or Grime and loosing it up. After this proprietary solution to spray down the window and I’ll just sit attacking any loose tooth hurt to bring your time it has been cleaned off with a squeegee. After the spray has been sprayed on the window and is loosening in either in the green 2 crime it is used with a squeegee to clean it off and make sure that all the solution and I need dirt and grime is cleaned off of the Windows Surface. After our trained window cleaning  service technicians have used a squeegee to get rid of any loose dirt and solution on the surface of and when do they then follow behind it with a microfiber towel. They use a microfiber towel to ensure that your window is cleansed to a crystal-clear consistency and a streak-free. This is the best process we have find a clean many windows around Exit

Another way that Window Ninjas clean windows 4 Hour window cleaning Myrtle Beach service is by using a deionized water pole. This deionized water polo is used for any windows that we cannot reach and clean by hand. Hand cleaning windows is our preferred method but sometimes we find ourselves facing windows where we cannot clean by hand so we must find alternative methods. This deionized water polo is about to turn into the method that we have found to make sure that your windows are clean to Crystal Clear consistency with no streaks. This apparatus has a pole with a window cleaning brush on the end that has deionized water fed through it. The deionized water is used to clean the windows and does not leave any hard water stains streaks on the Windows. It is a very unique and Innovative system that will make sure your windows are clean to the best job possible.

If it has been a while since you cleaned your windows, what are you waiting for? If your windows are 30 then they’re only going to continue to get dirtier as more and more dirt and grime continue to build up on them. If you’re tired of having dual windows that are taking away from your view or just distracting you from living your life. Then it is time for you to give us a call.

If you are in need of a window cleaning Myrtle Beach service performed on your home or business then you should give Window Ninjas a call as we’re the ones to get the job done. Our team trains her technicians to stop by your home or business and make sure that your windows are Shining! We are the best team around. I would love to help you out!For more information please visit our website at or give us a call at 843-212-0794.