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If you are considering getting a window cleaning service, we know you have questions; you may even have concerns about pricing! However, you can stop worrying because we wrote this window cleaning Richmond article. We want you to be informed and relaxed while we address your concerns. By the end of this article, you will likely have a better understanding of the answers to the questions concerning window cleaning services that have been on your mind. You can also reach us by phone at 804-256-3221 or online at!

When getting a window cleaning Richmond service, pricing may be the first thing on your mind! That’s why we are here to help! We will explain how we determine pricing on the different types of windows we clean. But first, you need to know that we price a window cleaning service by the window. The average price per window for cleaning is between $4 and $19 per window, depending on the window type and if you have both the inside and outside cleaning or just the outside.

What Are The Average Window Cleaning Richmond Costs?

We base all of our window cleaning prices on what types of windows you have and how many windows you have. It’s all on a per-window basis.

A double-hung flat glass or simulated divided light window, or a standard window in layperson’s terms, is the most common type of window in homes nowadays. The price depends not only on whether you have both inside and out cleaning but also if the window is a flat glass window or if they have removable grids. A removable grid is the mullions or little pieces of plastic or wood that divide the window into panes. The paned window pricing is based on how many panes are in each glass part, so 2-over-2 or 4-over-4. Those are also known as proper divided windows or double-hung actual divided lights.

Storm windows, typically only on older homes, are the second glass outside the primary house windows. The difference in storm window pricing is based on whether our technicians can remove and reinstall the storms from the inside or the outside. Storm windows are a bit more expensive to clean because they are delicate and need extra time to remove, clean, and reinstall. So, storm windows are the most costly windows we clean.

Windows that crank outwards (or casement windows) depend on the sizing of the window. These types of windows use a hand crank to open vertically from one side of the window. Usually, we find these types of windows over the kitchen sink or in the bathroom where maximum ventilation is needed and an easy grip to open the window.

There Are More Windows That Need Cleaning As Well!

Transoms are decorative windows placed above another window or even a door. Sidelight windows are narrow, vertical windows on one or both sides of a door. Half-moon windows are named because they look like a half-moon! These half-moon windows are located over a door or another set of windows.

EZE Breeze windows are vinyl-pane windows typically used to “screen in” patios, porches, or even garages. EZE breeze windows are a great mix of screening off an area like a screened-in porch, providing ventilation and a hide-away from bugs. With the more high-end look of a sunroom. The best of both worlds!

Skylights are a great way to boost the sunlight let into any room from the ceiling! Skylights are a fantastic feature on any home, as long as they stay clean! Our technicians can get up on your roof to clean the outside of your skylights, and we can gain access from the inside with ladders to clean the inside of your skylights too. We are keeping them sparkling clean!

Our team can also help with track cleaning, screen cleaning, blind dusting, ceiling fan dusting, light fixtures inside and out, or even chandelier cleaning! With your window cleaning service, Window Ninjas can do anything you need!

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Our average window cleaning Richmond service price is between $250 and $450. As we stated before, we base our prices on the window type and the number of windows you have.

What Do We Use to Clean Windows?

That is another excellent question, and it should play a factor in your decision for your window cleaning Richmond services. You want to avoid paying top dollar for a window cleaning service that doesn’t provide the desired results.

When Window Ninjas completes your window cleaning service, we use an environmentally friendly, neutral pH, anti-static wash and condition process that leaves an invisible shield on your windows. So what that all means is that when you choose our team for your window cleaning needs, your windows will stay cleaner for longer. Our formula helps to repel future dirt, dust, pollen, and other debris from your windows. This way, your windows will keep shining!

Our technicians will soap down each window by hand with a lambswool tool and then squeegee it dry. The technicians come with microfiber cloths that we use to rid the window area of any excess water and to clean the window sill. And last but not least, we use huck towels for detailing the window and ensuring you get that spot-free shine you are looking for.

Ready to Book Your Window Cleaning Richmond Service?

Great! That means you are also ready to book your service with our team. If you would like to schedule your appointment with one of our sales team members. You can contact us via phone or email. You can call us at 804-256-3221 or send us a service request through our website at, so our team can contact you! Booking your window cleaning Richmond service has never been easier, so act now!