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In need of a great window cleaning, but can’t decipher between the top choices. Window cleaning Wilmington is definitely one of the best window cleaning companies out there. When searching online a few companies will stand out and we are at the top of the list. Let us help you decide how to make your choice simple. Obviously, we are a little biased about our own business. But for now try to look beyond all of the stuff you see online. Yes, Google rankings are important. Ratings are too and so are company reviews. So first stop and take a look at our reviews. Those can be found either on Google or by going straight to our online platform at Window Ninjas. Second, look at the history of our business. We are locally owned and operated and have been doing business for three decades. Our many years of service in the greater Wilmington area should tell you that we are committed and have a long standing reputation. Third, take a look at our credentials. We are fully insured and bonded and have commercial insurance. Being licensed is big! These three things alone should stand out. There’s more so don’t go away. If your decision has been made, then give us a call at 910-538-4223 or stop by online at windowninjas.com for a free quote.

Window cleaning Wilmington is more than just one of the best window cleaning companies. We are service oriented and strive for the highest in quality workmanship. Take a look at the before and after photos of the results that we can achieve online on our website. The proof is in the pudding. No, our photos have not been touched up. These are real live shots and we even have videos of our service teams on YouTube as well. So please go check them out. We have been so fortunate over the years that we have given back by donating one dollar from every customer’s invoice to a global water initiative called water.org. It strives to provide fresh and clean water to those around the world who do not have access to it. Our good fortune is also the good fortune of others. We serve to serve others. As you can see we want to make a difference and help support everyone not just in our business but beyond.

Window Ninjas Clean

The way that we go about cleaning windows is not like you would probably go about cleaning windows. Unless you are using grandma’s old secret recipe for window cleaning? Ours is probably a close replica of that window cleaning solution, but with a few tweaks and much better. Our window cleaning is pH balanced and does not leave streaks and water marks. We use professional window cleaning tools too that are experts are all highly trained on how to use. You see we have another secret weapon on hand: our founder, Gabe Salinas. He started washing windows when he was only 17 years old. And you already know that we have been in the industry for thirty years.

Our other pro tools include squeegees, a microfiber scrubber and microfiber towels. It is training and the use of our specially formulated window cleaning solution that makes such a huge impact on the way that window cleaning turns out when we do it. You will definitely be impressed with the results of a window cleaning Wilmington experience.
Benefits Of Clean Windows

Window cleaning provides an improvement in your home’s curb appeal and the first impression that one has when they see your place. You can really tell how well someone is taking care of their home by the way it looks.

Window cleaning prevents unwanted damage from happening to your windows. Did you know that dirt and dust that settles on your windows and frames can be corrosive and cause rot and decay? Not only that but mold and mildew growth can deteriorate the window sills. All of these things can have serious effects on your windows longevity. Windows are expected to last about 15 to 20 years on average, but that is with window cleaning in mind. So unless you have replacement windows in your budget sooner than that then you are golden. Otherwise, stay on track by having your windows maintained regularly so as to save yourself a ton of money. Window replacement is a very expensive endeavor.

Window cleaning provides a great way to improve the allergy and dust scenario inside your home. Yes, dust does stick to the glass of your windows, not just the wood or vinyl around it. Using our window cleaning solution on it though will help to repel the dust for longer between window cleaning though.

Professional window cleaning by window cleaning Wilmington saves you from having to climb ladders. Did you know that ladders are one of the biggest causes of injury around the house? They sure are. You might not enjoy ladder climbing or having to set them up or haul them around. It is hazardous work and imagine trying to juggle window cleaning tools while standing on one. Leave it up to the pros to do instead of risking your life or health over. It just isn’t worth it.

Professional window cleaning also saves you time so that you can move on and enjoy doing something else. Window cleaning is a tedious job to do, especially if you are having to clean windows that are of the divided light type. These have multiple panes per window and are very time consuming. Only those that have washed these windows know how long they take. Most homes have double-hung windows which are far easier to do or large picture windows. Window cleaning Wilmington can do all of these and more with efficiency.

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