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Greetings from Window Ninjas of Southport! We strive to bring out the best in your home or business with our top-of-the-line window cleaning, gutter cleaning, and pressure washing services. Our mission is to provide premium and professional service and give your residential or commercial property a brand-new shine. With our team of experienced technicians, and their high-quality equipment, we can help you with any job, big or small, you have in mind. Whether you need detailed window cleaning, over-clogged gutter cleaning, or knockout pressure washing, we can help save the day! Why spend your weekend cleaning when you can rest assured that Window Ninjas of Southport can do the job in no time?

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Window Cleaning

Ever marveled at the transformative power of washing away a layer of sea scum from a home or business? The gleaming windows seem to radiate a sense of renewal and rejuvenation. But the benefits of a clean exterior go beyond mere aesthetics – crystal-clear windows offer personal perks too! With seaspray banished, you can now enjoy unobstructed views of the beautiful outdoors, brightening your day.

At Window Ninjas, we wholeheartedly believe that window cleaning services play a vital role in uplifting one’s spirits and maintaining positive morale.
Our team of detail-oriented window cleaning technicians ensures that your home or business receives the best service possible. We know how important clean and clear views are, especially if you have a beautiful view of the ocean or waterway. Our window cleaning services can help wash away any grime or stress from your home or business.

You may ask, how are we different from any other provider? We here at Window Ninjas don’t simply clean windows; we bring the true shine out of them! Our well-equipped and highly trained technicians always aim to satisfy anyone who requests their services and will ensure your tasks are completed quickly and efficiently. Rest assured, if you trust us with your home or business, you will notice the difference we bring!

Let us bring out the best in your property and allow you to relax by the sea sooner. For all your window cleaning services, choose Window Ninjas, and experience the difference today.

Pressure Washing

Are you looking to revitalize your home’s exterior but feeling concerned about the cost and finding a reliable service provider? With so many options out there, it can be daunting to pinpoint a dependable and efficient company. How do you find a trustworthy and meticulous provider in this sea of choices? Worry no more – Window Ninjas is here to address all your questions and concerns about pressure washing. Let us guide you through the process and help bring your home back to life!

Window Ninjas of Southport is ideal for home and business pressure washing services. We offer various pressure washing services that will help take care of any need you may have. Whether you need your home or driveway washed or fence or deck serviced, our team of professionals will work with you to ensure we can make anything you need shine! As a highly-rated company, we strive to earn the trust of our clients with our professional approach, and our dedicated team aims to meet and exceed the standards of each home or business owner.

When you choose Window Ninjas for your pressure washing services, you will experience economic and efficient results that will bring out the shine in your home or business. Your seaside home will feel renewed once the salty air has been washed away. With routine pressure washing, your home will maintain its sparkle. Window Ninjas can give your home a complete refresh at an affordable price.

Gutter Cleaning

Are your gutters struggling to drain water effectively, leaving you puzzled and concerned? It’s time to look closer – leaves, pine straws, and assorted debris could be the culprits, blocking your gutters and creating unsightly clutter. But it doesn’t stop there; unchecked clogged gutters can escalate into a full-blown catastrophe. Don’t let this happen to your home – call Window Ninjas of Southport for a gutter cleaning solution that safeguards your property and restores tranquility.

Proactively gutter cleaning service is crucial for preserving your home’s value. Regular gutter cleaning and maintenance are essential, and by choosing our skilled technicians at Window Ninjas, you can rest assured that your home remains a safe and secure haven.

We recognize that consistently performing this routine task can be daunting. Shifting your ladder around your home and removing heaps of debris is messy and time-consuming and involves working at considerable heights. The CDC reports that thousands of homeowners suffer yearly injuries from ladder falls. Undertaking this risky task with the appropriate tools or expertise can be safe.

Our team of seasoned experts is committed to meticulously clearing your gutters with speed and precision. We understand the significance of routine gutter maintenance in preserving your home’s pristine appearance. We stand prepared to keep your sanctuary gleaming with pride at Window Ninjas.

Chimney Sweeping

Our team of professionals can clean windows, gutters, and your home’s siding, and our technicians can also provide chimney sweeping services.

You may think about your chimney infrequently, but having your chimney swept regularly is just as important as any other service we provide. Bringing in professionals to service your chimney will ensure the safety of your home, especially when it comes time to use your fireplace in the cooler months.

Window Ninjas is proud to be certified by the CSIA, and we have experience inspecting and cleaning gas and wood-burning fireplaces. Our team of technicians has the training and tools to give your fireplace a detailed cleaning and the peace of mind to keep your home warm and cozy.

Dryer Vent Cleaning

Has your once-dependable dryer been struggling to leave your clothes perfectly dry? Are you finding that the regular setting no longer delivers the same satisfying results, prompting you to run multiple cycles to get the job done? If this sounds all too familiar, it’s time to consider enlisting the expertise of a professional dryer vent cleaning service to breathe new life into your laundry routine.

Cleaning out the dryer vent system is easy to neglect but can quickly become problematic. Having your dryer vent cleared out regularly and having the foresight to have professional help to avoid future headaches is essential. The frequency of dryer vent cleaning depends on multiple factors, including the number of uses per week, the types of materials being dried, and the size of each load. By taking preventive measures by scheduling professional maintenance, you can make sure your home is adequately protected from issues relating to one of the most overlooked appliances.

Our skilled team of professionals can provide you with a thorough dryer vent cleaning service and help the performance and extend the life of your dryer. We offer commercial and residential dryer cleaning services. We would be more than happy to completely clear out your dryer vents.


Your commercial building is the face of your organization! We’ll help you keep your best foot forward by maintaining the external appearance of your commercial property. From small storefronts to multi-story skyscrapers; old buildings to new construction, we have the exterior cleaning solution for your commercial property.

Our commercial services include high rise services, commercial building washing, non slip floor treatment, glass sealing & restoration, porous surface sealing, caulking, and new construction cleanup. Keeping your building maintained will prevent accelerated aging and will save on repair costs in the long run. Window Ninjas will use the most efficient technologies and procedures to ensure your commercial location is aesthetic and appealing!


"Your guys did a great job on the entire house and gutters! I am extremely pleased with front porch area and steps. I've included a picture. Thank you and look forward to our next visit next year!"

Kimberly Cox


"Thank you to Barron and BK for their excellent work, patience, and respect shown to the owner at the Oleander house project. Their painstaking care to the older brick home was outstanding. Truly amazing that so many years of dirt, mildew, etc. were washed away with no harm to the surfaces. The owner is very pleased with the crew, the outcome and the cost of the project. I am extremely pleased with the results and with Barron and BK. (Their early arrival was a bit inconvenient; however, we were able to work it out) As always, thank you for the topnotch crew and work done by Window Ninjas!"

Colleen Kolb


"The past two weeks I have had Jordan and Braxton at my home. They washed the windows and power washed the back of my home. I was very pleased with their work. They were professional, courteous and worked efficiently. What pleased me the most was that they listened to my concerns with my window binds and with windows that has UV protection film on them. Both men were very careful with the large ladder that they needed to do the front upper windows. They put the furniture back in place. Good Job window Ninjas!"

Sylvia Sradomski, Richmond VA


"We very much appreciated Tommy’s fine work. He produced sparkling windows and also cleaned pine-straw chocked house gutters. Tommy never stopped working from the time of his arrival when he introduced himself. We’re hoping for regular gutter clean every two months, and window cleaning every four month. Thank you!"

Eric Dietrich-Berryman, Virginia Beach


"Not only was the work performed expertly and on time--but all of my furniture was carefully moved for cleaning and then carefully replaced. In fact it arranged better than I had it arranged prior to the cleaning! Gabe and crew at Window Ninjas are the best!"

William B.

"The crew who came out to our home were professional, detailed, observant and saw some things we didn't even know about. I will call again when I need it! They did such a great job, I will refer Window Ninjas to MY clients!"

Tracy D.

"Window Ninjas went far beyond our expectations for service! We needed after-storm gutter cleaning, window washing, pressure washing, even storm debris clean-up! They even had someone on their team bring his lawn mower to cut our grass as a grand finale! And Window Ninjas had a 24-hour turn around from quote to finished product. These guys are on our speed-dial from now on!"

Susan P.

"Window Ninjas has been one of the few reliable services in this area. We used them for pressure washing and cleaning dryer vents. They are priced fairly, show up on time, and do a great job. They helped us move furniture before pressure washing, worked with us on the style of pressure washing to use, and suggested options down the road for maintenance. Extremely happy with the choice and result."

K Mac

"These guys are the most polite and helpful power washing company you will ever have the pleasure to deal with. I've got an HOA with a clientele of mainly retired women, median age 70 - 75 and not one complaint when they cleaned all 97 homes. That's right, not one, nothing but compliments. That's not easy to do. Kudos to the Window Ninjas."

John K.

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Are you looking for an experience and quality service and not just average window cleaning Service? With Window Ninjas we cater to the modern property owner who is looking for a quality shine and a great customer service experience!  We are proud to offer amazing cleaning services to the residents of the Southport North Carolina area. We love to make properties shine, and we want to help you keep your property looking its best. Our offices are located in Southport North Carolina 28461, and we make it easy for you to schedule a service with our team!  If you want the best Southport pressure washing service, or the best Southport gutter cleaning service, you can call us to meet and exceed your needs!  

When it comes time to having your property cleaned and maintained on a regular basis, you can depend on our fully insured and bonded team of experts to help. Our staff is the highest rated and most reviewed team in town. You can benefit from using our Southport window cleaning service, in conjunction with a Southport pressure washing service.  Because having both of those services delivered at the same time will save you money and increase your properties curb appeal!  And is that not what you are currently searching for?

If you are a resident of the Southport area, and you are looking to have a Southport Gutter cleaning service completed, you can depend on our team at Window Ninjas! Our owner, Gabe Salinas, has been in the gutter cleaning business since he was 17 years old, and has delivered quality results for over 30 years!  Use any of our services that we offer and your property will shine and look amazing like the day it was new! 

Our owner is an amazing guy that loves to make properties shine! Because he is so passionate about keeping properties clean, he developed a system of cleaning and maintenance that will benefit you! If you desire to have your property loo its best, then we are the team for you!  Because we offer pressure washing and gutter cleaning, you can depend on us to keep mildew off your siding and leaves out of your gutters! And when you want to elevate your view, our Southport window cleaning service is a great add on. 

Over the years, homes and Commercial properties have become bigger and much more grand. If you are the proud owner of a property that is equipped with gutters, then our team here at Window Ninjas can help clean them out. We offer a Southport gutter cleaning service, that is always completed by hand. We always pick debris out of your gutters with our hands, and we do not use a blower to blow nasty debris all over your Landscaping! Our staff does a wonderful job of keeping your roof and gutters free of any unwanted debris. And because we know debris from trees can clog up your gutters and create issues for your home’s foundation, our service keeps these issues away. When you’re ready to take your gutters to the next level of cleanliness, let our team be your service provider of choice to help you with this task.

Pressure washing is one of our most popular options. And a pressure washing Southport service is something that you can benefit by having our team help you. Because we offer professional Southport pressure washing services, you can depend on us to be there for you the next time your property needs a good bath!  We always follow manufacturer guidelines when it comes to cleaning and maintenance, so you can trust we will perform our service with care and integrity. We are members of the Power Washers Of North America Organization and have been trained and educated by the best!  

Cleaning and sweeping of chimneys is important.  And we can provide you with a Southport chimney sweeping service that will keep it fresh and safe.   If you desire to use our services for cleaning, then a sweeping of your chimney by our experts is going to be just another service you will want us to help you with! And don’t forget that we also help with Southport dryer vent cleaning service, and you can combine these two services to receive 10% off your total invoice.

We started off as a professional window cleaning company, and added other services that benefits our clients. Over the years we have done more to increase the value of our customers’ homes, because we have provided amazing services when it comes to cleaning dirty windows. A professional window cleaning service will increase your properties curb appeal, and it will make your rooms appear brighter and much more inviting. Our pro lever Southport chimney sweeping will help keep your fireplace tight! And our Southport dryer vent cleaning can keep your dryer and vent system operating at peak levels! And because our team can provide you with a quality window cleaning service, you can reap the benefits from having spot free and smudge free glass that you can see through! 

Our experts are passionate about delivering high-quality services at a fair and reasonable price. We do not cut corners, and we provide the best customer service experience for all of our clientele. We do offer various types of services to help you keep your property clean and well-maintained. And you can use services such as Southport dryer vent cleaning or Southport chimney sweeping in conjunction with some of our other fabulous services. Because we started off as a professional Southport window cleaning service provider, we morphed into other services because our clients’ needs or needing to be met. We over-deliver and wow our clients with the best in quality. So when you are searching for a professional team to help you with all of your cleaning and maintenance needs, you have found the right team now that you have found us here at Window Ninjas!

Window Ninjas offer professional interior and exterior cleaning services. We go above and beyond to make sure that our clients’ needs are met and that their customer service experience is something that they will want to tell their friends and family members about. We are cleaning experts in the Southport North Carolina area.  and our owner is dedicated to delivering exactly what our clients want and need each and every day. Please feel free to give us a call at 910-538-4223. Or feel free to request our services online by visiting us at

For Over three decades, our owner has been providing gutter cleaning Southport Services to the residents of the greater Southport area. Each and every day our team members go out into the community and provide a gutter cleaning service that keeps leaves and other debris out of our customers gutters and off of the roof. Because we offer various types of pressure cleaning services as well as gutter cleaning services, we meet our customers needs and demands by performing our services in the utmost and professional manner. If you desire high-quality services for your high quality home or commercial property, then you can depend on us to deliver you exactly what you are searching for.