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Welcome to Window Ninjas of Greenville and Spartanburg, SC! Our mission is to give your property in Greenville and Spartanburg a fresh look with our top-notch pressure washing, window cleaning, and gutter cleaning services. We know you have a loaded to-do list. That is why we are devoted to providing premium service, giving your home or business the shine it deserves. Our highly-trained technicians have access to the best equipment and procedures to ensure complete and satisfactory results for your project, no matter what size. From sparkling windows and extensive gutter cleaning to dynamic pressure washing, we are ready to tackle any job. There’s no need to worry about the mountain of cleaning chores you need to do. Trust Window Ninjas to wash your troubles as we care for the mess!

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Window Cleaning

When was the last time you gazed out of your front room window? Could you see the enchanting view that made you fall in love with your house, or was your attention drawn to the grime buildup on the glass? Dirt and stains on windows obstruct sunlight from filling your home with natural light and impact your mental well-being. Dwelling on the dingy appearance of your windows prevents you from thoroughly enjoying your morning coffee with a breathtaking view. At Window Ninjas, we believe that window cleaning transcends mere household chores – pristine windows are the gateway to transforming your house into a true sanctuary in Spartanburg and Greenville.

At Window Ninjas of Greenville, SC, our mission is to perfect your home. Our highly-trained window specialists are devoted to providing exceptional window cleaning services that will lend your windows a distinctive sparkle. An unobstructed view is essential, especially when your home boasts a picturesque landscape. With our comprehensive interior and exterior cleaning offerings, we’ll tend to your windows so you can relish the scenery.

With numerous window cleaning services available, you might wonder what sets us apart in Greenville and Spartanburg. We don’t just clean windows at Window Ninjas of Greenville, SC – we elevate them to new heights! Our proficient technicians are committed to delivering the finest service possible, meticulously attending to each windowpane and sill to ensure your satisfaction. We’re not content with mediocrity; we strive for excellence!

Don’t let another day pass by – utilize our services to unveil the full potential of your home’s windows, showcasing stunning views and inviting natural light into your living space. Reach out to Window Ninjas of Greenville, SC, for unparalleled window cleaning services, and experience the transformation today!

Pressure Washing

Are you in need of giving your home’s exterior a refreshing wash but need it done quickly and within your budget? With so many options, how can you find a trusted, quality pressure washing company? Have you considered which companies in Greenville or Spartanburg offer both environmentally conscious solutions and proven satisfactory cleaning service? We here at the Window Ninjas are ready to answer any of your pressure washing questions and concerns!

Window Ninjas is the preferred pressure washing service for residential and commercial properties in Greenville, SC. We are ready and able to service a wide array of exterior cleaning needs to your home or business in Spartanburg and Greenville. From decks, sidings, and fences to sidewalks and driveways, we are prepared to wash away any worries. Our top-notch pressure washing services guarantee noticeable results to make your property feel refreshed! With many satisfied customers, We strive to earn each client’s trust with our highly skilled technicians, ensuring we meet every pressure washing requirement.

Feel the difference a powerful pressure washing service has to offer your home or business. With an affordable and time-conscious cleaning, you will see your property SHINE! Watch the dirt and grime wash away from your home, giving your property a renewed finish that will impress your friends and family. Routinely pressure washing your home is vital to maintaining its curb appeal. Window Ninjas guarantees a noticeable difference to your Greenville or Spartanburg home in a flash at an affordable cleaning service.

Gutter Cleaning

Have you noticed that your property’s gutters need to flow more efficiently? Are you frustrated by the puzzles of water that would pull at your home’s foundation? Clogged gutters are not just an unsightly mess; allowing dirt and debris to build in the drains can lead to costly damage to your property. The benefits of clearing out your gutters are immense. Gutter cleaning is a necessary routine chore, and by utilizing the specialists at Window Ninjas of Greenville and Spartanburg to take care of this cleaning service, you are giving your piece of paradise to retain its value and charm.

We know as well as you do that the essential things in life need protection, so our team of skilled technicians is committed to giving premium gutter cleaning services in Spartanburg and Greenville. We aim to ensure your gutter system can do its job and continue to be aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Now’s the time to avoid potential disasters that come with overlooked gutters.

The gutters on your home protect your home, allowing rainwater to flow safely from your roof to a designated funnel point. If they are compromised, water damage can accumulate in your siding, fascia, and foundation. Even with the best drains on the market, clogging can overwhelm any gutter system. Debris-filled gutters can allow flooding water to breach over the top, threatening your property’s foundation.

Proper gutter cleaning maintenance is essential to safeguard your property, and we here at Window Ninjas of Greenville and Spartanburg, are proud to offer this service! Entrust our team of trained professionals to clean your gutters today, and we guarantee your gutters will flow clean and smooth!

Chimney Sweeping

When you Want to have your chimney swept, you can look to Windows Ninjas of Greenville and Spartanburg to take care of that cleaning service for you!

We offer many quality home care services, including chimney cleaning and inspections. Regular chimney sweeping is critical for the health and safety of your home. If you are looking for a highly recommended chimney sweeping service, look no further than the experts at Window Ninjas of Greenville, SC!

With our certification with the CSIA, we here at Window Ninjas of Greenville and Spartanburg have the skill set for this cleaning service, and will inspect your wood-burning or gas fireplace confidently. Armed with the right gear and expertise for the job, we are ready to give your fireplace a perfect shine and allow it to warm up to a fire safe and sound.

We know you have many options when taking care of your property. That is why we are your choice for all your property maintenance needs. Backed by our quality services and dedicated team of professionals in the office and at your home, we will settle for a perfect sparkle on your home or business.

Dryer Vent Cleaning

Think of the last time you did a load of laundry. Did you notice that your dryer takes significantly longer to dry than the first time? If so, now is the time to utilize a professional dryer vent cleaning service!

You can easily remember to clean your dryer vent system. Clearing out your lunch tray is essential, but you will need a more thorough cleaning to extend your dryer’s life. Homeowners in Greenville and Spartanburg looking to get the most out of their dryers are wise to enlist the help of a professional dryer vent cleaning service at least once a year. Remember that the frequency with which you may need maintenance depends on how extensively you use your appliance. For example, a large family who constantly does laundry loads Will need to have their dryer vents cleaned more frequently than a pair of empty nest parents. Maintaining a clean and clear dryer vent is crucial for the dryer’s effectiveness, and homeowners taking this preventative measure also benefit from potential property damage.

With Window Ninjas of Greenville, SC, You can rest assured that we will provide a thorough cleaning service to help you care for your home and dryer. Our certified technicians perform a deep dryer than cleaning service for you and give you the peace of mind that your next load of laundry will be nice and dry! Window Ninjas of Greenville and Spartanburg is proud to offer commercial and residential dryer vent cleaning services, and we guarantee you will notice a difference with that first fresh load of laundry!


Your commercial building is the face of your organization! We’ll help you keep your best foot forward by maintaining the external appearance of your commercial property. From small storefronts to multi-story skyscrapers; old buildings to new construction, we have the exterior cleaning solution for your commercial property.

Our commercial services include high rise services, commercial building washing, non slip floor treatment, glass sealing & restoration, porous surface sealing, caulking, and new construction cleanup. Keeping your building maintained will prevent accelerated aging and will save on repair costs in the long run. Window Ninjas will use the most efficient technologies and procedures to ensure your commercial location is aesthetic and appealing!


"Your guys did a great job on the entire house and gutters! I am extremely pleased with front porch area and steps. I've included a picture. Thank you and look forward to our next visit next year!"

Kimberly Cox


"Thank you to Barron and BK for their excellent work, patience, and respect shown to the owner at the Oleander house project. Their painstaking care to the older brick home was outstanding. Truly amazing that so many years of dirt, mildew, etc. were washed away with no harm to the surfaces. The owner is very pleased with the crew, the outcome and the cost of the project. I am extremely pleased with the results and with Barron and BK. (Their early arrival was a bit inconvenient; however, we were able to work it out) As always, thank you for the topnotch crew and work done by Window Ninjas!"

Colleen Kolb


"The past two weeks I have had Jordan and Braxton at my home. They washed the windows and power washed the back of my home. I was very pleased with their work. They were professional, courteous and worked efficiently. What pleased me the most was that they listened to my concerns with my window binds and with windows that has UV protection film on them. Both men were very careful with the large ladder that they needed to do the front upper windows. They put the furniture back in place. Good Job window Ninjas!"

Sylvia Sradomski, Richmond VA


"We very much appreciated Tommy’s fine work. He produced sparkling windows and also cleaned pine-straw chocked house gutters. Tommy never stopped working from the time of his arrival when he introduced himself. We’re hoping for regular gutter clean every two months, and window cleaning every four month. Thank you!"

Eric Dietrich-Berryman, Virginia Beach


"Not only was the work performed expertly and on time--but all of my furniture was carefully moved for cleaning and then carefully replaced. In fact it arranged better than I had it arranged prior to the cleaning! Gabe and crew at Window Ninjas are the best!"

William B.

"The crew who came out to our home were professional, detailed, observant and saw some things we didn't even know about. I will call again when I need it! They did such a great job, I will refer Window Ninjas to MY clients!"

Tracy D.

"Window Ninjas went far beyond our expectations for service! We needed after-storm gutter cleaning, window washing, pressure washing, even storm debris clean-up! They even had someone on their team bring his lawn mower to cut our grass as a grand finale! And Window Ninjas had a 24-hour turn around from quote to finished product. These guys are on our speed-dial from now on!"

Susan P.

"Window Ninjas has been one of the few reliable services in this area. We used them for pressure washing and cleaning dryer vents. They are priced fairly, show up on time, and do a great job. They helped us move furniture before pressure washing, worked with us on the style of pressure washing to use, and suggested options down the road for maintenance. Extremely happy with the choice and result."

K Mac

"These guys are the most polite and helpful power washing company you will ever have the pleasure to deal with. I've got an HOA with a clientele of mainly retired women, median age 70 - 75 and not one complaint when they cleaned all 97 homes. That's right, not one, nothing but compliments. That's not easy to do. Kudos to the Window Ninjas."

John K.

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  • Chimney Sweeping
  • Solar Panel Cleaning


  • Window Cleaning
  • High Rise Window Cleaning
  • Building Pressure Cleaning
  • Sidewalk Pressure Cleaning
  • Restoration (Granite/Marble/Stone) Pressure Cleaning

Are you looking for exceptional exterior cleaning services in Greenville and Spartanburg? Welcome to Window Ninjas, your trusted partner in preserving the value and beauty of your property for over three decades. We’re not just any cleaning company. We’re a team of dedicated professionals committed to exceptional service.

Why choose us? Maintaining your property’s cleanliness isn’t just about aesthetics—it’s about safeguarding your investment. Your property should always look its best; our team can help you achieve that. We use the best equipment and solutions from residential to commercial properties to deliver optimal results.

Our pressure washing services cater to various surfaces, including siding, brick, concrete, driveways, walkways, decks, fences, pools, parking lots, restaurants, and apartment complexes. Regular pressure washing prevents permanent staining and costly repairs, extending the life of your property.

But our services extend beyond pressure washing. We also offer window cleaning to eliminate grime and prevent damage like hard water spots and etching. Plus, our skilled technicians provide expert gutter cleaning, ensuring your roof and gutters are free from debris for full functionality.

We understand the importance of being proactive in property maintenance. That’s why we also offer chimney sweeping, dryer vent cleaning, and a range of services for commercial properties.
The Window Ninjas team in Greenville, SC, is ready to exceed your expectations with our comprehensive exterior cleaning services. Reach out to us today, and let us restore the beauty and integrity of your property.

Here at Window Ninjas of Greenville and Spartanburg, we strive to provide our customers with a reliable, trustworthy, and hardworking service team that is just a simple phone call away at all times. Our office staff and service technicians are provided more than just a job. We supply them with a career, as we only want the best individuals to represent Window Ninjas of Greenville and Spartanburg when speaking to you and servicing your property. We have been satisfying customers for many years and don’t plan to stop any time soon. Not to mention, we are fully insured and bonded, have hundreds of exceptional reviews, and we even do our part by giving back $1 from every invoice to

For a service experience that is truly unmatched, please feel free to reach out to us by calling 864-558-7758 or by visiting our Greenville, SC service page at