Welcome to the ultimate showdown in the world of exterior cleaning: Power Washing vs. Pressure Washing! In today’s blog post, we will delve into the intricacies of these two popular methods to help you make an informed decision on which one reigns supreme for your cleaning needs. Are you ready to witness this epic battle between high-pressure water warriors? Let’s unravel the mystery and discover the champion of these cleaning titans, ensuring your home or business gleams with unmatched brilliance!

Before we get into the match of the century, answer this question: How do you pronounce the word ‘potato’? Most English speakers will use a relaxed, soft ‘a’ and finish with a ‘toe’ when speaking or reading that word. Some people may pronounce that word with a sharp ‘a’, almost giving it a distinguished tone. The same goes for the word ‘tomato’, as the old saying insinuates: why worry about what you call something when it basically means the same thing?

This logic can be applied when discussing the difference between pressure and power washing. Both practices involve cleaning with water, and ‘pressure’ and ‘power’ basically share a definition. So why argue over these potatoes?

The difference is more complex than swapping out a single word. The difference lies with what type of project you need to tackle and what tool you need to use for the job. Using a hammer to fix a screw is just as ill-advised as power washing a surface that needs to be pressure washed. Though it is possible to do, the outcome will not be desirable.

Here at Window Ninjas, we care about using the right tools for the right job and are passionate about fully informing homeowners about the different services available. In this blog post, we will dive deep into the difference between each service and determine the clear champion for your home or business! 

Pressure Washing: What You Need To Know

What exactly is pressure washing? If you are familiar with our website, you may have seen this service offered for residential and commercial properties. 

Pressure washing utilizes a specially tailored nozzle that shoots a concentrated stream of water to clean surfaces thoroughly. A quality pressure washing machine is needed to ensure the stream is strong enough to achieve stellar results. It is a cost-effective way to add value to your home or business, as pressure washing your exterior will give your property a fresh look. 

A pressure washer’s force is measured in PSI or Pounds per Square Inch. The average PSI range of pressure washers is 500 to 4,000. With this much strength, you can quickly blast stubborn grime and debris from your home’s exterior. Of course, the amount of pressure required depends on the material treated by the pressure washer.

What is Power Washing?

While this sounds like an ability you may see featured in a summer blockbuster, power washing is a genuine ability you can have in your grasp! No need for a radioactive nozzle to bite you; all you need to do is to contact an expert.

Power washing uses a highly-pressurized, heated water spray to clean mold, grime, mud, gunk, or loose paint from concrete surfaces, buildings, and vehicles. The force needed to tackle some of these demanding jobs requires immense power (hence the name!). Most Power washers can produce a range of 750 to 30,000 PSI to blow away any filth and dirt from rough surfaces.

This great power comes with great responsibility, as you need to know how much PSI you need to clean a particular surface. Since you may want to keep the paint on your car, using an appropriate PSI level is vital to protect the quality of your favorite things while thoroughly washing from top to bottom.

Benefits of Pressure Washing vs. Power Washing

Well, both of these services are used interchangeably by most people; pressure washing and power washing offer somewhere but varying benefits. These two services share plenty of benefits and can deliver similar results depending on the task you need to complete.

For example, If you want to clean your home’s vinyl siding, you can choose pressure or power washing. Both options can reach the necessary PSI to safely and completely clean vinyl siding. Each of these services can achieve similar results for this task. Unless you are an experienced technician, you will likely be unable to tell the difference between these results.

Where these services differ, however, can be seen in each of their specialties! Let’s take a look at where pressure washing and power washing each excel:

Power Washing Strengths

Let’s start with the heavyweight option first! Along with some incredible strengths, the critical difference between the power washing unit and pressure washing is the water temperature used by each service. Power washing always uses hot water to clean surfaces. The hot water allows a deep and thorough washing with minimal detergent required.

Power washing is also the go-to service to clean extreme filth and messes. Businesses or homes with built-up grease or stubborn grime can benefit from using a power washing service. Specifically, restaurants that have neglected the vent hoods over cooktops must use a power washing service to refresh the cooking equipment properly. The heated water helps to soften these stuck-on messes and will restore them. With the power of hot, pressurized water, a trained professional can easily wash away the most formidable grit and grime from any stubborn surface.

Another benefit of utilizing a power washer’s heated water comes with cooler weather. Pressure washers function ideally when the weather is between 50 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Using a pressure wash below that temperature could result in frost damaging the pressure washer. However, power washers can work in slightly cooler weather if the temperature stays above freezing. If you need your home cleaned in late spring or early winter, a power washer is the perfect tool for the job! 

Pressure Washing Strengths

As mentioned earlier, pressure washing is a service that we are proud to offer here at Window Ninjas! While pressure washing always uses tap-temperature water, its key strength is using environmentally friendly chemicals to clean surfaces. The right blend of healthy detergents can protect your home and surrounding plant life, and relying on an experienced professional to help put your mind at ease.

Although power washing can apply a similar PSI level as pressure washing, the heated water can easily damage plants and grass in your home. The intense heat from power washing can affect the delicate work you have put into your home’s garden or flower bed. If you are concerned with maintaining the health of your lawn and plant life, then stick with pressure washing services. 

Additionally, while pressure washing cannot reach the heights of power washing PSI, you will not have to worry about sprays damaging your home’s exterior. Pressure washers have a maximum capacity of 2000 and 4000 PSI. Compared to a power washer that can reach as high as 30,000 PSI, you can relax knowing the service technician washing your home will not accidentally install a brand new window during their visit.

Who Wins?

So now we come to the ultimate question: which option is the superior service? That is a trick question! 

As we have shown, each service excels in similar, yet different, circumstances. Pressure washing is ideal for those concerned with maintaining their plant’s health and willing to wait for perfect, warm weather conditions before having their homes serviced.

Power washing works for individuals needing a heavy-duty solution for intense grease and grime buildup or for a thorough cleaning when the weather gets chilly. While a more versatile option, the intimidating force from this service can be too much for ordinary homeowners.

These top contenders can get many of the same jobs done, but they each win different battles. No matter the job you must complete, the right champion is ready to fight with you to get it done!

Closing Thoughts

Pressure washing and power washing can tackle many of the same tasks with similar results. However, each service thrives within its unique specialties. It is understandable why these two services have been used interchangeably for years, as they share plenty of things in common. You could say the results are as different as a potato to a tomato!

The question is this: Which service best fits the job you need to complete? That depends on the specific requirements you have for the task. When the time comes to take on the job, look no further than Window Ninjas to do the job right! Our highly trained technicians are ready to service your home, utilizing either power washing or pressure washing services for the necessary work. With our diverse top-of-the-line equipment, we are prepared to work with you on any job you need done.

Contact us today at 1-833-646-5271, or visit us at windowninjas.com To set up your next pressure washing or power washing service, and we will make you feel like the real champion of clean!