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Wilmington’s Commercial Building Pressure Washing Experts

Want to really add curb appeal to your commercial property in Greater Wilmington? Let Window Ninjas be your simple solution!
Commercial properties such as hotels, apartment complexes, multistory buildings, strip malls and restaurants are the types of structures that today’s businesses call home. Window Ninjas’ commercial pressure washing services can help your business put its best foot forward and provide your customers with the image you are trying to project!

With over 25 years of commercial pressure cleaning experience, Window Ninjas really knows how to clean! We provide pressure cleaning services that provide a major visual impact to your property, as well as a low impact to the environment. We offer hot and cold water pressure cleaning applications, to maximize results, and meet the needs and specifications of each individual commercial property.

From mold and mildew to general grime, oil, and grease, Window Ninjas’ commercial pressure washing services can alleviate all of the above. Our trained and professional staff will work hard to get the dirt and grime out of your commercial property and bring it back to a like new appearance. So if your in the need of commercial pressure cleaning services, give us a call. We can provide a commercial pressure washing service that fits your needs and your budget!

In addition to Commercial Building Pressure Washing, we also offer the following services in the Greater Wilmington Area: