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Wilmington’s Deck Washing Experts

Today’s outdoor living areas are not only popular, they also create warm and inviting spaces for friends and family to meet and socialize.

Most of the time, these living areas are comprised of wooden decks or composite decking materials. Let the professionals at Window Ninjas help keep your outdoor living spaces clean and protected by providing you with a low pressure deck cleaning service!

Most homeowners as well as “so called professionals”  rely on a high pressure cleaning service to clean wood decks, as well as modern composite decking products.  Following this approach is incorrect and can cause permanent damage to your decking product! Window Ninjas’ deck cleaning service utilizes a soft wash approach. This process keeps your decks and outdoor living areas looking new without causing damage to the deck.

Our trained and professional staff utilize pressure washers to clean.  Decks are made to be cleaned using less than 1500 pounds of pressure per square inch (PSI).  This is still enough pressure to damage softwood and leave streaks or lap marks on composite decking products.  Window Ninjas utilizes a “less is more” approach when it comes to washing decks and wood. A pressure washer is the mechanism which removes embedded dirt and contaminants. The proper cleaning agent is the force utilized to alleviate harsh pollutants that need to be removed.     

Bleach is the old standard used in cleaning decks.  It kills mildew and neutralizes indoor mold allergens that trigger allergies.  This is extremely effective on non porous surfaces as well as some porous surfaces.  On wood, however, chlorine breaks down complex organic polymers that hold the wood together, causing excessive damage to otherwise healthy wood.  Chlorine is dangerous, environmentally unsound and likely to cause damage to surrounding vegetation.

The corrosive effects of chlorine bleach on wood decks are cumulative and are more numerous than you might imagine.  Bleach literally bleaches the wood, resulting in a lightening of the woods natural coloration. Initially you may receive pleasing results, and over a short amount of time your wood will begin to take on a lighter appearance.  The natural pH of wood is just slightly acidic, and chlorine bleach is a simple solution to remove mold and mildew from the wood. As a result, the natural pH of wood shifts from near neutral to an alkaline pH that damages the cellular makeup.  The results are light colored wood that becomes dry and splits, as well as nails and fasteners that become corroded because bleach is corrosive agent.

Window Ninjas utilizes a peroxide based product to clean decks and wood surfaces.  A potassium based soap is added to the mix and the conjunction of these products creates a cleaning agent that cleans wood thoroughly and is not harmful to vegetation.  It is non flammable and nonexplosive, and is very water soluble. It is a safe, efficient and economical deck cleaner that produces like new results! All mold and mildew can be removed utilizing our product and this is an important element when it comes time to protect the wood with a sealant or wood preservative.

After a thorough cleaning of the wood deck, fence or gazebo, our team applies an oxalic acid to brighten the wood.  It restores the wood to a natural pH and neutralizes the peroxide based cleaner. Customers are provided with a beautiful finish especially after applying a stain or sealant!  Decks are expensive and your happiness in your outdoor living area is even more precious! Let the professionals at Window Ninjas provide a low pressure deck cleaning service that will enhance your property!  We strive to keep you and your deck happy!

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