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Want to really add curb appeal to your home or commercial property in Greater Charleston, SC? Let Window Ninjas be your simple solution!

Utilizing your clothes dryer is a daily task in most homes today. In some homes across the U.S. two dryers on separate floors is becoming the norm. This appliance, like any other appliance in your home, needs care and routine maintenance. Don’t let the appliance hidden behind a closed door become a hazard that can affect the safety of you, your family and your pets!

Every clothes dryer made for use in the United States meets certain standardized specifications. The amount of exhaust air flow pressure, as well as the distance it can be pushed are two prime examples. Window Ninjas’ professional dryer vent cleaning service recognizes this standard and is part of our inspection during our cleaning service.

Over time dryers become clogged with lint. If you have ever pulled out your lint trap and cleaned it before using the appliance, you will notice the buildup. During the course of a year, imagine the amount of lint that is produced by your dryer. This buildup can get caught in the venting system within the walls of your home and create a clog or blockage. Window Ninjas’ trained staff can remove this build up, create efficient air flow and remove the fire hazard that was created.

Call Window Ninjas today and one of our team members can ask you specific questions to help determine if a dryer vent cleaning is needed. We can discuss our process of cleaning, and help keep your dryer and your venting system in perfect, safe, working order!

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