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Your commercial building is the face of your organization! We’ll help you keep your best foot forward by maintaining the external appearance of your commercial property. From small storefronts to multi-story skyscrapers; old buildings to new construction, we have the exterior cleaning solution for your commercial property.

Our commercial services include high rise services, commercial building washing, non slip floor treatment, glass sealing & restoration, porous surface sealing, caulking, and new construction cleanup. Keeping your building maintained will prevent accelerated aging and will save on repair costs in the long run. Window Ninjas will use the most efficient technologies and procedures to ensure your commercial location is aesthetic and appealing! Call us for your commercial needs!

Window Ninjas


Want to really add curb appeal to your home or commercial property? Window cleaning makes a huge difference! This can be a risky chore for the average home or business owner. Our remarkable window cleaning process leaves your glass exceptionally clean and protected from the elements. Window Ninjas’ window cleaning solution has a silicon additive that helps keep glass cleaner longer. We use an environmentally safe, low pH wash & wax formula that leaves an invisible shield on your windows, repelling dust, dirt, pollen, etc. This unique formula ensures that your windows will stay cleaner longer than any standard window cleaning solution.

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Window Ninjas offers various forms of pressure washing services. We offer hot or cold water applications, as well as high and low pressure methods. Window Ninjas follows all manufacturer’s guidelines specific to the products we are cleaning. From decks to driveways, personal homes to commercial buildings, Window Ninjas can get the job done!

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Cleaning your dryer vent aids in reducing long dry times, extends the life of your dryer, and can even lower your electric bill. More importantly, this service can reduce the risk of fire hazard. 2,900 clothes dryer fires are reported each year,causing approximately $35 million in property loss. Our process includes clearing the entire vent line and inspecting the dryer vent cover. Dryer vent cleaning should be done at least once per year.

Window Ninjas provides dryer vent cleaning and inspecting services for both residential and commercial properties. We also offer dryer vent cleaning maintenance plans for frequently used bulk laundry facilities, such as laundromats, apartments/condos, salons, and hospitals.

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Safety, professionalism, and efficiency is key in the high rise industry! Full-time supervision by our experienced management team will take place during all projects to ensure safety and quality. Our expert Window Ninjas crew is ready and capable to educate building owners or managers on the unique nature of high surfaces, and the proper and safe way to address their needs. Our high rise services entail of window cleaning & restoration, pressure washing, porous surface sealing, caulking, new construction cleanup, and more. At Window Ninjas, we follow all OSHA guidelines, and we are insured and bonded.

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Window Ninjas provides a non-intrusive solution for slick floors that pose liability for slips and falls. We use a scientifically developed, non-toxic solution that increases grip and traction on smooth floor surfaces, such as ceramic, tile, granite, marble, and unpainted concrete. We also treat porcelain and enamel bathtubs. Both residential and commercial properties can benefit from non slip floor treatment! Ideal surfaces to apply this treatment to are pool and spa floors, restaurant floors, entryways to businesses, etc. You will not see any noticeable changes to your flooring, but you will feel it!

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Hard water spots/stains can be unsightly and frustrating. These spots are caused by hard water, acid rain, and the sun’s harmful UV rays burning an imprint of window screening onto the glass. If addressed in time, these spots can be removed. Window Ninjas’ knowledge of glass, elements in the environment, and use of proper cleaning and restoring agents can help! After proper testing and classification of the stain, we utilize the safest and most effective cleaners and chemicals. Window Ninjas also provides solutions for alleviating future staining; from simply addressing the source of the problem to sealing the glass to prevent the pores from absorbing the external source that causes hard water deposits.

Glass sealing is an option that can assist in avoiding future hard water spots/stains from occurring. Our sealing process effectively seals the pores of the glass and alleviates absorption of minerals. If you’re tired and disappointed with hard water stains or mineral deposits, call the experts at Window Ninjas to discuss this issue.

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Maintaining the seals on your commercial building is vital to prolonging the structure, as well as the integrity of your building. Window Ninjas offers remedial caulking services for problematic areas, such as window perimeter joints and exterior expansion joints. We use high grade materials relative to your specific needs to ensure your building is protected and to preserve the longevity of your investment. This can ward off water damage, which could result in costly repairs.

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