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Great reviews don’t come by happenstance! At Window Ninjas we believe in great customer service and providing excellent, high quality work to all our customers so you get the best dryer vent cleaning Nashville service around. You will find that when you read our reviews on Google or on our website that our customers are truthful in what they say about us. We also handle the negative with grace and listen to our customers to improve ourselves. We have a satisfaction guarantee policy that makes us special and we think our customers respond well to how we take the time to make things right if something does go wrong. It doesn’t very often, but when it does we will make sure that you are happy. Happy customers make for happy days at Window Ninjas. Our company has been in business for thirty years. We did not get here by cutting corners and just focusing on ourselves. We could not have done it without great people like you. Not everyone out there with a five star rating is really all that. So beware when you see a perfect score because it is probably fabricated. We are real and want you to know the truth from the farce. We hope that you will be reading the truth and giving us a call to let us wow you at 615-988-6699 or stop by on our awesome website at windowninjas.com.

Dryer vent cleaning Nashville is fully insured and bonded and we are locally owned and operated. If you are locally for a company that can put your dryer back into shape then we are the company for you. Not all of your dryer woes have to be solved by going to purchase a new dryer. Sometimes it is just a simple matter of getting rid of all of that clogged lint that is stuck on the inside of your dryer vent. If you have had the time to go to our website yet, then you may have found a before and after photo of a member of our team cleaning out a vent. The amount of lint that can come from a dryer vent is variable, but if you have not had your vent cleaned out in a while then it could very well be a large amount. It is recommended that you have your dryer vent cleaned out at least once a year by the experts. It only takes about 45 minutes to one hour to get it done properly depending on where the dryer is located and how long the vent tube is.

How Do You Know Your Dryer Vent Is Clogged?

Let’s start by answering a few simple questions. Do you have to run your dryer multiple cycles to get the clothing dry? Do you run the dryer longer to get clothing dry? Does your clothing feel hot to the touch when you take it out of the dryer? Do you smell something burning when you run the dryer? Does the flap on the outside of the house that is supposed to open and close over the dryer vent open when the dryer is running? If you answered yes to one or more of these questions, then it is highly possible that your dryer vent is in serious need of some TLC.

Lint as you know goes all over the place in the laundry room. Not only can it be found on the inside of the lint trap and most people do a great job of remembering to clean that trap out each time they do a load of clothing, but it can also be found inside of the dryer vent in huge amounts. Lint is highly combustible which makes it a perfect target for a fire to start. How does such an awful thing happen? Well, when your dryer is running it expels hot air and fumes over that lint which could ignite it. And wahlah…fire! The more lint that is clogged inside of your dryer vent then the more possibility there is of such an event occurring. Your best bet is to have a professional company like dryer vent cleaning Nashville out to provide a dryer vent cleaning service to prevent such an incident.

According to the National Fire Protection Agency there’s an average of 15,970 washer and dryer fires each year of which 92% are caused by dryers. That’s about $200 million is property damages.

What Are The Benefits of Dryer Vent Cleaning?

For starters when you get the pros at dryer vent cleaning Nashville to clean your dryer vent you are prolonging the lifespan of your dryer. Without the added heat caused it will keep from wearing out the electrical parts as fast. Secondly, your energy bills will not be as high from all of the additional time spent trying to get your clothing dried. Third, you will prevent a dryer vent fire and stay safe within your home. Fourth, we can save you time from having to move that heavy dryer out from the wall and cleaning the vent out.

Doing a DIY job is not recommended if you do not know what you are doing. Some dryer vents are made of a coil vent tube which are hard to clean. If you want to get the most for your time and money, then do yourself a favor and get a pro to do the job for you. Someone who does this type of work on a daily basis and knows what to look for.

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