Do you ever feel overwhelmed by the amount of information on power washing? Does your head spin when you are trying find out something as simple as the best time to power wash your home? With an ocean of conflicting viewpoints and articles, where can you turn to find the best power washing facts? Thankfully, you have come to the right place!

With our 30 years of experience, we at Window Ninjas are here today to share the answers to many of your pressing questions. In this blog post, we will give our insights on power washing subjects, like when to schedule your next appointment, what conditions are ideal for your power washing service, and if power washing differs from pressure washing.

Ready to arm yourself with the knowledge from the experts in power washing? Then read on, and start your journey to become a power washing connoisseur!

When Does Your House Need To Be Power Washed?

First, let’s figure out when to schedule your home for a power washing. Ask yourself this question: when did you last have a professional power washing service? If you don’t know the answer, it may be time to schedule an appointment soon. At a minimum, you must thoroughly clean your house at least once or twice a year. This routine maintenance keeps your home hygienic and refreshed.

Say you had a power washing but need to know when the service occurred. How can you decide when to give your home its subsequent power washing?

Signs Your Home Needs A Power Wash Service 

residential driveway halfway serviced by a power washerDo you notice a significant amount of dirt covering your home? Can you feel the built-up grime on you as you inspect your house? If you suddenly need to clean your exterior, then now is the time to set up a power washing service.

Do you need a different reason to service your home besides the cosmetically unpleasant appeal of your exterior? Then take a closer look at your house. Did you come across significant organic growth on the siding? This material can be a harmful organism, like mold or mildew, which can damage your home or affect members of your home who may be allergic to these bacteria. 

Signs Your House Needs A Bath

  • Formation of Green Mold and Mildew
  • Algae Growth On Your Siding and Windows And Doors
  • Cobwebs Cover Your Window and Soffits
  • Dirt and Grime Buildup on Your Window Sills and Soffits
  • Your Neighbors Give You Dirty Looks

Should you still consider enlisting the help of a professional power-washing service? Absolutely! Giving your home a preventative power washing service is one of the wisest decisions you can make as a homeowner! Take care of potential issues before they appear!

Where Should You Start?

Did you know that you have already taken the first step? By starting your research, you are on the right track to inform yourself of the benefits and details of power washing.

Why stop here? Keep on researching! Plenty of companies are out there, and you can benefit from checking out various options. Of course, we here at Window Ninjas have many positive feedback and reviews from many satisfied customers. You can check out our reviews and ratings all over the internet, and we guarantee we will be the top choice for power washing services in your area!

  • Do you have the time to Power Wash
  • Is buying or renting a Power Wash machine a good investment
  • Are you afraid of heights
  • Would you be better off calling a pro or DIY

Are you interested in some tips? When spraying your home’s siding, stand at least 10 feet from where you intend to wash. This approach will help protect your home from the sheer force of your power washer. Always start from the top of the section you are cleaning, and carefully pivot the wand back and forth, covering about 3 to 4 feet of the exterior at a time. Go down the section until you reach the bottom, and continue to the next section.

When Is The Best Time To Power Wash You Home?

Would you believe some people prefer to power wash their homes at night? While this is possible, given you have a proper lighting setup, we do not advise doing this in residential areas. If you want to see the results of a power washing service in real-time, stick to daylight hours.

infographic on the best time to power wash your house

What is the best time of year to set up a professional power washing service? To get the most out of your power washing service, we recommend scheduling your next appointment between March and November, when the weather is warmer and more conducive to exterior cleaning. 

Regarding temperature, aim for between 50 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit. This range ensures that your pressure washing professionals can safely and efficiently complete their work without risking damage to their equipment.

  • Day or Night
  • Spring, Summer Or Fall
  • Winter is too COLD unless you want to make snow
  • Should you DIY or call a PRO

A bright and sunny day is the perfect backdrop for your power washing service. The warm sun dries off your property quickly, allowing for faster and more effective cleaning. Taking advantage of warm, sunny days is essential for specific tasks – ask any house painter!

So whether you’re prepping your home for a paint job or just looking to give it a fresh, clean look, remember to watch for those warm, sunny days. Your home will be shining in no time!

What Weather Conditions Are Acceptable For A Power Washing Service?

Regarding inclement weather, can you utilize a power washing service when the weather is not ideal? While not advised to use during severe weather, you can get to work as soon as the storm cell passes. Avoid using a power washer if your area has tornadoes or thunderstorms. Seek shelter until the storm passes, and resume work when the coast is clear.

However, if there’s wintry precipitation like snow or sleet, it’s best to hold off on any power washing service until the weather clears. While the heated water a power washer uses allow the equipment to clean surfaces in cooler weather, we advise avoiding freezing rain to ensure the equipment’s safety.

Overcast weather can be beneficial for your pressure washing service. Without the sun’s glare, technicians can see your property more clearly – no need to squint or wear sunglasses. And with no direct sunlight, getting a thorough clean is more accessible.

  • To wash or not to wash that is the question
  • You’re going to get wet, so why not in the rain
  • If you need to work on your tan, why not wash in the middle of the day when the sun is bright

But what about light rain? While it may not seem like ideal conditions, some benefits exist. Professionals enjoy the refreshing sprinkle, and the rainfall helps the cleaning solution soak into your property’s exterior. This means stubborn grime and mildew don’t stand a chance, and the detergent can wash in your siding. This approach will give your home an even more comprehensive clean.

Of course, if you want to dry your property as quickly as possible, an idyllic sunny day is still your best bet. Trust us – your home will thank you!

Is There A Difference Between Power Washing and Pressure Washing?

freshly power washed housePressure and power washing may seem interchangeable, but each has its benefits. For example, both can safely and effectively clean vinyl siding, but where they differ is in their specialties.

Power washing, for instance, uses hot water to tackle the toughest of messes. This service is ideal for businesses with built-up grease or stubborn grime. As mentioned above, when it comes to cooler weather, power washing is the perfect tool for slightly cooler temperatures if the temperature stays above freezing.

On the other hand, a pressure washing service includes tap-temperature water and eco-friendly detergents to protect your home and surrounding plant life. With a maximum capacity of 2000 to 4000 PSI, you won’t have to worry about sprays damaging your home’s exterior.

So if you’re concerned about maintaining the health of your lawn and plant life, stick with the safe and reliable pressure washing services offered by Window Ninjas. And if you need to tackle tough messes or cooler weather, opt for the heated power washing option. Either way, you’ll get the thorough and effective cleaning your home deserves!

Closing Thoughts

We have answered multiple pressing questions you may have about power washing. We know that there are many more questions out there. Feel free to comment below with your question; we will answer it!

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