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Residential & Commercial
Pressure Washing Experts

Window Ninjas is an experienced service industry company offering a wide range of residential and commercial exterior cleaning services. We use environmentally friendly cleaning products and are committed to having a low impact on the environment.

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Pressure Washing

Is the exterior of your home or business marred by stubborn dirt and grime? Are you contemplating whether pressure washing is the ultimate solution to restore the pristine condition of your property? Or perhaps you’re looking to enhance the curb appeal of your property so it can radiate its original charm?

As a leading provider of top-tier pressure washing services, Window Ninjas has built a strong reputation on trust and exceptional results. Whether it’s a residential home or a commercial establishment, our team is committed to providing reliable pressure cleaning services that consistently deliver remarkable outcomes.

Our extensive selection of pressure washing services is specifically designed to rejuvenate the exterior surfaces of your residential home or commercial business property. These include:

  • House Washing
  • Soft Washing
  • Deck Cleaning and Restoration
  • Driveway and Sidewalk Pressure Cleaning
  • Roof Washing


Why Choose Window Ninjas as Your Pressure Washing Service Expert?

Maintaining the cleanliness and aesthetics of your property is crucial, and pressure washing plays an integral role in this endeavor. When you’re on the hunt for a company to cater to your exterior cleaning requirements, wouldn’t you prefer professionals with a wealth of experience under their belts?

At Window Ninjas, we take pride in our team of professional service technicians who have undergone extensive training to ensure they’re equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge. As members of Power Washers Of North America and with a founder boasting three decades of industry experience, we stand confident in our ability to deliver quality results that not only clean but also protect the surfaces of your property.

Our aspirations extend beyond delivering exceptional results. At Window Ninjas, we’re committed to offering personalized customer service, meticulously tailored to meet each client’s specific needs. We believe in creating an experience that leaves our customers feeling valued and satisfied with the services provided.

Window Ninjas offer a comprehensive range of pressure washing services designed to address common issues that mar the appearance of your property. Our solutions are crafted to tackle problems such as:

  • Mold and Mildew
  • General Dirt and Grime
  • Graffiti
  • Oil and Grease
  • Calcium and Lime Deposits
  • Deck Stains
  • Rust


Window Ninjas’ pressure cleaning services cater to both residential and commercial property owners. Communication is key, and our pressure washing service teams will guide you through what to expect throughout our cleaning process. We are always on hand for advice and support during every project. Your satisfaction is our first priority, and we guarantee you’ll be delighted with the results.


The Benefits of Pressure Washing 

Pressure washing is a powerful tool in the maintenance and beautification of both residential and commercial properties. Suppose you’re irritated by the sight of stubborn dirt, grime, or stains tarnishing your property’s exterior surfaces. In that case, pressure washing offers an effective and rewarding solution.

This method eliminates various dirt, mold, and other persistent blemishes. While the most noticeable advantage is a cleaner, more attractive appearance, pressure cleaning provides various underlying benefits.

Here are some critical advantages of pressure washing:

  • Enhances Curb Appeal: Pressure washing your property can assist in eliminating dirt, grime, and other undesirable stains from surfaces such as sidewalks, driveways, decks, and exterior walls. Pressure cleaning can make your property cleaner and more appealing, boosting curb appeal.
  • Boosts Property Value: A well-kept property can elevate its value. By routinely pressure washing your property, you can help shield it from damage caused by mold, mildew, and other harmful substances. Pressure cleaning services will save you money in the long run and increase your property’s overall value.
  • Safeguards Your Health: Mold and mildew can risk your health, especially if you suffer from allergies or respiratory conditions. Pressure washing can aid in removing these harmful substances from your property, making it a healthier place to reside or work.
  • Saves Time and Money: Pressure washing can spare you time and money on expensive repairs. Removing dirt and other debris from your property can prevent damage to surfaces like wood, concrete, and brick.


In essence, pressure washing is a proficient and economical approach to upkeep and boost your property’s aesthetics and a strategic move to safeguard your investment. For a professional touch that ensures quality results, consider engaging the services of Window Ninjas. We’re committed to delivering exceptional pressure washing services tailored to your needs.


How Much Does Pressure Washing Cost?

When it comes to exterior cleaning services, we understand that cost is a crucial consideration. At Window Ninjas, we ensure our pricing is straightforward and easy to comprehend. Given the wide variety of pressure cleaning services we provide, prices can vary based on the project. Furthermore, each property has its unique features and challenges.

Typically, homeowners can anticipate paying between $200 and $600 for a variety of pressure washing service.  These services can include house washing, deck cleaning and sidewalk or driveway pressure washing.  

As we provide an extensive range of pressure cleaning services, prices can differ from one project to another. Moreover, every property presents its distinct features and challenges. Here’s a general idea of what you might expect to pay:

  • The average pressure washing project costs around $350.
  • Pricing is typically based on an exterior house washing service, calculated by the average square footage of a home.
  • An exterior soft wash is our most requested pressure cleaning service for residential properties. For a property around 2000 square feet, homeowners spend approximately $250 for exterior cleaning and restoration.
  • We offer free estimates before booking and are more than happy to visit your property for a more accurate quote.
  • Our knowledgeable, in-house representatives can also assist you with approximate pricing over the phone.

Are you currently seeking top-notch pressure washing services that align with your budget? Your search ends with Window Ninjas! 

We operate on the principles of transparency and honesty, offering a comprehensive pricing model that covers more than just a standard pressure washing service. With us, you won’t encounter hidden fees or unexpected costs – only exceptional results that exceed your expectations. Rely on us to deliver flawless execution on the first attempt, every single time.


Why Window Ninjas is Perfect for Your Pressure Washing Needs

We understand that in today’s fast-paced world, finding the time to undertake tasks such as pressure washing can be a challenge for property owners. Yet, these services are key to preserving your property and boosting its visual allure.

At Window Ninjas, we appreciate the worth of your time. That’s why we strive to provide speedy and efficient services at fair prices. When you choose us for your pressure cleaning necessities, you’re not just getting superior results, but also an outstanding customer service experience that will leave you impressed and satisfied. Let us help you enhance your property’s look without the stress and hassle!


With Window Ninjas, you benefit from:

  • Service Technicians Who are Fully Insured and Bonded
  • Technicians Certified with OSHA and PWNA
  • Uniformed Service Technicians
  • Environmentally Friendly Services
  • Guaranteed Service Results

The following advantages explain why you should opt for Window Ninjas for your upcoming pressure washing service:

  • Avoid Damage to Paint and Vinyl Surfaces Caused by Mold and Mildew
  • Enhances Curb Appeal
  • Elevate Your Property Value
  • Saves Time And Energy

Given that we reside in a warm and humid environment, mold and mildew growth aggressively affect properties in our region. Regular pressure washing services will eliminate mold and mildew, and help safeguard your property from damage caused by these cleanliness culprits!


Call Today For Window Ninjas Pressure Washing Services!

When it comes to pressure washing services, the Window Ninjas team is prepared to restore the sparkle to your property! We deliver swift and effective service with a strong emphasis on customer satisfaction. 

Moreover, our teams are educated and trained to offer secure and efficient services that adhere to industry standards set by material suppliers and manufacturers such as James Hardie Building Products, LP Smartside, Certainteed, among others.

Are you eager to see your property undergo a transformation? Look no further than Window Ninjas! We are the premier pressure washing service provider, and our team of professionals is ready to assist in restoring your property to its prime condition. Don’t delay any longer, reach us today at 833-NINJAS-1 or schedule your service online at

House Washing – Low Pressure Soft Washing

If the exterior of your home is losing its luster because of mold, mildew, and algae formation, low-pressure house washing is going to be your solution to this dilemma. Window Ninjas’ low pressure house washing method is the safest and most effective service in our arsenal of pressure cleaning services. Most homes are made from materials such as wood, vinyl, or brick and they all collect dirt, mold, and mildew. Window Ninjas can wipe this organic nuisance out with the proper chemicals and appropriate low pressure methods. Our results speak volumes, as do our customers, and your home will be the sparkle of your eye, as well as your neighbor’s! Give us a call and let us discuss with you how our low pressure house washing service is not only right for the aesthetic of your home, but also its long term maintenance needs.

Roof Washing – Low Pressure Soft Washing

Have you noticed unsightly black or gray streaks starting to form on your roof shingles? If so, a call to Window Ninjas is in order! Roofs need to be pressure cleaned as well. However, they require a soft washing method, as opposed to high pressure washing. Because Window Ninjas is knowledgeable in all forms of pressure cleaning, we are the answer when you want your roof to look like new.

Roof shingles are a fibrous material that will allow mold and mildew to grow on them. If left untreated, algae and lichen spores will appear, and eventually degrade your roof shingles. Don’t let this problem go for too long before you make that call to the pros in the know! Window Ninjas knows all about pressure cleaning and we can remove those unsightly stains from your roof and help keep you from having to replace it.

Deck and Fence Pressure Washing – Low Pressure Restoration

Does your pressure treated deck or fence need a thorough pressure cleaning service? Are you tired of walking like toddler on ice because you don’t want to slip and fall from all of the mold, mildew, and algae growth that has suddenly appeared on your deck?

Or are you tired of looking out of your kitchen window at your fence that was once bright and vibrant and is now old and tattered? If so, let our team of knowledgeable, wood cleaning experts treat your deck or fence like it’s on cardiac arrest! We can bring your old and worn out looking wood back to a bright, fresh appearance. Window Ninjas cleans wood so thoroughly that your neighbors will think you had a new deck or fence built.

High Pressure Washing – Driveways, Sidewalks, Patios, and Brick

Clean driveways and sidewalks can add that finishing touch to the curb appeal of your home. Window Ninjas’ pressure cleaning services can provide amazing results to concrete that has lost its luster or is looking like a dirt path, as opposed to smooth concrete. Our concrete and brick pressure cleaning service is the best choice when you need your driveway, patio, or sidewalk to look like new.

Window Ninjas’ team always goes the extra mile to remove all mold and mildew, as well as general dirt and grime. Plus, we promise your concrete and brick will stay cleaner longer with our service than any other on the market. Our team of professionals ensure that all organic matter that grows and infiltrates brick and concrete will be removed and eliminated, ensuring that you have clean and pristine results that will last. Porous surfaces, such as brick and concrete, that attract mold and mildew look absolutely amazing after a pressure cleaning service provided by Window Ninjas.

Water Sealing – Concrete, Brick, Pavers, and Wood

Window Ninjas also offers water sealing services that are the perfect addition to keeping your concrete, brick, and wood looking its best for years to come. Window Ninjas is more than just a pressure cleaning company. We are exceptional and thorough! We strive to give our customers results that will keep their property clean for a prolonged period of time. Our results and customers speak volumes and the added curb appeal that we provide to your home will make your home exceptional in a sea of ordinary!

Window Ninjas Pressure Washing Sealing


"Your guys did a great job on the entire house and gutters! I am extremely pleased with front porch area and steps. I've included a picture. Thank you and look forward to our next visit next year!"

Kimberly Cox


"Thank you to Barron and BK for their excellent work, patience, and respect shown to the owner at the Oleander house project. Their painstaking care to the older brick home was outstanding. Truly amazing that so many years of dirt, mildew, etc. were washed away with no harm to the surfaces. The owner is very pleased with the crew, the outcome and the cost of the project. I am extremely pleased with the results and with Barron and BK. (Their early arrival was a bit inconvenient; however, we were able to work it out) As always, thank you for the topnotch crew and work done by Window Ninjas!"

Colleen Kolb


"The past two weeks I have had Jordan and Braxton at my home. They washed the windows and power washed the back of my home. I was very pleased with their work. They were professional, courteous and worked efficiently. What pleased me the most was that they listened to my concerns with my window binds and with windows that has UV protection film on them. Both men were very careful with the large ladder that they needed to do the front upper windows. They put the furniture back in place. Good Job window Ninjas!"

Sylvia Sradomski, Richmond VA


"We very much appreciated Tommy’s fine work. He produced sparkling windows and also cleaned pine-straw chocked house gutters. Tommy never stopped working from the time of his arrival when he introduced himself. We’re hoping for regular gutter clean every two months, and window cleaning every four month. Thank you!"

Eric Dietrich-Berryman, Virginia Beach


"Not only was the work performed expertly and on time--but all of my furniture was carefully moved for cleaning and then carefully replaced. In fact it arranged better than I had it arranged prior to the cleaning! Gabe and crew at Window Ninjas are the best!"

William B.

"The crew who came out to our home were professional, detailed, observant and saw some things we didn't even know about. I will call again when I need it! They did such a great job, I will refer Window Ninjas to MY clients!"

Tracy D.

"Window Ninjas went far beyond our expectations for service! We needed after-storm gutter cleaning, window washing, pressure washing, even storm debris clean-up! They even had someone on their team bring his lawn mower to cut our grass as a grand finale! And Window Ninjas had a 24-hour turn around from quote to finished product. These guys are on our speed-dial from now on!"

Susan P.

"Window Ninjas has been one of the few reliable services in this area. We used them for pressure washing and cleaning dryer vents. They are priced fairly, show up on time, and do a great job. They helped us move furniture before pressure washing, worked with us on the style of pressure washing to use, and suggested options down the road for maintenance. Extremely happy with the choice and result."

K Mac

"These guys are the most polite and helpful power washing company you will ever have the pleasure to deal with. I've got an HOA with a clientele of mainly retired women, median age 70 - 75 and not one complaint when they cleaned all 97 homes. That's right, not one, nothing but compliments. That's not easy to do. Kudos to the Window Ninjas."

John K.

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