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Window Ninjas is an experienced service industry company offering a wide range of residential and commercial exterior cleaning services. We use environmentally friendly cleaning products and are committed to having a low impact on the environment.

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Our versatile team of Window Ninjas can assist with your house or building washing needs, whether you have a one-story home, or a multi-story commercial building. We utilize a low pressure chemical wash to remove dirt, mildew, mold, and algae, while maintaining the integrity of the building surfaces. We understand the importance of using low pressure, as opposed to high pressure, which can cause permanent damage to siding.

Our house and building washing methods are recommended and approved by the American Hardboard Association and the American Vinyl Institute. Maintaining the cleanliness of your house or commercial building surfaces is crucial in preventing rot, advanced deterioration of siding, or irreversible, unsightly staining. This will also increase the aesthetic appeal of your property! Give Window Ninjas a call to talk about your building washing needs!


Window Ninjas uses a soft wash roof cleaning method that extends shingle life and completely eliminates unsightly mold, mildew, and fungus. Our chemical process will clean your roof without pressure, and will be done from the ground to ensure the highest level of safety precautions are taken while on your property. We offer soft wash roof cleaning for asphalt shingles, cedar shakes, and flat and barrel tile roofs. Call Window Ninjas for more information on roof washing!


Decks and fences offer value and comfort to your property. Over time lumber materials become dirty and sun damaged. Window Ninjas’ two-step cleaning process can restore the look of your product pressure treated​ ​surfaces​ ​and increase their​ ​lifespan. Our low pressure chemical washing method follows all manufacturer’s guidelines to ensure proper cleaning. By utilizing this technique your deck or fence can look like new.

Window Ninjas can also enhance your deck or fence by applying a high quality wood sealant or wood preservative. These products keep water from penetrating into the wood and can add UV protection to keep the sun’s harmful rays from damaging the wood. Call Window Ninjas to assess your deck needs!


Cleaning concrete, brick and stone will extend its service life and enhance its beauty. It can be difficult to tell when porous surfaces are in need of cleaning due to the fact that dirt and grime can build up slowly. However, once the process is complete, the results of a freshly cleaned driveway, patio or walkway are very noticeable. Window Ninjas offers a two-step approach to cleaning concrete, brick and other porous surfaces. Each surface requires a different process to avoid damaging the product.


Happy customers.

"All windows and doors are spotless! He worked quickly and professionally"

Woodrow T.


"This is the second time I've had these guys out to do my windows because they did a great job the first time two years ago. They're terrific! "

Patty G.


"I was surprised that they were able to send someone out to my home that day. The technician, Harold, was very nice and completed the cleaning quickly and efficiently. Excellent service ! Highly recommend."

Jeff C.


"The technician was very courteous and trustworthy . He was very efficient because I have 15 windows and he did my gutters and was done in a timely manner. He was also on time. He was very mindful of my home and furniture. I would give him an A+"

Ken M.


"Mike was on time, knew the job and took care of the repair quickly! Polite, professional and knowledgeable."

Greg W.


"Harold and Mark completed my driveway, front porch, picnic table and porch swing this morning. Excellent job. Always professional, arrive on time, and courteous. Highly recommend. 5 Stars all day long!"

Robin F.


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