Website terms and conditions

Welcome to the dojo of MOJO – AKA: Window Ninjas, where the art of window cleaning mastery meets the digital world at! By stepping through our virtual door, you’re agreeing to dance by our Terms and Conditions (affectionately dubbed “The Terms”). So, do us a favor, give these Terms a thorough read before you dive into our comprehensive list of services. Not vibing with our rules? Sadly, this means our digital dojo isn’t for you.

1. Navigating Our Window Ninjas Domain

1.1 The Scrolls of Knowledge

Our website is like an ancient scroll, filled with wisdom for general enlightenment only. But beware, the content is as dynamic as a ninja’s moves – it could change or vanish without a whisper of notice.

1.2 The Cookie Jar

We use cookies – not the kind that crumble, but the kind that remembers. By continuing on our site, you’re saying “Yes, I love cookies!” in line with our Privacy Policy. It’s all in the name of making your experience smoother than a Window Ninjas stealth walk.

1.3 The Oracle’s Disclaimer

Predicting the future or ensuring the absolute accuracy of our website’s content isn’t in our Window Ninjas skill set. We aim for precision and reliability, but hey, we’re only human.

2. The Sacred Symbols

2.1 Marks of the Tribe

Our symbols, from the stealthy logos to the silent service marks, are our badges of honor. They’re ours (or our fellow ninja allies’) – so no borrowing without a written Window Ninjas pact, okay?

2.2 The Unseen License

Just because we don’t mention it, doesn’t mean you get Window Ninjas rights to our intellectual property. Our silence isn’t a secret passage to licensing – it’s just us being mysterious.

3. The Window Ninjas Code of Conduct

3.1 For the Greater Good

Our digital dojo is for lawful missions only. Use it with respect, ensuring everyone can enjoy their visit without stumbling into a web of disruption.

3.2 No Dark Arts

Spreading negativity or engaging in digital duels on our site? That’s not the Window Ninjas way. Keep it clean, keep it positive.

4. The Shield of Liability

4.1 The Art of Avoidance

Even with our ninja agility, we can’t dodge everything. We won’t be held responsible for any direct or shadow strikes (read: damages) that come from using (or not being able to use) our website.

5. The Evolving Scrolls

5.1 The Art of Adaptation

Like any good Window Ninjas Master, we adapt. Our Terms might change and if they do, sticking around means you’re cool with the new moves. If not, it might be time to vanish in a puff of smoke.

6. The Signal Flare

Want to send a smoke signal or simply chat? Reach out at 833-646-5271. And remember:

  • SUBMIT is your handshake agreement to our messaging ways.
  • Data rates apply because even Window Ninjas can’t dodge those fees.
  • STOP is your escape route if messages aren’t your thing.
  • HELP is there when you need backup.

Got it all? Great! Welcome to the tribe! Let’s make your windows shine so you can be the envy of the neighborhood.

And if you need it in layman terms for those of you who are not Masters of the Tribe: 

By clicking SUBMIT, you consent to receiving SMS messages.

  • Messages and Data rates may apply. Message frequency will vary.
  • Reply Stop to Opt-out of messaging.
  • Reply Help for Customer Care Contact Information.
  • I have read and acknowledged the Privacy policy.


Last Updated: February 28, 2024