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When it comes to living on the beach or near it, your windows take a lot of sea spray and salt. getting a window cleaning Virginia Beach service at least once a month will help ensure that this does not build up and become a real problem. Use environmentally safe and neutral pH Wash and condition process that leaves an invisible shield on your windows repelling the dirt dust pollen sea spray salt and other particles. This formula has an anti-static property which ensures that your window will stay cleaner longer than any other standard Cleaning Solution on the market. so give us a call today and schedule your first window cleaning appointment with window ninjas! you can reach us at 757-425-1224 or visit our wonderful website at!

For our standard window cleaning Virginia Beach service we will clean all of your windows by hand and squeeze and dry leaving behind that Crystal Clear shine that Windex simply cannot. Windex and other store bought cleaners will leave streaks that are impossible to wipe away with a paper towel or newspaper. We use microfiber towels for your cells and access water and a hook towel for detailing and getting any remaining water from your windows. We will include window sills in the service but tracks and screens are separate services.

If you have any Hard to reach windows we also have a deionized water fed pole window cleaning. In the service all exterior windows are scrubbed and soaked down using a water fit pole and brush. This cleans more than just the glass; it will also clean the frame cells and millions! This process is completed with a DIY nice Water Rinse to ensure that no debris dirt or minerals are left on the glass which allows it to try spot free. This is possible because of the four filter systems that we used to deionize the water. with two carbon filters a deionization filter and one osmosis membrane filter it will take all of the sediment and solids from the water and clean it to 0 to 15 parts per million. using the system in conjunction with our environmentally safe neutral pH soap will leave an invisible shield on your windows repelling the dirt dust and pollen.

A professional window cleaning Virginia Beach service will save you crazy amounts of time and money! You will no longer need to rent the property or buy it which can be quite expensive and you will no longer have to worry about learning the proper technique which makes the job take a super long time. Our technicians are trained in what they do and are trained in all services so they know exactly what they are doing when they step foot onto your property. They are very quick and efficient and make sure that everything is done to our high standards and yours and even exceeds them!

Professional window cleaning with window ninjas will also extend the life of your windows as proper maintenance makes them last longer and look better throughout life. If you want beautiful and perfect windows that are crystal clear for your home as long as you live in it, just think about how much time and money this will save you. it will even enhance your interior environment as well as allow for more natural light, lower your energy costs and improve air quality!

Personally, I hate cleaning windows myself at home because it’s so tedious there’s so many windows and it just seems like it takes years. I’d much rather be drawing, writing or doing something in my time that I enjoy rather than cleaning my windows. I’ve also noticed that no matter what window cleaning solution I use there are always still streaks left behind on my windows and Windex is especially bad for this. It also doesn’t help much when it comes to what my family lovingly calls nose art from our dogs.

Our two small dogs love to watch the birds and squirrels and cocoa in particular loves to track them. and doing so she will leave little no streaks across the bottom of our sliding glass door window and depending on the weather outside sometimes when it’s cold this will close to sneeze all over the bottom of the door. Windex sort of gets it all off but it leaves streaks and smears of some of the stuff left behind however window ninjas Window Cleaning Virginia Beach services and they’re cleaning solution do a much better job.

There are many reasons to choose window ninjas including the fact that we are really highly rated in all areas. We have about 10 locations and multiple States and we get a ton of feedback from those who have our services done. Google reviews is a great place to go look and check out some of the reviews that we’ve gotten as we believe that refusing is the best way to tell what working with the company is like. It used to be friends, family and neighbors who had to tell you about the new and upcoming businesses around your town but now you have the whole internet with a more broad perspective for each company. So read some of our reviews and schedule a window cleaning Virginia Beach Service

We also always arrive in a branded van in full uniform to ensure a professional appearance and to ensure our safety and yours. Having a branded van and full uniforms ensures that we are easily recognizable when showing up to your home or business which is very important! just think how you would feel if someone in a random van showed up to your house saying they were coming to clean your windows!! I would shut the door in their face!

Now that you know more about window cleaning services and window ninjas, we hope that you choose us to be your one trusted company for all of your needs. you can reach us at 757-425-1224 or visit our wonderful website at for all your window cleaning Virginia Beach needs!