Are you curious about whether pressure washing can effectively remove mold and algae? We understand that you might have questions and concerns about pressure washing services in Greenville SC, and we’re here to help. Our goal is to provide you with all the information you need to address your mold and mildew problem. If you want an instant answer, feel free to call our team at Window Ninjas today at 864-558-7758 or visit our website at

So, what’s troubling you when it comes to mold and algae? Have you noticed signs of mold growing on the side of your home? Or perhaps you’re dealing with an abundance of green algae on your driveway and sidewalks. Whatever the case may be, our team at Window Ninjas specializes in professional pressure washing. 

We’re proud to be one of the highest-rated and most-reviewed pressure washing companies in the industry. Sit back, relax, and let us provide you with all the information you need about pressure washing Greenville and how it can effectively remove mold, mildew, and algae from your property.

The Truth About Mold and Algae

Pressure Washing Wilmington Before After pressure remove mold algae

Mold and algae are different but they are equally harmful to your property! especially painted siding or vinyl sided surfaces. Typically most homeowners in the Greenville South Carolina area have a residential home that is made out of some sort of painted or vinyl sided surface. The funny thing is, mold and mildew will grow on anything it comes in contact with. not only is it something that is very vigorous when it comes to growth, but it’s very unsightly as well.

Have you been noticing green mold and mildew and algae growing on the side of your home? if so it’s probably unsightly! and the best way to remove it is with a proper pressure washing service.

Our team here at window ninjas is always happy to discuss pressure washing and the removal of mold and algae. and we’re always happy to provide you the service of pressure washing Greenville so that you don’t have to tackle this task on your own.

Whatever your choice may be, we have the solution to mold and algae problems. Yes, it’s invasive. Yes, it’s very dangerous and harmful to humans, and yes it is going to degrade your siding, your shingles or anything it comes in contact with because it is an organic matter.

I Got Mold And Algae – Now What!

Once mold or algae have taken their hold on your house, call a pressure washing Greenville company, there are no better professionals than those at Window Ninjas!  Our professional technicians will take care of your mold and algae problems in no time. Pressure washing takea care of any organic material that may grow on the side of your home. The best solution would be to utilize a product specifically designed to kill mold or mildew.

Pressure Washing Decking with green pollution

Sodium hypochlorite is a solution commonly used to remove mold and mildew from any surface. Professional pressure washing Greenville companies utilize this product on a regular basis. Using this chemical in conjunction with a low pressure house wash service, is the best way to restore the exterior of your home back to new.

To take care of any mold or algae, call our professionals at Window Ninjas pressure washing Greenville to nip your problem in the bud! Our trained pressure washing technicians will assist you in any capacity to rid your home of unsightly mold or algae. Pressure washing Greenville is extremely important to the longevity of your home’s value as well as integrity.

Here Are The Benefits Of Calling A Pro To Remove Mold and Algae

Pressure Washing Decking pressure remove mold algaeWithout the proper training with pressure washing services it could be very easy to injure yourself accidentally. There are chemicals involved with pressure washing as well as needing height with a ladder. Outside of injuring yourself, you could also damage your home. Using the incorrect pressure or chemicals could ruin the paint of your home. 

This could lead to injuring yourself or even damaging your property. It is a lengthy process without training and one could easily waste their entire weekend on what could be a simple project for a Window Ninja’s technician. Getting familiar with pressure washing one could take hours. While a trained technician could take care of it for you in no time!

Final Thoughts

Suppose you were in the market to remove mold and algae from the exterior of your home or any other surface for that matter. What are you going to do? Are you going to get out there and do it yourself? Do you want to run the risk of damaging the surfaces of your home or potentially harm yourself? Maybe you understand that a professional providing a high quality pressure washing service is the best option. Whatever the case may be, we are here to help! Our team at Window Ninjas are experienced and wise, we know how to remove mold, mildew, and algae from all types of different  surfaces.

If you need any help in making your final decision we are here to assist you! Our team at Window Ninjas can help you through any struggles you may have. We can assist you in better understanding the benefits of a professional pressure washing service. For more information call our number at 864-558-7758 or visit our website at