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Window Ninjas – Charleston
Phone: (843) 790-8447
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Window Ninjas – Mount Pleasant
Phone: (843) 212-0794
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Window Ninjas – Columbia
Phone: (803) 849-8809
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Window Ninjas – Greenville / Spartanburg
Phone: Greenville – (864) 558-7758
Phone: Spartanburg – (864) 558-5644

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Window Ninjas – Myrtle Beach
Phone: (843) 212-0794
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Residential & Commercial Cleaning in South Carolina

Here at Window Ninjas, we are proud providers of high quality exterior cleaning services for residential and commercial property owners. We service many different areas throughout South Carolina, including Charleston, Myrtle Beach, Columbia, Greenville, Mount Pleasant, Simpsonville, and the surrounding areas. Home and business owners count on us to provide quality cleaning services for them because we are the only team that will go far above and beyond to exceed their expectations. It’s very important to us to help our customers keep their properties looking beautiful and well protected throughout the year. Our number one priority is helping you preserve the beauty, value, and integrity of your dwelling so that you can enjoy it to its fullest potential. 

Window Ninjas is highly rated and reviewed for good reason. We are a trustworthy and reliable team that provides quality cleaning services for property owners year after year. We have earned a name for ourselves over the last several decades by providing customers with the highest quality service at their disposal. We provide quality cleaning solutions that are safe and effective at wiping out all dirt and grime that is detracting from the beauty and value of your property. We can’t stress enough how important it is for you to have a professional come out and provide regular cleaning and maintenance for your home or business. You don’t want to neglect your exterior cleaning tasks or you will be very unhappy with the consequences. Allow Window Ninjas come out and provide cost-effective solutions to your exterior cleaning needs. We will make your property sparkle and shine like never before!

Window Ninjas services home and business owners all throughout South Carolina. If you own a residential or commercial property in one of the areas that we service, give Window Ninjas a call and we can start a discussion about how our team can help you maintain the beauty and value of your property. Exterior cleaning goes far above and beyond just a beautiful appearance on your property. It’s very important to keep your property protected so that you are not hit with expensive repair bills. Choose the cost-effective option of having our team come out and provide cleaning and maintenance for you so that you don’t have to deal with unwanted damage and repair expenses on your property. Our team uses the highest grade commercial cleaning equipment and cleaning solutions to provide you with the shining results that you are seeking. Our team can help formulate a service plan for you that caters to the specific needs of your property throughout the year. We would love to speak further with you, so go ahead and get in touch with our team so that we can get a discussion going about how we can best meet the needs of your property.

There’s no job that is too large or too small for the team here at Window Ninjas to tackle for you. We are happy to service both residential and commercial properties and no matter whether you have a small or large building or a historic or modern building, Window Ninjas can come out and provide quality cleaning solutions to meet the demands of your property. Some of the services that we provide include window cleaning, pressure washing, gutter cleaning, dryer vent cleaning, chimney sweeping, and more. We even offer services that cater specifically to commercial buildings, so if you own a storefront, restaurant, high rise building, or another commercial structure, get in touch with Window Ninjas and we can provide services to help maintain the appearance and integrity of your property. Some of the services that we offer specifically for commercial buildings are new construction cleanup, non-slip floor treatment, porous surface sealing, glass sealing and restoration, caulking, and building washing. We are adept at providing cleaning services for home and business owners due to our extensive experience in the industry. 

Window Ninjas is licensed to perform exterior cleaning and maintenance services. We are also fully insured and bonded, so you don’t have to worry about a thing when our team is out on your property. We offer the highest level of protection for our customers because that is what they deserve. Some of our most highly sought-after services are window cleaning, pressure washing, and gutter cleaning, as we mentioned before. Our unique South Carolina window cleaning solution keeps your windows cleaner for longer by helping to repel future dirt, dust, and pollen. We can provide you with crystal clear windows that will help boost your curb appeal and allow the interior of your dwelling to appear brighter and more inviting. Our South Carolina pressure washing services safely and effectively wipe out all traces of dirt, grime, mold, mildew, and algae from the exterior of your property. This too will take your curb appeal up a notch. Finally, our South Carolina gutter cleaning service is fully comprehensive and will eliminate all debris within your gutters, along with your roof and roof valleys. 

Window Ninjas can transform the exterior of your property and make it appear brighter and more inviting for you and your guests. More importantly, our team will keep your investment safe and sound at all times. Exterior cleaning is best left to a professional, so call on the team here at Window Ninjas to lend a helping hand on your property. If you have a residential or commercial property located within one of the areas that we service in South Carolina, go ahead and pick up the phone and call Window Ninjas for a helping hand on your property. We would love to assist you with regular cleaning and maintenance for your investment so that you can enjoy it to its fullest extent. It’s time to transform your dull and drab property into a sparkling and shining property that you can be proud to call your own. You can reach out to our team today and further discuss the needs of your dwelling with one of our team members so that we can best assist you with protecting the beauty, value, and integrity of your home or business. Let’s start a discussion today about how our team can offer endless benefits for you on your property!