What Is The Price Of A Chimney Sweep?

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Getting a professional chimney sweep done is an excellent thing to do. The pros at chimney sweep Leland recommend that you have it done annually. We can answer your questions about how much this service costs and how we go about doing such a service. This service is one of the most important home maintenance pieces that you can have performed to keep your home safe and to keep your chimney in good order. Unfortunately, soot and creosote buildup play a big part in causing your fireplace and chimney problems so removing those substances is the best way to prevent damage and stay warmer while using your fireplace. The cost of having your chimney swept is worth it compared to the possibility of having a chimney fire happen. Give us a call now and we can discuss how you can get a free quote from our team at 910-538-4223 or stop by to request one online at windowninjas.com.

Chimney sweep Leland prices can range from $150 to $275 per chimney. Depending on how tall your chimney is will determine how much the price is. If you are only concerned with getting the inspection portion of the deal done, then the price will be about $150 per chimney. Chimneys take about one hour to sweep depending on when the last time you had it serviced and how much soot and creosote has built up on the inside of it.

Our pros are licensed and members of the National Chimney Sweep Guild which is an association of venting professionals in the industry. When looking for someone to hire make sure that they have credentials and come from a reputable company. Our business is fully insured and bonded and we have commercial insurance. We come highly rated and are extremely sought after. Our reviews are outstanding as can be seen on Google and on our Window Ninjas website. Check them out for yourself and see what our customers are saying about our team. Also, we have been doing business for three decades and have a wealth of knowledge and experience. You will not find a better company to come work at your home. Your satisfaction is guaranteed! There are other chimney sweep companies out there, but we think one with our reputation and credentials speaks for itself.

Benefits Of Chimney Sweeping

While your chimney may look like it is in great shape from the outside there could be a host of things going wrong on the inside. That is why having it cleaned and inspected each year is a must.

Number one, chimney sweeping ensures that the soot and creosote that gets built up on the inside is gone and doesn’t ignite into a fire. All it takes in one burning ember from a fire to float up into the chimney to ignite the highly combustible creosote. Chimney fires can be so small that go unnoticed and you may not know that one happened until your next inspection. By routinely taking care of your chimney after the burning season is over, then you have plenty of time to take care of any needed repairs before fall weather brings cooler temperatures.

Second, chimney sweep Leland services removes unwanted debris other than just soot and creosote that can block the path of smoke and fumes from escaping to the outside. Things such as birds and animals can make their way inside of your chimney in the off season. No one wants to deal with a dead animal and the smell of such a thing while burning wood. Let alone smoke backing up in the house. Smoke inhalation and smoke damage to your home furnishings can also happen when the chimney flue becomes constricted because of too much soot and creosote buildup.

Third, soot and creosote can create foul odors inside your chimney. If you have noticed this going on, then you have an excess amount of these substances inside your chimney and it is time to get chimney sweep Leland out for a service.

Fourth, soot and creosote is corrosive to the inside of your fireplace and chimney by causing deterioration to metal, brick, and mortar. If you want to keep your fireplace and chimney in good condition, then get it swept and inspected each year.

Fifth, hiring a pro to do this type of work for you ensures that your chimney is safe and in good working order. Don’t try to do this task on your own. Chimney sweeps are trained professionals who know what to look for in the case of damage and how to clean a chimney correctly. Chimney sweeps also have the right tools to use. Yes, you can purchase your own set of chimney sweep tools at a home improvement store, but do you really want to get dirty and possibly make matters worse. Professional chimney sweeps can have a chimney done in about one hour. If the chimney is especially dirty and the soot and creosote buildup is more than usual, then the job will require a lot of elbow grease and time. Do you have that time and strength to put into cleaning your own chimney?

Hiring Window Ninjas

It seems like hiring chimney sweep Leland would be an easy decision after we have explained all of the many benefits to you. We definitely can save you time, we can save you from getting dirty (we wear gloves, safety goggles, and a breathing mask due to fumes), and we can help to prevent a chimney fire. We can also help to improve the efficiency of your fireplace. It seems pretty uncomplicated to us and well worth the price.

Reaching Us

Chimney sweep Leland is easy to reach by phone at 910-538-4223 or we can be found on our website at windowninjas.com. We look forward to hearing from you and providing you with answers to your questions.