Why Hire A Professional?

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Spring is finally here and it’s time to retire your fireplace for the next few months. Chimney Sweeping Brentwood would like to remind you that it’s still important to have your chimney professionally serviced. Even though you won’t be using it, it’s still important to upkeep the cleanliness so you don’t have to worry when cooler weather approaches. Our hope with this article is that you will have a clear understanding of the importance of chimney sweeping. If you’d like to speed things up and talk to someone today, you can visit us at windowninjas.com or call us at 615-988-6699.

What Is A Chimney Sweeping?

When booking a Chimney Sweeping Brentwood service, you will be saving your family and home’s health. Chimney sweeping is a process that has been around for thousands of years. Dating back to before the Middle Ages when civilization relied on chimneys to heat their home. Typically chimneys were swept by young orphan boys between the ages of five and eleven years old. This was a very dangerous job for the young boys who were sweeping because they inhaled lots of soot and carbon monoxide which damages the lungs. The boys were used because of their small sized bodies that could fit easily into small areas. This is thankfully not the case in this day and age.

A current Chimney Sweeping Brentwood service in this time period involves using a sweeping vacuum to suck the soot, creosote and debris accumulating in your chimney. There are many other methods to chimney sweeping but this is the tried and true way that we use at Window Ninjas. This method ensures that all the creosote and carbon monoxide is removed from your home or apartment building chimney and fireplace. Having a Chimney Sweeping Brentwood service prolongs the life of your chimney and reduces the risk of a chimney fire which can burn down your home.

Why Is Chimney Sweeping Essential?

Chimney Sweeping Brentwood services guarantee when we are through, your chimney and fireplace are free of harmful substances left behind. It’s recommended to have your chimney swept once a year depending on how often it is used. When your chimney is not serviced regularly, creosote, carbon monoxide and other harmful substances buildup. Carbon monoxide is the biggest risk. Carbon monoxide sinks to the floor because it is heavier than air. This is impossible to see. A carbon monoxide detector that is set near the floor is the only way to tell if this harmful poison is building up in your home. This can in the worst case scenario lead to death in the home and carbon monoxide is poisonous to breathe.

Creosote is another harmful substance due to its flammable properties. Twigs and debris inevitably buildup throughout usage and from having the chimney uncovered. When these buildup it leaves behind the potential for fire. Ash also builds up very high creating smoke which is also harmful to breathe in. Buildup is inevitable but it is treatable.Even with the use of electric or gas heating, chimneys are important. It’s an almost free alternative to heating your home with a nostalgic feel to it. On a nice chilly December day, what’s more nostalgic than listening to the crackling of a cozy fire with loved ones? If this is the reality you want, make sure to have your chimney regularly serviced.

Why Hire A Professional?

Chimney Sweeping Brentwood is highly skilled in what we do. We have the proper knowledge and tools needed to properly do the job. Our sweeping vacuum method poses no risk to you or your family. It doesn’t even pose a risk to ourselves. We have the proper protective equipment needed to protect us from inhaling any harmful substances. When you sweep your own chimney, you leave yourself at risk for soot inhalation and inhaling other harmful services. Chimney sweeping equipment can also be very costly in the long run. It can be more expensive than the service itself.

When you service your own chimney, it’s possible that you leave debris behind. Carbon monoxide is odorless and invisible so how do you know you got it all? If you sweep your own chimney you leave the possibility of falling from or through the roof which can highly injure you. Chimney Sweeping Brentwood services guarantee that when our service is done your chimney will have no harmful debris left behind. You can save yourself time, energy, money and the risk of being hurt by booking a service with us. Both soot inhalation and falling can result in a long hospital stay. We believe you should be able to relax on your days off instead of worrying about time consuming chores.

What Does The Day Of Service Look Like?

Chimney Sweeping Brentwood services are here for you! You can begin by giving a call to our wonderful customer service team. They are kind and ready to answer any questions you may have. We then set you up with an appointment at the best rate we can find you. Once your appointment is booked at your convenience, we will send you a reminder email two days before your service. If for some reason you miss that email, have no fear, we will give you a reminder phone call the day before. If you’re busy at work we will leave a voicemail. On the day of your service, our chimney sweepers will introduce themselves to you. In the event you aren’t home, we are able to send you pictures. After our service you will receive a thank you phone call from us to show our gratitude!

Save yourself from injury and book a Chimney Sweeping Brentwood service with us today! We ensure top quality work and friendly attitudes! Our team will treat you and your home with the highest respect. I hope you found this article to be informative. We can be reached at windowninjas.com or by phone at 615-988-6699.