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Have you ever wondered what the best time of the year would be to have your chimney sweeping done? At chimney sweeping Cary we like to tell our customers to get their chimney sweeping done in the Spring. There are really good reasons for getting this done during this time that most people haven’t thought about. By the time most people are through using their fireplaces when it is done being cold outside, they just clean the bottom of the fireplace and don’t think about it again until the weather turns cold again. By this time though most chimney sweeps are really busy because everyone else is thinking the same thing that you are. That is why we recommend that you have chimney sweeping done at the end of the burning season which typically falls in the Spring. This is a great time for chimney sweepers too, because we are not as busy during this time of the year. Give us a call now for a free no obligation quote at 919-867-6276 or stop by online at

Chimney sweeping Cary is fully insured and bonded and we have commercial insurance. We are also members of the National Chimney Sweep Guild which is an association of professionals in the venting industry. Chimney sweeping is a dirty and hazardous job that should only be done by a pro in the venting business. The soot and creosote that accumulate on the inside of the chimney are caustic and harmful. Pros have to wear protective gear while cleaning a chimney and doing an inspection such as a breathing mask, safety goggles, and gloves. They must also put a drop cloth down in front of the fireplace when sweeping out the chimney so the debris doesn’t mess up anything and use a shop vac to vacuum out the fallen debris when it is cleaned down from the chimney. As you can see chimney sweeping is a dangerous and dirty job that should be handled by a pro who knows what they are doing. After the chimney is swept out the chimney sweeper will inspect the bricks, mortar, and metal parts of the chimney and fireplace for any defects or damage. This way any repairs can be handled in time for the next season of burning.

Benefits Of Chimney Sweeping

The pros at chimney sweeping Cary can help to provide many good benefits for your fireplace and chimney. By sweeping away the soot and creosote they are helping to prevent a chimney fire from starting. Creosote is highly combustible and it only takes one small ember from a burning fire to float up and ignite the creosote that sticks to the chimney flue walls. If the fire is big enough it can lead to a full blown house fire. Fire prevention is the biggest part of getting an annual chimney sweeping done.

Another benefit of having chimney sweeping done is being able to open up the diameter of the chimney flue so that smoke and fumes from the burning fire are able to escape properly to the outside of the home. When the soot and creosote becomes so big that it constricts the diameter of the chimney walls, then smoke and fumes can not escape through the top of the chimney. This creates a dangerous smoke situation for the inside of the home because smoke and fumes can back up inside the house. It is unhealthy to breathe in smoke and fumes and it causes damage to your home furnishings.

Getting a service done by the pros at chimney sweeping Cary will also help to make your chimney more efficient and burn wood better. First of all, burning wood that is dry will reduce the amount of creosote that is left behind. Burning wet wood is the worst and it produces a lot of smoke in the process. Creosote is actually the by-product of the incomplete burning of wood so no matter what the moisture content of your wood is there will be some creosote left behind. Second, a cleaner burning fire will emit more heat. This way if you are using your fireplace as an additional heat source during the winter months, then you will not have to use electric heat as much. So you can save on your energy bill at the same time.


Having a professional chimney sweeping Cary service ensures that your chimney is in good working order and is nice looking too. It also ensures that during the off season that something unwanted has not entered your chimney such as a bird or squirrel. These pests can sometimes get inside when the chimney cap is off and make a nest or hide seeds and nuts in it. Cleaning a chimney out is a great way to find out what is wrong with a chimney while doing an inspection if anything at all. As you can see there are many good benefits to having a chimney sweeping done in the spring or any time really. Just as long as you get it done once a year before you begin to use your fireplace for the first time. Spring is better for our chimney sweepers as we are less busy during this time of the year. Fire prevention is the biggest reason to get a chimney sweeping done so that you and your loved ones can stay safe. It will also help your fire to burn more efficiently by getting rid of the soot and creosote that is built up on the inside of it.

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