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Now that the temperatures have officially started warming up, you may be looking into getting your chimney cleaned after the winter season. but you may have some questions you want answered before booking your chimney sweeping Greenville service. we understand. Our team is here to help give answers to some of the most common questions running a chimney sweeping service. so that hopefully at the end of this article you feel more confident in your decision, and are ready to book your appointment. If you have any other questions, please reach out to our team at 864-558-7758 or visit our website at

When Can I Have My Chimney Cleaned?

You may be wondering when you can have a chimney sweeping Greenville service completed. The great part is that you can have the service completed whenever. We do recommend having the service completed at least once a year. Most customers have this service completed either in the late spring or the early fall. A lot of customers have their chimney sweeping completed in the late spring because it is just after the winter season. temperatures are starting to warm up. and you are finishing using your chimney and fireplace for the season. so this is a great time to have your chimney swept in inspected, while it’s fresh on your mind.

We do have a lot of customers that wait until the fall time to have their chimney cleaned instead, which is perfectly fine as well. These customers typically like to wait until they are starting to think about using their chimney again, because the temperatures are dropping, and winter is approaching. you want to ensure that your chimney is cleared of all creosote, and ensure that everything is in a proper working order by having your chimney cleaned and inspected.

As long as you have the service completed once a year, the time of year doesn’t really matter. If you forget about it and need to have your chimney swept in December, that’s perfectly fine as well. If rain pops into your mind while you’re cleaning your house in the middle of July, still give our team a call and schedule an appointment.As long as you have this service completed every year, the time of year is not important.

How Often Do I Need A Chimney Sweeping Greenville Service?

Our team and the National Fire Protection Association recommend having your chimney sweeping Greenville service completed at least once a year. Even if there is not a lot of debris in your eyes, just one eighth of an inch of creosote buildup is enough to cause a chimney fire capable of damaging your chimney and potentially spraying it to the rest of your home. just 1/8 of an inch is not a lot. So even if you think your chimney doesn’t really look that dirty, it’s still important to have the service completed on a yearly basis.

If you notice black, oily spots around your chimney and fireplace. That is creosote. creosote comes from word burning fireplaces. It is a by-product made mostly up of tar which means it is incredibly flammable and that it’s going to easily line itself on the inside of your chimney walls and surrounding your fireplace. You need to leave your chimney sweeping service to the professionals so that we can ensure that all creosote is removed, and everything from the chimney cab all the way down to the ash box has been thoroughly inspected.

How Much Does A Chimney Sweeping Greenville Service Cost?

This is another great question! Everybody likes to be informed of the costs of any service being done. Some customers just want to know what to expect, while others like to price shop to ensure they are getting the most for their money’s worth. Both of those are okay! We are upfront about our pricing. If you own a one or two story home means that your chimney sweeping service is going to cost $175. If you own a three story home that means your chimney sweep is going to cost $225. If you own a four story home that means your chimney sweeping service is going to cost $275. Basically, the higher up we have to go, the more your service is going to cost. This is because of added risks we are putting our technicians in the higher up they go.

If you only need an inspection (which is included in our chimney sweeping service otherwise), we do have a minimum service charge of $150. That price is set to ensure that our guys are getting paid for their time spent performing the work. We have to make sure our technicians are paid accordingly!

Why Do I Need A Professional Chimney Sweep?

A professional quality chimney sweeping Greenville service is going to remove all of the creosote from your chimney. creosote is highly flammable and will catch fire with even just the slightest spark, and can create such damage that it spreads to the rest of your home.

Even without a gas fireplace, if there is too much build up within your chimney it can actually increase your risk of carbon monoxide poisoning. extra build up in your chimney can also increase the risk of smoke being pushed back into the inside of your home. Smoke and Ash can do serious damage to the inside of your home as well as significantly put you in your family at health risks.

When your chimney is clean, it means that your fires can burn more efficiently and start easier. Having your chimney clean can also get rid of penis, bird desk or even animals living within your chimney. If you haven’t used your chimney in a while, or you just bought a new home, then it’s highly recommended that you get a chimney sweeping service completed as soon as possible just to ensure that everything is safe and working order, and you don’t have any stowaways.

Final Thoughts:

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