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As you likely know, you are supposed to be getting your chimney cleaned on a regular frequency. A chimney sweeping Hampstead service completed by the experts at Window Ninjas will keep your chimney and fireplace safe to utilize. When you find yourself in need of this service, you can call upon us to help. We can prevent other materials from getting stuck inside your chimney and fireplace, thus making it so that your chimney is safe to use. Call upon the highest rated in the most reviewed chimney sweeping company today. Our staff here at Window Ninjas are dedicated to quickly providing you with the services you require. You can reach out to our team directly by calling us at 910-538-4223. You can also find out more information and request services online at

How do chimney sweeping Hampstead Services get your fireplace and chimney so clean? This is a great question to ask when you require a chimney service. We receive quite a few questions each day to clean flues and fireplaces. We have put together some helpful tips and tricks for knowing what types of questions to ask and what kind of answers you should be receiving. A chimney sweeping service is essential, mainly if you use your fireplace regularly. So allow our team the opportunity to help you now.


We are not talking about sweeping your floors! Anything that your chimney needs, he is a good sweeping. We can get in there with special tools that will allow our staff to get into the corners and crevices of your fireplace.  This is how the term sweeping came about. It is just an excellent and straightforward term for everybody to understand when cleaning and maintaining fireplaces. Because we use wire brushes and such, your fireplace in your chimney will be swept free of any excessive buildup.

When our professional team comes in, we will expect to have access to your flu as well as your damper. Your Firebox is vital for us to access and is a good reason for you to keep wood and other debris out of your fireplace before we come over. We may have to charge you just a little bit more to remove any accumulated debris from last night’s fire. If not, that will be okay as well.!


With our Chimney Sweep service, we will ensure that your chimney is in perfect condition by providing you with a full written report. We review and cover everything from your Firebox, do your flu, even up to your Chimney Cap when you are looking for a chimney sweeping Hampstead service; make sure that you request a free written report with the service! Here at Window Ninjas, we always offer our clients a full written notice.

Our staff here at Window Ninjas can help you with the task of cleaning and sweeping your chimney. We will offer you a fantastic service that will restore your chimney and fireplace to new. When you need a chimney sweeping service, make sure you call upon a professional team. For more information about our chimney sweeping Hampstead services, please feel free to reach out to our team directly at 910-538-4223. Or feel free to request our services online at

Cleaning Before And After

As you likely know, cleaning and maintaining a fireplace can be a very messy process. There is a lot of soot and debris that collects within your fireplace. And there is even more debris that collects up in your flue and damper. If there is a lot of soot buildup in your fireplace and flu, it will create a giant mess. How on Earth can we clean your chimney and not get any debris all over your house? That is an excellent question for you to ask and is always a question you should ask any professional before they start cleaning your fireplace!

We put special tarps down in front of the fireplace before getting started. We also utilize vacuums that do not blow or expel air back into the home. These vacuums are powerful, and they do a fantastic job of pulling away all sit or debris that comes down as we are sweeping your fireplace. You do not need to be worried or freaked out! You will notice a lot of waste coming down during a fireplace and chimney sweep in Hampstead service. But with our vacuums doing their job, great things start to happen within your Firebox!

Call A Trained Pro Today 

Cleaning out chimneys is a task that requires professional help. If you have not cleaned your chimney in some time, we always suggest that you complete this service before your subsequent use. We are the experts that can help you with this task. Our team is fully insured and bonded, and we are the highest rated in the most reviewed chimney sweeping Hampstead service provider in the area. You can depend on our team to deliver you a quality result at a fair and reasonable price. We can make your chimney and fireplace safe for you to use during the cold winter months.

You can have your fireplace or chimney cleaned any time of year. We recommend we provide a chimney sweeping Hampstead service be completed once a year. And can do it before or after the season for burning. We have some property owners that use their fireplaces all year long. And throughout the year, debris will quickly build up within the fireplace. For more information about our services or to schedule an appointment with our team, please feel free to reach out to us today. You can call our staff directly at 910-538-4223. And you can also request our services and find out more information online at