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If you haven’t gotten your chimney cleaned yet before you start using it for the season, it’s never too late to call in the professionals here at Window Ninjas. We are here to help with your chimney sweeping Leland services. Our technicians are extensively trained so if they know how to properly clean your chimney to keep it running efficiently and safely for you and your family. We suggest having your chimney cleaned at least once a year. Most people tend to have their chimney cleaned in the early fall before they start to use it again for the winter season, or some people like to wait until the spring time when they are done using their chimney for the season.  So go ahead and give her a call today at 910-538-4223 or visit our website at

Along with our team, the National Fire Protection Association also recommends having your chimney sweeping Leland Services completed by a professional once a year. The National Fire Protection Association records that there is an average of 48,500 home fires each year that local fire departments respond to. With 25% of that total number, so over 12,000 fires each year, contributed by the lack of proper cleaning and maintenance of chimneys.Creosote is a byproduct that comes from burning wood in your fireplace. That I can actually attach itself to the inside of your chimney walls and is incredibly flammable. Creosote is mostly made of tar which is what makes it incredibly flammable. This needs to be  professionally cleaned off of your chimney walls to ensure that your chimney can only work to the best of its efficiency but also to maintain the safety of you and your family as well.

Creosote buildup can also accumulate so much, particularly if you haven’t had your chimney swept in more than a year, that it can actually affect the airflow of your chimney. That is why you need Window Ninjas for your chimney sweeping Leland services. Our team can properly clean your chimney so that the airflow is never obstructed. If your chimney’s air flow is to be obstructed, This means that the smoke that is normally pushed up and out to me would now be pushed back into your home. And that is a nasty fine and probably an incredibly messy situation to deal with. Not to mention that the smoke being pushed into your home is obviously bad for you and your family’s health, also going to be pretty damaging to your home furnishings and whatnot. This is why your chimney needs proper airflow.

The Window Ninjas team has almost 30 years in the industry so we know a thing or two about your chimney sweeping Leland services. Our team is also highly rated and highly sought-after for all of our other services along with your chimney sweeping services. I highly encourage you to check out our reviews through Google, check out our photo gallery on our website, or talk to one of your friends, family members, or neighbors that have used our services before. And then go ahead and give us a call today to get your chimney sweeping service schedule. You can reach us at 910-538-4223 or visit our website at

While I’m on the topic of our website I always like to talk about it a little bit because it’s super easy to navigate and clearly laid out all of our services. Along with your chimney sweeping Leland services the Window Ninjas team also offers window cleaning, gutter cleaning, pressure washing, add dryer vent cleaning services as well. We want to be your One-Stop shop for all of your residential and Commercial exterior cleaning and maintenance needs. We also know how frustrating it can be to have to call multiple different companies and set up multiple different appointments just to get your property shining again. Instead you can just give 1 call to us here Window Ninjas and we can help you with all the services I just listed above.

Or if you’re on our website we have a super easy service request form that takes probably a minute or two to fill out. You just give us a little bit of information and it lets our sales team members know that you are looking to have service(s) completed. And then one of our sales team members can reach out to you as soon as they are available to do so. I think this is a great tool particularly for people like me that tend to forget about something until after normal business hours. But if I don’t do something right then and there about it I’m probably going to forget about it again. This way you can put in a service request form at any time of day or night and our sales team members will get back to you either the same day (if it’s within our normal 8:00 am – 5:00 pm business hours) or the next business day.So you can put in a service request form at 11 tonight while you’re thinking about getting your chimney swept and our team can reach out to you that next day to get your appointment scheduled.

Your chimney tends to be the focal point of at least your living room if not your entire home if you have an open concept home like me. So choose the best of the best here at Window Ninjas for your chimney sweeping Leland services. Our team will go above and beyond to meet your high standards for your residential or commercial chimney sweeping needs. We always add some kind of detail to our chimney to help draw the eye towards it, whether you put tile all the way around it or you have this really awesome driftwood fireplace mantel, or you display awesome family heirlooms on your mantel. Your chimney draws the eye, and we want to make sure that it doesn’t look filthy and it works well to keep your family safe. So call us today at 910-538-4223 or visit