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Have you found soot inside of your home? Well if so then it may be time for a chimney sweeping Leland service to be scheduled for your home. If a chimney has not been serviced regularly then it is very possible that it can escape from your chimney and get inside of your home. Many homeowners do not want this as it is unnecessary and the dirtiness is very hard to clean up. Since it has a very high level of carbon in it it becomes black and can easily stain things in your home. For more information please visit our website at or by giving us a call at 910-538-4223.

Window Ninjas is a fully licensed bonded and insured Home Service Company here to make sure your home Shining. we have a team of license and trained professional window cleaning and chimney sweeping Leland technicians who are here to make sure that your home is in the best condition possible.Our team is always sure to arrive in Window Ninjas  branded van along with wearing Window Ninjas  branded uniforms to ensure that their quality of work stands up to our brand image.

It is recommended that everyone gets their chimney service at least once a year to ensure that it is functioning properly and does not have any potential Hazard to your home. After containing many fires in your chimney please it is most likely that your chimney has become built up with other materials that are thrown off from burning organic materials in fires. Excessive Bill cups can reduce the efficiency of your chimney and cause the air flow to not function properly.

If you are looking for chimney sweeping Leland services  then you should call Window Ninjas  to come clean your chimney! We have heard from customers but the meaning of the chimney sweeping services are booked up for months and do not have any availability for them to come by and clean your chimney. here at Window Ninjas  though we have plenty of availability open this winter for us to come by for a scheduled chimney sweeping. our team would love to come to your home and ensure that it is functioning properly.

Our team of trained chimney sweeping service technicians also ensured to inspect your chimney before they clean it. It is important to inspect your chimney frequently as it is a great way to see the condition that you were in.   Is also important to inspect your chimney frequently as there is a possibility that Hester critters have made your chimney their home which is something you as a homeowner do not want. The National Fire Protection Association recommends that homeowners get their chimney inspected at least once a year to ensure it is in the proper conditioning. If your fireplace for Timmy is used incredibly frequently then it may be worth having it cleaned on a six-month basis in order to ensure it is properly cleaned and the cleaning is kept up with the level of use.   If you do use The fireplace and chimney frequently then our chimney sweeping Leland services are perfect for you to ensure that you to me it’s functioning properly. 

You may be wondering when is the best time for me to clean my chimney? Well what we would recommend is that you clean it before the Burning Season so that typically means in the fall time around here. So we recommend that you schedule a chimney sweeping  service around late November or early December that is typically 1 person here beginning using their fireplaces frequently.

The heavy use of fireplaces produces an incredible amount of creosote which must be cleaned frequently. It can build up much more than you expect it would! It’s not unheard of for a team to fill up 5 gallon buckets full of Set and other deposits from a chimney. To ensure safe use of your fireplace it is critical that you remove this material and do not let it build up to excessive levels. This material that builds up in your chimney is highly combustible. If you regularly schedule chimney sweeping Leland services to ensure that your fireplace is clean then you can reduce the risk of chimney fires due to having less of this highly combustible material built up to unsafe levels in your chimney. 

We do recommend that homeowners get an annual chimney inspection to be sure that all of your systems are operating as they should and are in working order. A lot of our customers and most homeowners opt to have a chimney cleaning done every year if they use their fireplace on a regular basis. Any other spending systems that are connected to your furnace should also be inspected and cleaned on a regular basis to ensure that they are properly working as well. A fireplace is a very important part of your home and one that you should not neglect. It is a fairly simple service that you should get done frequently to ensure that your home is safe.

Our team has been put through a very well put together training system to ensure that they properly take care of your home the best way possible. We know that you have high standards for your home and so do we. Our team stands behind our promise to ensure that all of our services are done to high levels of standards and completely bold as you wish.

 If it has been a while since you have scheduled a chimney sweeping Leland service then it is probably time for you to consider giving Window Ninjas  a call. Our team of trained service technicians would love to come out and give your home the helping hand it needs. There’s no need to run the unnecessary risk of having a chimney fire in your home 1 a simple inspection and cleaning can solve that issue for a relatively cheap price. For more information please visit our website at or by giving us a call at 910-538-4223.