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Hiring a chimney sweeping expert protects you from avoidable dangers. A chimney sweeping Leland expert will save you money and cut down on your carbon monoxide risk. If you are searching for a company to help you with your chimney sweeping needs, you should look to the experts at Window Ninjas. Our staff is fully insured and bonded and we are the highest-rated and the most reviewed chimney sweeping expert in the area. You can depend on our team to deliver you a professional service with great care and integrity. Just give us a call at 910-538-4223 and find out for yourself why we are the best! And you can also request our services online by visiting us on our website at

It is important to have a professional chimney sweeping Leland service completed for your home or business property.  A clean and properly functioning chimney can provide many benefits. We are here to share with you the reasons why you should call upon a professional the next time you need your chimney cleaned and inspected.

Prevent Fires

The most obvious reason to hire a professional for your chimney sweeping needs is to avoid and prevent fires! As the weather starts to turn cool, that fireplace of yours is starting to become very appealing! But before you throw a bunch of wood inside of the Firebox, and set it on fire, make sure you have a proper checklist handy to ensure that your chimney is safe to use.

We offer an amazing service for cleaning and maintaining your chimney. Your fireplace can create warmth and a nice ambiance. But before you decide to light your firewood on fire, make sure you have gone through a checklist with an expert like our team to ensure that your chimney and your fireplace is safe to use. We do not like to see any of our customers have damaged their home, and we definitely don’t want to see any casualties to your family members. So give us a call first before you decide to use your fireplace.

Save Money

We have all the tools and equipment needed to be able to perform the tasks of a chimney sweeping Leland service for you. And we never recommend that chimney sweeping or cleaning is a DIY job. There are a lot of things that you can tackle on your own, but cleaning out your chimney is not one of them. So save time and money by giving us a call and letting us help you with this task.

As little as 1/10 of soot can reduce heat transfer efficiency. So what does that mean for you? If you allow too much soot to build up within your fireplace, then you could be losing a lot of energy and heat. This can cost you more money in wood burning cost, and Heating energy cost. So what is always best for you is to call upon a professional team to clean out your chimney annually. This way you can ensure that you are maximizing your efforts when it comes to using your fireplace for warmth and coziness.

How Often Should I Hire A Chimney Sweep

Cleaning out a chimney is hard and messy work. And it is a task that most homeowners need to leave to the pros. We always recommend that you have your fireplace cleaned and maintained at least once a year. Not only does it need to be clean, but it also needs to be inspected. Our staff here at Window Ninjas can provide you 8 through and comprehensive service that will clean and maintain your chimney. We always provide a free inspection report with our cleaning service. It is clearly labeled so that you will understand every single aspect of your fireplace.

We can set you up on a regular routine cleaning schedule for all of your chimney sweeping Leland needs. Our annual maintenance check up is exactly what you are searching for in order to keep your chimney and fireplace working properly and efficiently.

What Is Involved In A Chimney Sweeping

Cleaning out and maintaining your chimney can be performed by a professional. With over three decades of experience in the chimney sweeping Leland industry, our staff knows the ins and outs about what needs to be cleaned, and inspected. We provide a cleaning and inspection service that is top-notch and customer service oriented. We always ask our clients what they are looking for and what their needs are so that we can provide them the benefit of getting them what they want.

A general cleaning involves sweeping out the Firebox as well as the flu. A visual inspection is also incorporated into this cleaning to ensure that all aspects of your fireplace are clean and in good working order. A chimney sweeping service provided by a professional will deliver you exactly what you are searching for when you want to feel safe about using your fireplace and your chimney.

Call The Pro That Is Highest Rated

For all of your chimney sweeping needs, you can depend on our team here at Window Ninjas. We are a team of experts who are fully insured and bonded and always arrive in uniform. We are proud of the fact that we are the highest rated and the most reviewed chimney sweeping service provider in the area. We go above and beyond the average and the ordinary to provide our clients with the most extraordinary Services. You can feel safe with our team delivering you exactly what you are in need of when it comes to chimney sweeping.

Please feel free to reach out to our team and let us help you with your chimney sweeping Leland service requirements. We are experts in the field and you can reach our team by calling us at 910-538-4223. And for more information or to schedule an appointment online, please feel free to reach out to us on our website at