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Now is a great time to start thinking about having your chimney serviced.  The pros at chimney sweeping Mount Pleasant are already on the go at customer’s homes inspecting and sweeping chimneys.  Fall is just around the corner.  Is your chimney ready yet?  Don’t wait until the first frost hits or temperatures drop making you chilly to think about whether or not your fireplace is ready.  We want you to be prepared well in advance of all of that so that you can happily start a fire in your fireplace knowing that your chimney has been swept this year.  It is recommended to have a chimney swept annually.  Removing the soot and creosote yearly is important as it is easier to do than waiting for longer periods of time to get it done.  When soot and creosote build up over time various issues can arise.  So staying on top of your chimney sweeping maintenance is a good idea!  For a free quote from our company call 843-790-8447 or feel free to stop by on our bright and shiny website at

Did you know that the chimney sweeping Mount Pleasant team is locally owned and operated?  They are indeed and as part of the Window Ninjas central company have a wealth of experience chimney sweeping.  Window Ninjas has been in business for thirty years.  You can rely on us for great customer service and outstanding workmanship.  Our company comes highly rated and sought after.  If you have never used our company before, then hold onto your hats because you are in for a nice surprise!  Your satisfaction is guaranteed.  We are also fully insured and bonded.

Chimney sweeping takes about 45 minutes to 1 hour to complete.  The pros at chimney sweeping Mount Pleasant will inspect the inside of the fireplace walls, the damper, and sweep the chimney.  They will also make sure that your chimney cap is in place.  If you are aware of any potential problems or have any concerns please let us know in advance of the service.  Customers that have not used their fireplaces in some time have heard “strange noises” inside the chimney.  It could be a matter of the chimney cap not being in place and animals taking refuge inside the chimney.  It happens more than you would think.  So if you are hearing “strange noises” too, don’t worry.  It is best to take care of the issue before you start a fire.  Birds, a racoon, mice or squirrels may have taken habitat inside of your chimney, hence the “strange noises”.

Any number of things can displace a chimney cap such as heavy winds, hurricanes, and any other natural occurring element caused by mother nature.  Even a big tree limb can knock the cap off the top of the chimney.  But the most important thing to do is having your chimney inspected and swept before using it each year.  If you are using it alot all year long, then it may be necessary to have it swept more often.

Soot and creosote are the two by-products of burning wood in a fireplace.  They occur from the incomplete burning of wood.  These two by-products when built up will cause a fire to be less efficient and restrict the amount of airflow through the chimney.  Smoke can even back up into the home if the soot and creosote are so thick that the smoke from the burning wood can not escape to the outside through the chimney flue.  If smoke damage occurs inside of a home it can affect you and your loved ones and even your home furnishings.  Any furniture that is made of cloth, drapes and clothing can become damaged.  As you can see it is important to have chimney sweeping done regularly.  Our chimney sweeping Mount Pleasant team can take care of your chimney with our professional service when you need us.

The biggest disaster of letting a chimney go unserviced is a chimney fire!  All it takes is one burning ember or a high enough temperature to ignite creosote.  As creosote is highly flammable and mostly a tar like substance it can start to burn under the right circumstances as mentioned.  Chimney fires can go beyond the fireplace and chimney so don’t go to bed with a fire burning.  This could be a serious mistake!  You and your loved ones would be at risk of losing your lives.

The best way to stay safe is to have a professional chimney sweeping done.  The pros at chimney sweeping Mount Pleasant are a top notch choice for getting a great service.  We are members of the National Chimney Sweep Guild.  Our pros follow all safety guidelines as outlined by OSHA and Window Ninjas central.  You can rest assured that you are doing you and your family the best thing possible before starting your next fire.  Enjoying a safe and fun experience inside of your home next to a cozy fireplace is worth the small investment in chimney maintenance.  Like all great maintenance plans, one that preserves your hard earned investment piece, your home, is an awesome one!  Let us help you do that and also have peace of mind while you enjoy friends and family around your next fire.

The chimney sweeping Mount Pleasant team is confident you will choose us to provide your chimney sweeping service.  If you have further questions or concerns give us a call at 843-790-8447 or check out our website at for more information.  You will be provided with a free quote as noted earlier.  While on our website read our awesome reviews and check out the before and after photos with descriptions of the work we do.  We offer other services too at Window Ninjas.  You will be impressed for sure and become a regular customer.  So what are you waiting for?  Give us a call now and remember to keep on shining!