The Importance Of Chimney Sweeping

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When’s the last time you had your chimney professionally cleaned? Chimney Sweeping Mount Pleasant services would like to inform you of the importance of a chimney sweep. Winter has come and gone once again which means your fireplace is out of commission for the next few months. Perhaps you may have wanted to use your chimney this winter but were fearful of starting a fire. This is reasonable and understandable. Chimneys are a wonderful alternative to electric or gas heating methods. If you would like to go ahead and reach out to us, we can be reached at 843-790-8447 or you or you can visit

What Is Chimney Sweeping?

Chimney Sweeping Mount Pleasant services include a sweeping vacuum method. In the olden days before humans had cars and technology, orphan boys were chimney sweepers. These boys were between the ages of five and eleven since they’re bodies were small enough to climb in hard to reach places. The service of chimney sweeping has been around for thousands of years. As you can see, it used to be a very sad and tragic profession. Today this is thankfully not the reality.

Chimneys inevitably get clogged up with ash, twigs, limbs and creosote. This is why it’s so important to have it cleaned at least once a year. Depending on how often you use your chimney or fireplace, you may want to consider having it cleaned twice a year. Chimney Sweeping Mount Pleasant uses our vacuum sweeping method to remove the buildup of all materials from your chimney.

What Are The Risks Of Chimney Buildup?

When your chimney gets clogged, lots of harmful things can happen. Chimney clogs can lead to extra smoke or even a chimney fire. Chimney fires quickly turn into house or apartment fires. Smoke inhalation can lead to a decrease in oxygen levels and irritate the lungs. Thankfully you can see smoke which means you have warning. In other cases such as carbon monoxide, you aren’t so lucky. Carbon monoxide is odorless and invisible. This means the only way to know about carbon monoxide levels is with a carbon monoxide detector pointed at the floor.

Carbon monoxide is heavier than air so it sinks instead of rising like smoke. The only way to prevent carbon monoxide buildup is to have your chimney regularly serviced. When carbon monoxide is in abundance, you are at risk for carbon monoxide poisoning. Symptoms start with nausea, fatigue and headaches. These symptoms occur within one or two hours of exposure. Longer amounts of exposure can lead to more serious symptoms or ultimately death.

Creosote is a highly flammable tar-like substance. This substance is the result of burning wood. Creosote builds up on the walls and chambers of your chimney. This is an inevitable process as well if you are using your chimney frequently. The kid frequently you use it, the more frequent it builds up. It can be removed, which is the good news!

What Does A Chimney Sweeping Service Look Like?

Chimney Sweeping Mount Pleasant will arrive at your home and begin with assessing how much build up there is. They will look for how much debris is stopping up the chimney. Then they will check to see how much creosote and carbon monoxide are lingering on the walls of the chimney or fireplace. We then use our sweeping vacuum system to remove all the listed substances above. This process also removes the soot that accumulates in these general places.

When the Chimney Sweeping Mount Pleasant team arrives they are also checking the general structure of your chimney. We want to ensure that you’re protected in all ways. Making sure that your chimney is sound in structure means there’s no collapsing risk. If your chimney has any cracks the fire’s heat can exacerbate damage making it worse. This process prevents this possibility from happening.

Why Hire Chimney Sweeping Mount Pleasant?

Our method is tried and true. We use the safest possible method for both your family and loved ones and our chimney sweeping team. Sweeping your own chimney can cost lots of money when you think about the tools you need to rent or buy. When you sweep your own chimney, if you don’t have the proper training, you can easily harm yourself. There’s potential risk for soot inhalation or falls. Both these risks result in hospitalization.

Sweeping your own chimney doesn’t ensure that you removed all soot or creosote. These chemical compounds should not be left behind due to how flammable and toxic they are. It’s best to just leave it to the professionals. This way you are left with the peace of mind that when you light your next fire, you are safe to do so. Chimney fires are very hazardous being that they can cause your home and all your belongings to perish. Having your chimney serviced regularly will prolong the life of your chimney so you can enjoy more time with your loved ones by the fire with peace of mind.

Our Customer Service Team

Your process of booking with Chimney Sweeping Mount Pleasant starts with a phone call to our lovely customer service team. Any questions you may have, they can answer with full detail. They can walk you through the whole entire process if you’d like. They will then set you up with an appointment on a date that works best for you. We send reminder emails two days before your service. If you happen to miss the email don’t worry because we give you a reminder phone call and voicemail in the event you miss your phone call.

Life gets busy and this we understand completely. When the Chimney Sweeping Mount Pleasant team arrives on the property they introduce themselves and walk you through what they will be doing. If you’re away from home they are able to send pictures. This gives you confidence that the job is being done right. We hope to hear from you soon! We can be reached at or by phone at 843-790-8447.