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Chimney Sweeping Mt Pleasant | Raccoons in Your Chimney?

This content was written for Window Ninjas Window & Pressure Cleaning.

How is your chimney looking? Are you looking for the best chimney sweeping Mt Pleasant services in your area? How about Window Ninjas? Our team of professionals just might be the answer you are looking for. We are the best chimney sweeping team in the entire state. Yes our name is Window Ninjas but do not let that deceive you. We do much more than windows, we can clean and inspect your chimney too and we are darn good at it! Don’t want to take my word for it? Go look at our reviews or our website and see for yourself. Or go talk to your neighbors, as I’m sure you have seen one of our trucks in your neighborhood already. When you are done with that and are thoroughly impressed, go ahead and give us a call. You can reach us at 843-790-8447 or reach out to us via our website at

Is the whole family coming to your house this year for Thanksgiving dinner? Or are you holding a big event at your house where tons of people will gather around the fireplace? Or are you simply just looking to have your chimney clean because of the impending cooler weather? Well look no further, when do ninjas can help you with  your chimney sweeping Mt Pleasant needs.  Our team of professionals can get your chimney looking like new again, and help keep your home warm and inviting. And I’m not just talking about all that fall Decor you got going on right now, am I right? Let us help your chimney give that winter chill a kick to the curb!

Window Ninjas Prides itself on delivering the best possible service, we want to make sure that you received excellent customer service and amazing results with your chimney sweeping Mt Pleasant services. What makes Window Ninjas different is that not only do we do window cleaning as our name suggests, but we can help with your chimney sweeping, gutter cleaning, pressure washing, and dryer vent cleaning needs. Chimney sweeping is an extremely important service to have performed on a regular basis. While our techs also complete a thorough inspection of the chimney before and after the chimney sweep, and will report any and all findings to you in a written report. Window Ninjas can make sure your chimney is as safe and clean as it is inviting. 

Window Ninjas does several things that help separate us from our competition. First, we are fully insured and bonded including workers comp coverage. We like to take responsibility when something goes wrong on your property. We would never want your favorite statue to be broken, but if it did happen we are able to fix it for you. Secondly, our techs  always arrived on site in a clear logoed company vehicle and in full uniform. This makes us easily recognizable to you and your neighbors, but also maintains a professional look. Not to mention the smiley faces that techs always show up with.  What can I say? When you love what you do, it is hard not to be happy all the time. Lastly, Window Ninjas donates $1 from every invoice to has helped 38 million people have access to Safe water and sanitation, and we get to help with that? How cool is that?

Our techs are top of the line for your chimney sweeping Mt Pleasant needs. They are all certified and they all know what they are doing because they have been thoroughly trained. We know you have high standards, rightfully so, and that’s why we set the bar high for our team. We are here to meet and even exceed those standards To give you the best possible results for your home. We are more than just A-Team there to help with your chimney sweeping Mt Pleasant needs. We are there to help your home look better and feel better, which makes you feel better too. 

The leading factor Contributing to home heating fires is a dirty chimney. There are several different ways to tell if your chimney needs to be cleaned. Some of those signs are poorly burning fires, odors  coming from the fireplace, animals inside your chimney, smoke isn’t going up the chimney,  falling chimney soot, and fires are difficult to get started. These are some examples of things to look for when you are expecting your chimney needs to be cleaned. If your chimney is obstructed the airflow will change which could push the smoke into your living room instead of out of your chimney. And nobody wants that.  So let our team at Window Ninjas help you with your chimney sweeping needs today.

What else is different about us? We believe in excellent customer service and amazing results. That means from the first time you talked to one of our awesome sales team members who will help you schedule your service by walking you through our amazing process. To our team members on site that get the job done to your high standards and with your approval all the way through. To our Team member that follows up with you for a thank you call and to make sure once again that everything was done to your high standards. We want your home to look like that of royalty and we do our jobs to show that. We want your chimney sweeping Mt Pleasant needs to be met and exceeded with excellence!

When do ninjas is a one-of-a-kind exterior home cleaning company. You won’t find anything else like it anywhere else in the state. We love to wow our customers into becoming returning, and consistent customers. So now whether you are looking to keep your chimney clean for Santa Claus this winter, or if you’re just in need of removing the gunk from your chimney, give Window Ninjas a call. If you want to talk to one of our awesome team members directly, give us a call at 843-790-8447. Or you can reach out to us via our website at and one of our sales members can reach out to you.