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Want to know when the best time of the year is to get chimney sweeping done? Let the chimney sweeping Myrtle Beach service team sweep your chimney in the early spring. Why is this a good time to get this chore done? Because the burning season and usage of most fireplaces is done by this time. As temperatures outside go up and folks don’t need to use their fireplaces as much to heat their homes, then it is a perfect time to sweep chimneys. Plus we are as busy doing this type of work during the spring because most folks think about chimney sweeping when it turns cold like in the early fall. Our business is fully insured and bonded and we are licensed professionals. Our pros are members of the National Chimney Sweep Guild which is an association of professionals in the venting industry. You can count on us to knowledge service your fireplace, chimney, and do a high quality inspection. Please consider contacting us at 843-212-0794 or feel free to find us on our website at

Chimney sweeping Myrtle Beach is locally owned and operated and our company has been doing business for thirty years. We come highly rated and are extremely sought after. All of our employees are very knowledgeable and highly skilled at what they do. Chimney sweeping is a dirty job and it can be hazardous to do. We recommend that you have it done once a year to keep your chimney in good working order and have your fireplace burning as efficiently as possible. We do not advise tackling this job on your own, but leave it up to a licensed professional.

Chimney Sweeping Myrtle Beach Services Done Right

The service team at chimney sweeping Myrtle Beach does chimney sweeping by either sweeping from the top down or the bottom up and using an extension rod. The rod has a large wire bristled brush at the end that cleans the chimney as it is swept through the chimney going up and down. The service team will lay drop clothes at the foot of the fireplace and make sure to use a vacuum to clean up the soot and creosote debris that falls down from the chimney as it is being swept. The team will wear safety goggles or a face shield and a breathing mask as the debris and fumes are health hazards. Our service team takes safety very seriously and we want you to know the importance of getting rid of soot and creosote as it is dangerous and creosote is highly combustible if ignited.

It only takes one small ember from a burning fire to ignite creosote into a chimney fire. Creosote is the substance that is a by-product of the incomplete burning of wood. It is a brown tar like substance that forms and sticks to the inside of the chimney walls. Soot is also a dark substance. As time goes on these two substances build up and can constrict the diameter of the chimney flue. This will impair the pathway that smoke and fumes can escape to the outside of the house. A constricted chimney flue can mean that smoke and fumes will back up into the house. Smoke damage is a serious thing. But with the help of the pros at chimney sweeping Myrtle beach you are sure to have no problems with your chimney or a chimney fire. Chimney fires are preventable.
The Benefits Of Hiring A Pro

Professional chimney sweepers make sure to inspect the chimney, not just sweep it out. They check for cracked bricks and loose mortar, corroded parts such as metals, a working damper, and a fitted chimney cap. Anything that is not working properly will be brought to your attention so that you will have time to get it repaired for the next burning season. Chimney sweepers all check for other things that may be taking up space inside of your chimney. A loose chimney cap or no chimney cap at all can mean that animals and birds can make their way into the chimney for nesting or hiding nuts and seeds. You certainly don’t want to encounter one of these live animals when first starting a fire or opening your damper up.

Soot and creosote can also become foul smelling. So can a dead animal that becomes trapped in your chimney in the off season. It is great to get rid of these awful smells by having your chimney swept out regularly.

Chimney sweeping Myrtle Beach can help to ensure that your chimney is working efficiently and producing more heat by removing the unwanted soot and creosote. If you are using your fireplace as an additional heat source during the winter months, then having an efficient fireplace and making sure to burn dry wood is important. Try not to burn wood that is wet because the more moisture wood has in it then it will produce more creosote. A better and warmer fire can be had for you to enjoy whether it is just with your family or with a gathering of friends.

Chimney sweepers are the key to preventing a chimney fire. Many times homeowners are not aware that a chimney fire has occurred until a chimney sweep has been done. Unless a chimney fire gets out of hand and becomes a full blown house fire, then you will know. Think of chimney sweeping as an additional piece of home insurance. It is a great thing to do for the safety and health of your family and loved ones.

Contacting Us

Don’t forget that now after the winter burning season and into spring is the best time of the year to get chimney sweeping done. Our experts at chimney sweeping Myrtle Beach can be contacted at 843-212-0794 or we can be found on our website at We look forward to hearing from you!