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Spring is in the air but it sure doesn’t feel like it, however soon it will be fine to retire using your chimney for the season. Chimney Sweeping Pawleys Island would like to use this article to inform you of the importance of a professional chimney sweep. There are many dangers that can come from not having a professional service. Many more risks are present when you do not have a regular service done. If you feel confident enough to go ahead and book a service, we can be reached online at or by phone at 843-212-0794. Our company has been dedicated to our community for three decades. You can count on us to get the job done right the first time around.

Benefits Of Using A Chimney

Chimneys are a wonderful alternative to electric heating. It does not run up your electric bill, but provides a wonderful heat source to your home. Fireplaces are also aesthetic and romantic. My personal idea of a romantic winter evening at home is cuddled up with my husband by the fireplace with a glass of wine. What a perfect scene. With a proper Chimney Sweeping Pawleys Island service, this is an achievable romantic evening. Chimneys are easier on the environment around as long as they are properly serviced.

Having a proper Chimney Sweeping Pawleys Island service can save you money on your electric bill. This means you’ll have extra money to put somewhere else like Christmas gifts or a trip away. You may even be able to escape the cold this winter with the one you love.

What Are The Dangers Of Irregular Chimney Sweepings?

Chimney Sweeping Pawleys Island provides a full removal of all hazards in fireplaces and chimneys. We have the proper equipment and tools needed to provide a thorough chimney sweep. When your chimney is properly swept, you are literally sweeping the danger away. Things like creosote and debris build up in your chimney over time. This is an unavoidable but treatable issue. These substances buildup over the frequent use of your chimney. Ash from the burning logs breaks down and can create clogs. Debris like twigs and leaves can fall in your uncovered chimney during a strong wind. When clogs occur, smoke and carbon monoxide cannot escape from your chimney.

Carbon monoxide is an odorless, poisonous gas. This gas is heavier than air which causes it to sink to the floor. You may be wondering “how do I know if there is a carbon monoxide build up”? Well, since it is odorless and invisible, the only real way to tell is by having a carbon monoxide detector positioned near the floor. The detector will read any level of carbon monoxide build up. Now, the effects of carbon monoxide inhalation are indeed very serious. Issues such as headaches, dizziness and flu like symptoms can occur from minor inhalation. The more serious side effects are carbon monoxide poisoning which can cause you a long hospital stay. Exposure for too long can lead to fainting and inevitable fatality.

Creosote is another dangerous risk. It is highly flammable. Creosote forms when the smoke from burning logs is cooled on its way up the chimney. When creosote builds up in your chimney in abundance, it runs the risk of a chimney fire through the roof. Chimney fires can cause your whole home or apartment to burn to the ground. This would be an absolute tragedy for you and your loved ones. Now on the other hand, soot can occur from the burning of oil or gas. Soot is highly flammable and toxic to breathe in. These are all such important reasons why having a Chimney Sweeping Pawleys Island service is so important. We are able to remove all of these harmful substances.

Why Hire A Professional?

You may be thinking it’s more cost efficient to sweep your own chimney. We can debunk this theory with just a few short reasons. When you sweep your own chimney, you have to rent or buy expensive equipment that you may not know how to use. Improper use of equipment can lead to damage to your chimney’s structure or improper removal. Chimney Sweeping Pawleys Island uses a vacuum sweeping method that effectively removes all debris. We also check the foundation of your chimney upon our arrival. We provide a full chimney and fireplace inspection. Creosote, twigs, carbon monoxide and any other buildup will be removed completely.

Sweeping your own chimney can be extremely dangerous to your lungs. If you don’t have the proper protective equipment, you risk soot and carbon monoxide inhalation. We here at Chimney Sweeping Pawleys Island use all proper precautions to avoid us and you from breathing harmful substances. When you sweep your own chimney, you cannot guarantee you have removed all harmful substances. We believe in providing a thorough service.

How To Book A Service

The first step to having a squeaky clean, safe chimney sweep is with a phone call to our friendly customer service team. They will answer and provide you with the answers to any questions you may have. Our team will go over what the service will look like. We will also do our best to find you any deals we may have going on. Chimney Sweeping Pawleys Island wants to help you find the most cost efficient service without breaking the bank. On the date of your service, we will introduce ourselves and inform you of the service we will be providing. We do a before and after inspection to ensure everything is in tip top shape.

I think we can all agree, it’s much safer to hire a professional when considering a chimney sweep. When considering all the risks associated with improper service to the hazards posed to yourself, it’s better to just leave it to Chimney Sweeping Pawleys Island. We are looking forward to hearing from you! We can be reached at or by phone at 843-212-0794.